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  1. This site lists a ton of free curriculum for all grades and every subject.
  2. Hello. This free curriculum site may be useful to you all. ?
  3. I saw that! It took awhile for it to get to 30% off, but maybe now that it has more people will buy in. I went ahead and put in a conditional buy for 40% off.
  4. I like Spelling Plus too. The dictation book is great & provides much needed extra practice and review of previous lists.
  5. I've seen Math Mammoth discussed here several times, so I thought I'd share this. Homeschool Buyer's Co-op is doing a group buy for Math Mammoth. The discount could range anywhere from 20% to 50% depending on how many people buy. Right now it's only at 20% off, but Math Mammoth's website says the discount typically ends up being 40 or 50%. The entire Light Blue Series bundle (all pdf books for grades 1st through 7th) usually retails for $175. If there are 1 to 25 buyers it will be 20% off ($140) If there are 26 to 49 buyers it will be 30% off ($122.50) If there are 50 to 74 buyers it will be 40% off ($105) If there are 75+ buyers it will be 50% off ($87.50) Link to the group buy~ The offer ends March 31st. I'm really hoping it reaches at least 40%, because we're pretty certain we want to switch to MM for next school year.
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