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  1. I saw this thread and wanted to offer a few corrections to the information shared in an earlier post about my website My Audio School. I would hate for someone to subscribe to the website, not having understood exactly what we are (and are not) offering. It is true that I am a TOG user, but the website was not created specifically for TOG. Also, we do not have all the TOG books on our website. Instead, we have put together a website which is meant to serve a large variety of classical and Charlotte Mason home educators using a wide variety of curricula. We have taken books which a
  2. Thanks, danybug, for your encouragement about Countercultural School and My Audio School! We'll be studying Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, and Revolutionary War next year, so all the content on My Audio School is centered around those topics. Stay tuned, though....soon we hope to launch some other Audio School sites that will be dedicated to the other time periods in history. Blessings, Molly http://myaudioschool.blogspot.com http://counterculturalschool.blogspot.com
  3. We have been using Math U See since the beginning. My son is finishing 7th grade now, and about to complete the MUS pre-algebra book. Should I stick with MUS for Algebra and beyond, or switch to something else for high school? MUS is working fine for us. He gets mostly A's and B's in spite of not being a math-lover. My son is definitely college bound and he is an excellent student. He does well on his standardized testing. He will NOT be studying math or science in college beyond the normal requirements....he will probably be studying English or History or foreign languages. Will MU
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