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  1. Hi, I'm really debating between Rod & Staff's old (2nd ed) phonics program and their revised (3rd edition). I would use the reading portion as well. I know the old one is supposed to have more sight words but that's not an issue for me b/c my dd7 is already reading but not well. I was gonna buy the new one b/c I always tend to think if they took the time to revise, then it must be better. After looking at the samples, however, idk which one to go with b/c I realized 1) the newer edition has more lessons 2) each phonics lesson has 4 pgs to complete vs the 2 pgs in the old edition. So, if anyone has used or seen the new edition in person plz let me know: Should I get the old edition or is the new one in fact better? TIA!
  2. Hi, Although I never really post anything, I've been lurking around this community for a few years. I'm thankful I found it as others' posts and experiences have been helpful in my own journey. I have 4 children- 15, 6, 4, & almost 2. I tried A Beka this year with my 6 yrs old (K) & my DD is doing ok with it once we start the lesson but sometimes she avoids it like the plague, lol. I'm also not loving it; there are so many extra pieces involved. I didn't buy all the extras except for the short vowel word cards. So, I don't know whether or that's the reason why I feel "blah" about it. I've been hearing a lot about CLE lately & am wondering if it's any different (more cohesive) from Abeka phonics. I do like that there are very few extras to buy. I'm also seriously considering IEW PALS b/c of all the games included. I have mostly read sponsored reviews but can't seem to find anything else. Anyone have any experience with either program? Thoughts? Once done with IEW PALS, at what grade level should the child be reading? What do/did you follow that program with ( since IEW doesn't make anything to follow it)? TIA!
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