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  1. I came across a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency course of Coursera last night. Might be worth checking out.
  2. Thank you all SO much for the suggestions. I received a lot of flack for slowing him down, on another forum and was nervous about posting on here. I'm going to research all of the suggestions you all mentioned and have him take a placement test so that I can formulate a game plan for him. Thanks again! It's greatly appreciated!
  3. Years ago when his older brother wanted more math we purchased Zaccaro, Singapore supplements, and a few logic puzzle books. I totally forgot about those. In fact, I think they are still packed away somewhere upstairs. Thank you all for the suggestions and encouragement. I'll be sure to look into ADAM.
  4. He was going to be placed in special education for kindergarten, but we ended up moving to Italy. We enrolled him in the local Italian school and because of his birthday he was placed in 1st grade. He really excelled. We moved back to Texas and started homeschooling him. That was at the beginning of his 4th grade year. Now, he's entering 5th grade and we are getting ready to move to another foreign country. So, I'm trying to get things figured out so that I have a game plan when we arrive in November.
  5. Our 10 year-old is devouring his math books. He blew through Singapore 4, 5, and 6A and BA 3 and 4 in one year while only working on math a few days a week. This is a child who the public school labeled as "needing special education." My husband thought maybe he needed to slow down and review or maybe I was being too easy on him, so we bought a computer math curriculum and he finished grades 4 and 5 in a couple of months. He just started Singapore 6B on Monday and has worked through nearly half the book. We're waiting for BA 5 to arrive, but when it does I'm thinking it will take him through maybe December. After that he'll start AoPS Pre-Algebra, but is there ever a point where you have them slow down? Or, do you just let them fly through everything? I've received some flack for trying to slow him down a bit, but I really want to make sure he has an in-depth understanding of the material he's learning. Not just a superficial understanding... I guess, in a way, I've found myself equating him moving so fast through each level to mean that he's not internalizing what he's learning. Thoughts? Encouragement? How did/would you handle this?
  6. I agree with this. We started our 4th grader with 3A because there is a lot to be gleaned and it's a good starting point for getting them in the groove of solving problems the BA way. Our 8th grader is beginning AoPS Number Theory and enjoys reading his younger siblings BA 3, 4, and 5 books. He recently asked if we could purchase a set of workbooks for each grade so that he can complete. LOL
  7. Memoria Press Singapore Math Killgallon's composition books Art of Problem Solving/Beast Academy Sunlight reading lists MENSA reading lists
  8. Sounds like she's doing great! I used to worry about the same thing. Like our 8 year-old constantly gravitating towards Magic Tree House or Berenstain Bears. But, after talking to our 13 year-old about his book choices, I lightened up a bit. Our oldest is 13 and he reads anything and everything he can get his hands on. Right now he is working through the Iliad as his assigned reading and Don Quixote, the Penguin Book of Norse Myths, and a poorly written book called Shark Wars. I asked him why he keeps choosing to read books like Shark Wars. I mean, the kid can read books in Latin and Italian and has stated that he enjoys difficult reads because of the challenge they pose... so, how does Shark Wars fit in with that mindset?? It is pretty much just poorly written garbage. He said that he chose it because he liked the cover and the summary on the back of the book. He acknowledged it was a dumb and pointless book, but he said it was nice to be able to just read without having to think hard to process the story. I've learned he uses easy books and books he's read million times to just take a break from thinking. After he explained that, I lightened up about my children's book choices. I figure it can't hurt as long as the junk isn't the only thing they are reading.
  9. I came across an ad for a Latin vocabulary program called Picta Dicta. We have three children who would be utilizing the program. But, I'd like to hear experiences with it before we jump in and sign them up. So, has anyone heard about it or is anyone using it?
  10. I was curious as to why I didn't see it mentioned more recently. Thank you for your input. The setup doesn't sound conducive to our son's learning style. Thanks again!
  11. Has anyone used Scholar's Online? We are going with WHA this year because I couldn't find any recent reviews of Scholar's Online. However, SO has seemingly great course offerings. I'm on the fence about enrolling our ds until I'm are the instructors are good and the courses live up to their descriptions. If anyone has a recent review, oe knows where I can find one, I'd be grateful to hear it. Thanks!
  12. You can call it racism, bigotry, prejudice, bias, or any other term. The fact is, certain behaviors and comments are rude, unnecessary, and speak volumes about a person's mentality. I'm Hispanic. Born and raised in south Texas. My parents were born in Texas, my grandparents were born in Texas, and my great grandparents were born in Texas. When my light-skinned husband and I moved to northwest Texas brown people were the minority. He got treated way better than I did. I got followed at the store when he wasn't with me. People would speak to me in Spanish before speaking in English, then they would ask me why I didn't speak Spanish. I've been stopped and questioned by airport security for carrying odd-shaped items, when the group of white people I traveled with to Africa were all next to me carrying the same odd-shapes items. (We all bought painting from an art gallery we visited on our trip) I've even had a cashier at the grocery store, who was ringing up the person in front of me, turned towards those of us in line and said, "Honey, you're gonna have to go to register 3. We can't accept food stamps in this line." I didn't know who she was talking to, so I just ignored it, but he cashier kept staring at us. Then the lady behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Sweetie, she's talking to you. Do you understand what she said? Do you speak English?" For a couple of strangers to call me out because she assumed that the brown lady with three kids in tow is on food stamps and doesn't speak English, is rude. So, no matter what term you choose to apply to this type of behavior, it is a misplaced bias.
  13. Our son is finishing up the 6th grade and needs to strengthen his spelling skills. He is an avid reader and can comprehend upper high school level texts without issue. He doesn't have any issues with vocabulary or word recognition, but he has a tough time spelling words correctly. He knows when he spells something wrong because it doesn't look right, so he will rewrite it in different ways to make it look correct. However, many times he can't figure out the right combination of letters to spell it correctly. FWIW, he spent most of his elementary years living in Italy and attending an Italian elementary school. So, part of the problem is that he gets confused and spells words with Italian blends or in British English. Can someone suggest a spelling curriculum that can help him strengthen his spelling skills?
  14. I found a great deal on VP's Omnibus 1 textbook, but it doesn't have the teacher's CD. Will I need the CD to teach Omnibus 1?
  15. I found a great deal on VP's Omnibus 1 textbook, but it doesn't have the teacher's CD. Will I need the CD to teach Omnibus 1?
  16. Does anyone know of an online provider offering a Greek Mythology course?
  17. Reading poetry is working beautifully! Thank you for the suggestions! :001_smile:
  18. DD6 is a voracious reader. She reads around 200 pages per day, outside of her school work. I know she comprehends what she's reading because she likes to discuss what she's read and how the story made her feel. However, when I ask her to read out loud she stutters, gets winded, and her reading sounds chaotic. When I tell her to slow down she says "I can't!" and gets emotional. How can I help her improve her read aloud skills?
  19. We are contemplating on enrolling our son in one of their science courses, but are having trouble finding reviews of the school. Does anyone have any experience with Scholars Online? Is it as rigorous as it claims to be?
  20. We are contemplating enrolling our son in one of their science courses, but are having trouble finding reviews of the school. Does anyone have any experience with Scholars Online? I'm wondering if it is as rigorous as it claims to be.
  21. We are contemplating enrolling our son in one of their science courses, but are having trouble finding reviews of the school. Does anyone have any experience with Scholars Online? I'm wondering if it is as rigorous as it claims to be.
  22. Excellent! My son attended a local Italian elementary school for years when we lived in Italy, so he is fluent for his age. I was hoping his Italian proficiency would help ease him into his first year of Latin. Thanks for the input. He's excited for next year!
  23. I'm curious, does knowing Italian make learning Latin a bit easier?
  24. Y'all are awesome! Thanks so much for the recommendations, I'm going to look into all of them tonight. I really appreciate it! :001_smile:
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