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  1. I know this is an old post, but it is new to me. Thanks for sharing the link to that article. It is really something I really needed to read tonight. My son, whom was homeschooled all his life, is now in his senior year. e should be applying to colleges, but something does not feel right about it. We're thinking of a gap year or just giving him time to do work on his own. He is very ceative and an incredible artist and an animator. I don't feel like I should rush him nor push him into college, just the same way I did not feel I should push hm in school. Here is my favorite quote from this article: "You have to put some skin in the game. You have to find your niche and master it. You have to be the best. Conquer it, whatever it is that you want to do. Be better than everyone. Be a visionary while everybody else is checking the handbook. Take risks while everybody else stays cozy and comfortable. Be good at something. Then, once you’re good, become great."
  2. Thank you for posting this. I just looked into the course and I will be signing my son up for the course too. It sounds great!
  3. My son took US History with Mrs. Susan Richmond and it was a great class. It gave us a wonderful intro to AP classes. AP Psychology was also great. Mrs.Bonnie Gonzalez is a great teacher and provided on-line in person lectures and chat times. The projects are all very interesting. My son loved this class. AP English with Maya Inspecktor - massive amounts of work. Too much work. Every morning there is a huge long morning message that requires work, then on top of that there is the daily work. There was a contest that the kids had to enter and find topics and write on a scientific research topic. No sooner was that completed then they were thrown into more work. No break, no let up. A bit too intense and we are definitely burnt out from this class. Another class with Mrs. Inspector - no way!
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