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  1. I've looked at AAS multiple times over the last year. It looks great but it seems to have too many parts for me. Do you know if it's possible to use it with just the teacher's manual? I've read (in here) about others using it without the tiles but I wasn't sure if buying just the teacher's manual is enough.
  2. My 1st grade daughter reads pretty well (2nd & 3rd grade readers). We haven't done spelling yet other than ETC books (if you count that). We used OPGTR for phonics & loved it. I'm really, really struggling with choosing a spelling program. Please help. I want something easy to use... open & go/minimal prep. She learns fast. I do not want a bunch of manipulatives. What do you recommend? TIA!
  3. Thank you all for the suggestions! I'm not looking to spend any money. I think we will choose some grade level readers the next time we are at the library & go from there. She's my oldest so I'm new to this. I think she's doing great but it's nice to be able to throw out numbers that relatives that don't homeschool will recognize when asked.
  4. We finished up K/1st & I'm happy with my DD progression. But how do I know her reading level? Is there an online evaluation somewhere? Or guidelines for how to figure it out?
  5. I've been reading up on Elemental Science & I'm definitely interested. It may be my choice. Has anyone used the new series by them... The Sassafras Science Living Books? It sounds interesting but it also sounds like it could be more work (which I don't want). I hate to print from my computer... I much prefer to have papers in hand.
  6. Thank you all! Since I have so many great science books, I think I will skip specific curriculum this time. I may find something appropriate at a local used curriculum sale in the late Spring. Thank you again for your input!!
  7. I've spent so much time reading science reviews my head is spinning. I'm attempting to loosely follow TWTM recommendation of plants, animals & human body but I'm open to any suggestions. I do prefer less expensive options. I have a bunch of Usborne encyclopedias & science experiment books. We will also be in CC again. And, I will have a 4 yr old (turning 5 in Oct) tagging along for some lessons when he wants to join us. What science did you use for 1st grade? And, did you enjoy it?
  8. I finally decided on RS2 A for our math (newbie homeschooler here). I've seen it mentioned that there is usually a Black Friday deal. Does anyone know what that deal usually is? Is it consistent from year to year typically? How much of a savings is it? Is it books, manipulatives or both? (of course, I know, there's no way to actually know... Just looking for experience.) My DD will be doing K5 work this fall & I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to wait for Black Friday to order. We will have plenty to work on until then so I'm not concerned with that. I just don't want to spend money if I can save a decent amount by waiting. If its only a few bucks then I will go ahead & purchase. Please let me know what you think. TIA!
  9. I would love to see this info... If you don't mind of course. :)
  10. Thank you all for the great advice! It sounds like RS is worth the money! Now, I will start searching to see if I can save any money on the program.
  11. My oldest (She will be 6 in October) will start K5 in the Fall. She learns pretty fast & knows quite a bit of what a PS child would know by the end of K. She seems to enjoy math (as do I). I'm planning to focus on Math, Phonics/Reading and maybe join CC as far as formal lessons go for our K adventure. So.... RightStart has been recommended many times thus far. And honestly, the only thing holding me back is the cost. After reading about it & seeing it live at a demo, RS2 seems like a great program. My husband does math in his head the way it teaches... & is VERY good at math. After researching, I think I prefer the AL Abacus over C rods. It seems to make more sense to me as well as a stepping block. I'm not the child so who knows. *** Is the program worth the price tag? I do have a 3 year old who would need the program possibly in 1 or 2 years after my DD. All opinions welcome! :)
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