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  1. Has anyone been able to compare the quality of MP Art Posters and SCM Picture Study prints in person? I know I can find a lot of art online but I'd like some physical prints for my children. Is there another source for quality prints that you would recommend? Historically, we'll be studying from the fall of Rome to the John Adams' Administration this school year (TOG Yr2).
  2. Thank you for sharing! I've looked at those diagramming books online but am unsure what level would be best after FLL3. Did your dd start with the first book?
  3. My 9DS has completed FLL 1-3. I know I want to move him to Fix It 1 but I think I want to wait until next year. What would you recommend for a one year bridge? I'd like to keep building on his sentence diagramming skills as well as retain all the parts of speech, etc that he's worked so hard to learn. He's a bright dude but has to put effort into learning language arts.
  4. Not_a_Number, our first is just easy. He has grasped every concept without much struggle. He learned to read without drama, is a natural speller, understands math concepts, is grasping Latin with ease, etc. His biggest hurdle is he's a perfectionist and if learning something new requires a bit of effort, or he makes a careless mistake, he is sure he's stupid and falls apart. Academics are easy for him. His battle is with his emotions and self talk. Our second has to work for language arts. He's a fabulous reader but he has to put effort into spelling and has to actually learn and apply spelling rules. We sometimes have to go over spelling and grammar concepts a couple times before the concept and application sticks. He grasps math concepts well. He is confident and keeps his emotions bottled up. Our third struggles. He is 8 and just beginning to read. We did 100EL together and it was a bust. I tried two other programs; those also failed. We returned to 100EL and went slowly with added readers to give additional practice and keep things interesting. It's finally clicking. He also struggles to retain math concepts. He is also a perfectionist but shuts down when he's having a hard time. Progress is slow. He is an extremely kinesthetic kid. He likes to tinker and try to figure out how things work but doesn't give a hoot about academics. When he was six he told me he was, "perfectly fine growing up and being an adult who doesn't know how to read like the factory workers in the industrial revolution." That's when I realized that while it was pulling teeth to get him through his language arts and math, he was hearing, retaining, and processing all the history and science I was reading aloud to his older brothers. He still remembers their history and science better than they do and can orally describe science experiments and demonstrations with great detail. He's also finally accepted that illiteracy is not an option. I think his desire to read Nathan Hales Hazardous Tales, TinTin, and Calvin & Hobbes books have helped give him the needed motivation. 🙂 Our daughter is rearing to go. She's five but I'm intentionally holding her back. I know it won't harm her long term. Once we put her on the track and let go she'll take off. I felt, rather strongly, that her brother needed some space to get his academic feet under him, and development some confidence in his personal strengths, before she goes flying past him. I'm pretty confident she'll be reading fluently by Christmas. We'll see how she does with the spelling, grammar, and math. At this point she's known to give phonics, grammar, history, and science answers for them when they're slow to respond to my questions. 😛 That's a pretty long winded response to your question. Hopefully it makes sense and you can see what I mean by different academic strengths.
  5. I've gone from 100EL to All About Spelling with our three sons. Each has very different academic strengths and learning styles but that progression has been successful each time. I'm now doing 100EL with our daughter and plan to start AAS once she's reading. I hope you find a progression that works for you and your son!
  6. I mostly lurk on this forum and glean from y'all's experience and wisdom but I thought I'd hop in on this thread. Feel free to give feedback. Our oldest is in 5th this school year. I always feel unsure of my plans for him vs his younger siblings because he's our first. DS is a loquacious, artistic, passionate human. Academics have never been hard for him. Therefore, whenever he has to put in basic extra effort for something new, he feels defeated. It's a thing but we're learning ways to help him navigate his self-defeat while also giving him appropriate and needed affirmation. As someone who had significant learning hurdles during elementary and middle school, it's eye opening to see we can all feel inadequate, even when we're doing great. Anyway, here's the current plan and what he's (we've 😁) accomplished thus far in his education. Tapestry of Grace Yr 1 (History, Literature, Bible, Geography, Fine arts) - We're starting our second cycle through TOG and the kids are super excited to do ancients again. For additional geography we'll be doing Geography Songs as part of our family learning time and DS will be doing Map Asia 1. He has already memorized several songs from Geography Songs and is completing Draw Europe. Catechism & Scripture Memory W&R Bks 3&4 - We started this mid year and he's completed Bk 1 and we're working on Bk 2. I really love the writing in this curriculum! It's enjoyable for us both and not remotely dry. It's his first formal writing instruction and he's already showing growth. In the future I might switch us to TOG's Writing Aids but for now, W&R is serving us well. R&S Spelling 5 - He's completed AAS 1-4. He's pretty much a natural speller (unlike his mama). I'm not sure how much longer we'll do formal spelling vs pulling spelling words from his writing assignments. Fix It Bk 2 - He's completed FLL 1-3 and Fix It Bk 1. He's enjoying the format of Fix-It so we're sticking with it. Handwriting - still deciding. It 's bizarre that this is the subject that always gives me angst. Primarily, I find the cost of most handwriting books outrageous. He can already write well in script and cursive and, when he so chooses, it looks good too. MUS Epsilon - He's completed Primer - Gamma and is wrapping up Delta. Multiplication Facts That Stick & Division Facts That Stick as fun review and reinforcement. Finish Science in the Beginning and do Science in the Ancient World with note booking. He's completed Evan-Moor Daily Science Gr 1-4 (I don't love this series). I really love Dr Wile's approach in his elementary science curriculum. We had a lot of fun doing some last year. I hope to prioritize it this year. Nature Reader bk 4 - He's just working his way through the series. Art classes with private teacher and brothers - pencils and watercolor. We've been able to do this a couple of years. If Covid prevents it this fall I think we'll attempt Draw Squad and maybe monthly Let's Make Art videos on YT. Hoffman Academy + mom for piano and music theory. Water polo and swimming if the pool is allowed to reopen and the team is allowed practice. If not, we may have to set up some kind of home workout routine. I'm beginning to wonder if it's time to start MP First Form Latin. Does anyone have feedback on this? I've read a few threads here and it seems to be highly regarded as a solid, well-paced, program for parents who aren't confident in the subject. DS's been introduced to Latin via SSL 1 years ago and they still listen to the CD occasionally or watch the DVD. I know long term, Latin in is our education plan I'm just not sure when or how to start. I have no background in Latin. DH took Latin in college. If we do MP First Form Latin I'll probably go with the companion cursive handwriting for him. It's more than I prefer to spend but I think he would really enjoy the content.
  7. My son has completed FLL 1 and 2 and has done very well. We started Level 3 this year. I'm trying to decide if we should move to Level 4 when finished or transition to something new like IEW Fit-It. Will we miss important instruction if we move away from FLL before completing the entire series? Is completing Levels 1-3 a solid foundation? While FLL has served us well, I think we'll both be ready for something different by the end of this year. Thanks!
  8. I think this is my plan :p Reading: lots of books (BOB, various Readers and easy reader books) He will have completed 100EZ by Fall. Spelling: AAS Level 1 Math: MUS Alpha Bible/Science/Character: MFW-K (skipping their reading and math) PE: Swimming lessons, walks, wrestling with daddy, livin' life. Arts: Classical Kids cds, lots of classical music, Come Look With Me books, general exposure.
  9. Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it!! We'll keep on with 100EZ and wrap that up before moving into AAR. We do read a lot of books together. Last week I had him read a BOB book on his own. He was delighted! We were then at the store and he was sounding out words he saw. At one point he started to giggle, "Mom, this is incredible! Everywhere I turn letters are turning into words!" I confess I teared up with delight. He was so happy! Thank you again!
  10. I'm a first-time homeschool mama. My son and I are on lesson 32 of 100EZ. He's doing really well and enjoying the process. From here, I'd like to use AAR. As a newbie, I have a hard time figuring out when to jump out of 100EZ into AAR, and, what level to choose. I just don't know enough about the scope and sequence of 100EZ to figure it out using AAR's placement tests. Has anyone else made this transition? Do you have any advice?
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