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  1. No, my hair has always been black. Same with my husband. Then this little guy comes along looking like a baby chick. 😁
  2. I know genetics can be unpredictable, but I just think it's so funny his dad and I both have jet black hair and yet we ended up with this little blondie. People are always pointing out the contrast and for the most part we have fun with it. Then I'll see a picture like this that makes even me go "Wow!" (Random, but thanks for letting me share - super bored right now, lol. 😁) *removed*
  3. Thank you! Our farm is definitely our happy place. I love this shot because I think it captures them both so perfectly. 😊
  4. Thank you! He needs some nice big t-shirts and those look great. I can't tell you how often he'll put on a shirt that fit not too long ago and it's just way too small. I think an XLT or 2XLT might work for him if they run big. And thanks to everyone else who responded with suggestions! 😊
  5. Hello! I posted a similar question here about a year ago and got some great answers. Well, in that time my son has only gotten bigger thanks to his football weight training program, and he's grown another inch too, defying expectations and surprising all of us. He is now 6'6" and 300 pounds. To give you an idea of how he's built, he's an offensive lineman (and Division 1 college recruit - mommy brag alert). That means broad shoulders, large midsection, and legs like tree trunks. Unfortunately, we're again having trouble finding clothes that fit well. He doesn't really like the option
  6. Here's the deal: My son has grown rapidly over the last few years. On top of that, he's gotten serious about playing football and has been training and working out to put on weight. (He's an offensive lineman. If you're not familiar, a main part of their job is being big, lol.) At 17 years old, he's currently 6'5" and 285 lbs. He's quite happy about that, but what he's not too pleased with are the stretch marks he's gotten from growing and bulking up so quickly. He has loads of them on his belly, shoulders, thighs, rear end - basically everywhere he's grown the most. They're not fading an
  7. Not easily! And he can still turn into a giant puppy dog when he wants something.
  8. He actually wore a bow tie to his football banquet in November. Still as cute as ever! :D
  9. Big as a horse and eats like one too. It's crazy to look at old pics and imagine he was ever that small!
  10. Thanks for the recommendations, everyone! We have a lot of stuff to try. :001_smile:
  11. My son had a huge growth spurt a few years ago, going from one of the shortest boys in his grade all the way to 6'5" now at age 17. Well, after adding all that height so quickly, 2017 was the year he got big. With the help of a football-inspired workout and diet regimen, he packed plenty of muscle onto that lanky, skinny frame. He's now up to around 250 lbs and built like a tank. The downside is that we need to pretty much replace his entire wardrobe again. Clothes that are long enough don't always fit the size and shape of his body. Jeans that are the right inseam won't pull up comfortabl
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