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  1. I'm feeling more reflective this year about the whole process. When we were thrust into full time home schooling last Spring, I scrambled around looking for resources and was still trying out various routines and structures. I think this year since I knew Fall would be at home ahead of time, I planned more based on what I learned. For me that means focusing on the areas of weakness, foreign languages and Science. But also where last time I felt time pressure to cover a ton of material to make up for deficiencies over the course of the year (We went over the entire US History from start to
  2. Just for comparison Awesome math over the summer was priced at $750 for a 3 weeks (Mon-Sat) of a course with 90 minutes per day + an online problem solving session. I'm not familiar with AoPS academy but I will say that it seems likely that the number of kids who are motivated by competitions to spend time (or spend enough money to support a business like this one) working on math outside school is much greater than the number of kids who are not motivated that way. So from a pragmatic standpoint it makes sense to focus on them first if you're trying to make a go at things. Leading a midd
  3. The pot shots at "problem solving communities" are off putting to me.
  4. Thanks I'll take a look at that. I've been investigating MIT's OCW Principles of Chemical Science as another low barrier alternative. Has anyone used here it and have an opinion?
  5. While I was already planning to have my 7th grader home school (at least) until there is a brick and mortar alternative, I'm realizing now that our district doesn't really have its act together for high school either and its unclear when it will start, what format it will be in or if there will be a teacher's strike. So I'm brainstorming what to do in that case. Particular issues: 1. History - I'm leaning towards econ and wonder if anyone has a recommended text. This would not necc. need to be for AP credit. 2. Science. Yet again the hardest part esp since I can't predict whe
  6. There was a mathjam with a transcript on woot at https://artofproblemsolving.com/school/mathjams-transcripts?id=236 It also focuses a lot on whether it's a fit. Another option might be the awesome math online programs.
  7. I've always read this forum to mostly get ideas about Math and never thought I'd be actively home schooling. But 2020 is the year I did so involuntarily in the Spring. Overall I had a lot more fun with the process than I expected despite needing to work from home at the same time. It definitely was only possible because both kids were in middle school. Most days started with me setting a written set of priorities for the younger one and checking in with my older son to make sure he was on track. I basically leveraged mealtimes as a time to talk about school related matters most days. Win
  8. Good luck to everyone taking the AOIME today
  9. To my mind you've reached the point where dual enrollment makes the most sense. I know that you said you wanted to avoid that but it would be useful for both placement and potentially credit. What's your plan for college if you don't go that route and are asked to potentially repeat classes? Also qualified instructors are realistically only at the college level beyond where you mention. Part of what happens next also depends on whether your son is planning to be a math or physics major. Most engineering degrees would probably be fully satisfied by going onto differential equations.
  10. Well our local public schools have closed until at least April 24th so after partial home schooling math for a few years, I'll be doing it all for at least 5 weeks. I have basic ideas for most things but I science is a bit of a problem. When the closure was only 2 weeks, I thought about just watching Crash Course Science or Royal Institution videos but now I would like something more real. The problem is I have one kid in the middle of MS physical science and the other in HS Biology. Does anyone have any ideas that I could implement quickly?
  11. SET is John Hopkins 7th grade talent search program.
  12. We went through this last year in a try for a scholarship. As I remember the scores have no impact on colleges and won't be disclosed 4-5 years down the road. It is however a pain in the neck to sign up if you're under 13. The websites don't allow registration for kids that young and you have to do things by mail. So allow extra time to register. Generally speaking the SAT is better to take because more programs like SET only take those scores. But it depends if you're aiming for something specific. We ended up doing the ACT just because it was the only one that worked schedulin
  13. The Maa has a form on its site for finding the nearest location offering the tests. Generally, as a host myself I try to accomodate anyone who finds us through that route and that seems to be the case with the others I know. It's a pain in the neck but it might be worth trying to forge a relationship with a local school/math teacher if nothing is close by.
  14. Well since AMC 8 Statistics are finally out I can write up a small entry. I had the most kids yet 21 take the test and we had our highest school score and made it to the Merit Roll. I suppose most importantly since I see many of the kids multiple years there were decent amounts of growth across the board even accounting for the test's difficulty this year.,
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