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  1. My daughter received a letter and an email in February letting her know when the ceremony was. She had to send in a picture and write a short intro to be read at the ceremony. I believe she also requested her tickets for guests for the ceremony and Nationals game. There were also break out sessions for her to sign up for if she wished. Check in was the day before the ceremony. The kids just had to pick up their tickets and T- Shirts. They had an icebreaker with games for the kids at the same time. Nationals tickets each included a $25 voucher for food or merchandise. This year was the b
  2. So, we attended the Gold Medal Ceremony in DC. What an awesome experience! The ceremony itself was wonderful. The staff does and excellent job making sure the kids get the recognition they deserve. There are panel discussions the kids can attend and tickets to a Nationals game. If your child is working toward the gold and you can attend the ceremony in DC it so worth it!
  3. Still trying to figure out 10th. We have been so busy with DD graduating, I have not even thought about DS’s plans. Math: we will continue with Mr. D. Pre-Calculus. We used him this year for Algebra 2 and year before for Geometry. Science: Chemistry not sure maybe DIVE. English: I have no clue. American Literature, but still struggling to find a writing program that works. He knows how to write but gets major anxiety and writers block. History: American History. Either Notgrass or History at Our House Foreign Language: either ASL with FLVS used a tutor this year but h
  4. Just wondering if anyone's child has reached their goal? My daughter just received confirmation of her Gold medal. She met with one of our Congressmen today for a photo op. We will be heading to Washington in June for the Gold medal ceremony.
  5. I am a little late to this post, but thought I would add my daughter Accepted: University of North FL ( Dean Scholarship) Auburn, Clemson, Penn State, University of Kentucky, and Berry College( Dean’s scholarship) Will Attend: Berry College
  6. My 9th grader will be taking Algebra 2- Mr. D World History- Notgrass Biology- Friendly Biology Language Arts- not sure. Notgrass literature for now with their writing assignments. I will probably add something else later. ALS- Lifeprint. FLVS if they ever open the class electives- PE- swimming Personal Finance- Dave Ramsey Health- Apologia
  7. 12th grader: We have been following our state requirements for graduation through high school. She will only need an English credit next year to have everything required by the state. She will hopefully start DE at the cc. She will take her English credit and not sure what else. 12th grader is now enrolled at the Community College. She will take ENC 1101 and Student Life Skills( required for DE). Taking one semester at a time so not sure what she will take second semester. She will take Dave Ramsey Financial Peace and finish Calculus. 9th grader Algebra 2 with Mr. D Wo
  8. May update: Math: Mr. D Geometry Science: Derek Owens Physical Science Language Arts: maybe Life Pack English 8, BraveWriter Kidswrite Intermediate and one more class History: Notgrass US History Literature: Notgrass as well as books picked by me. To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies others TBD Electives TBD
  9. I searched the forum but did not see a planning thread for 2017-2018 8th grade. I am struggling with trying to figure out Language Arts and Science for my 8th grader next year. This past year we started out with Rod and Staff English 7. It was so much like English 6 in the beginning, he asked to please do something else. We tried Giggly Guide to Grammar, but quickly found that it was not a good fit either. He ended up just using Moby Max for Grammar and BraveWriter for writing. We will conyinue BraveWriter for writing, but need Literature and Grammar. He completed Apologia General Science
  10. I am not sure where you would like reviews posted. Since we have experience with Groovy Kids, I thought I would write a short review of the classes we have taken. My daughter is currently taking her second class from Groovy Kids. She took Fantastic Beasts and is taking Disappearing Spoon now. Both classes have been fabulous! The content is not light. It is in depth and she has learned a lot. She has had fabulous feedback on her projects and writing. Fantastic Beasts was a great supplement to her Biology class she took last year. Disappearing Spoon as proven to be just as wonderful. It
  11. My daughter is having a hard time getting volunteer hours. Age requirements have been an issue as well as lack of opportunities in our town. The conservation center will not allow volunteers under the age of 18. She filled out the background check information for the elementary school, and is good to go but no teachers have requested help. She is getting some hours through 4H. They have several small community service projects. Our next step is to try the library. She is racking up hours in her personal development. She is working( volunteering) with a local dog trainer. She is learning a
  12. Still working on it. This is what we think we will do so far Math- calculus Saxon with DIVE Spanish - DE History- American History- Notgrass or DE Literature- American literature- Notgrass list will also add to it BraveWriter Writing for Highschool and ACt/SAT essay Science- Physics- DiVE, may also do Apologia Marine Biology Electives:TBD Looking for Art History and Music History curriculum.
  13. So far 8th grade looks like this.. Algebra 2- Saxon with DIVE Physical Science- Apologia American History- Notgrass Grammar - this is where we have struggled. 6th grade with Rod and Staff went well. Tried it this year for 7th but it seemed dull. Tried Giggly Guide to Grammar- was not a fit. Gave up and just let him use MobyMax for grammar and vocabulary. Composition- Writing is hard for him. He just goes blank. Nothing has clicked. I will admit I have not tried tons of different programs but I don't want to spend the $ only to have it fail again. We are doing a BraveWrite
  14. My daughter is in 10th. She just started last summer and is working towards gold by graduation 2019. She will do her E/E in April. A week in Guatemala at language immersion school living with a host family followed by a week helping in rural medical clinics. She has had a hard time with her personal development hours. The lady she was working with was gone for 6 weeks and then the holidays. She needs to get started back so she can get more hours. Her volunteer hours have been sporadic. We live in a small town where there are not a lot of opportunities. She has a possible chance at getting to w
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