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  1. Bees like me enough as it is. I'd rinse. As for what you did yesterday with your hair...all that oil...do you have dry skin? I bet it smelled heavenly, but I'm not sure I could get away with it.
  2. I seem to remember that Caucasians are more prone to osteoporosis than the rest of the world too, so I wouldn't be in a big hurry not to worry about calcium.
  3. :iagree: It sound completely illogical to me as well. We also live in Aurora, and we usually head south to the Arapahoe county library, which is closer to our house than the nearest Aurora library. Arapahoe has pretty similar policies to Aurora. The grace period (for both library systems) only works if you turn in the overdue books during the grace period. So if I had a book due today, and turned it in on Thursday before closing (Aurora had a 2-day grace period last I checked), I wouldn't have to pay the fine. I found out the hard way that in the Aurora system, you can't just shove the bo
  4. Lack of sleep can cause trouble with focusing and getting things done. I have been easily distracted all my life, but it is definitely worse when I'm sleep-deprived. Flaxseed oil is also supposed to help, but I don't know if it does.
  5. I would try really hard to find a way to punish the culprits but not the innocent. As for the 10yo, could he/she have rescued the one Webkinz before it got sandy?
  6. :iagree: Junk should get thrown away as fast as possible. And I don't have an everything drawer b/c I'm short on drawers. I have several miscellaneous boxes, though.
  7. I never, ever thought of that angle (slaps forehead), and now I am thinking that's a great conversation to have! When I was dating the guy who is now my husband, I considered many factors, and one of them was what sort of father he might be. I suspect most women do think about that when they're making a permanent choice. But if a girl thinks she isn't making a permanent choice when she decides to have sex with a guy, or if the "permanent" picture in her head is her sitting in a rocking chair holding an infant, she's going to be less picky. I think my favorite perspective on it is still
  8. Other: Yes, and I might be able to do it myself. I sometimes have trouble getting the lug nuts off, especially if my dad tightened them. But as for knowing how, I've done it several times, once someone loosened the lug nuts.
  9. In the Bible, "falling away" usually means losing your faith, deciding God doesn't exist, you don't believe in Jesus anymore, that sort of thing. As for the pastors suffering backlash, I don't get it. Are they supposed to put her in stocks or have her flogged in the streets? Even 50 years ago, girls were quietly "sent away" until they had the baby, but I thought we had moved beyond that. I say, review the gospel. It's good for what ails you. :grouphug:
  10. :lol::rofl::smilielol5: OP: Apparently some people haven't gotten the memo that there's a coming crisis in the Social Security program, and there's a similar problem in Europe. You're picking up the slack they've left, and they should be grateful!
  11. It depends on many things. First, if they homeschool, or are considering it, I assume they are trying to figure out what will work for them, and I give as much information as I think will be helpful, which is usually a lot. (I like lots of info when I'm making decisions, so I probably flood other people with more than they know what to do with.) If it seems that they are not trying to solve their own problems but really asking about me, then it depends on whether or not it is a friend. Friends ask about each other's lives, and they often ask why. It helps to get to know a person if you und
  12. :iagree: Short story of my experience: I was an agnostic. I started to be dissatisfied with not knowing. I read Mere Christianity around the same time that I began to pray to this God who (I thought) may or may not exist, and He convinced me that He does indeed exist. So I recommend a combination of praying, reading, and talking to people. You also want to avoid cults (my definition: any group that seeks a ridiculous amount of control over its members, and may not allow members to leave easily). People who won't allow you to disagree with them or who won't give a calm and reasoned ans
  13. Overview of the choices as I understand them: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all say that there is one God. Christianity says that the one God exists as three distinct persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Trying to explain this can turn your brain into a pretzel, so I'm just going to leave it at that.) Jesus is God the Son, and is also fully human, as of A.D.4 or so. The deity of Jesus is the sticking point for both Jews and Muslims, who think that the existence of "one God" means that Jesus can't possibly be God. There are various religions that say there are many gods, and while t
  14. Like a PP, I'm very curious as to why. (Original quote: "Perhaps a better way to phrase it, is that for many, a book as been the means used by God to bring about belief in Him.") My head is full of thoughts fighting each other, so I'm going to number them to make them behave. 1) Do you think it is at all useful to find out what other people's experiences are in their own search for truth? 2) God can use any means He want to use, right? What's wrong with books? 3) I'm not used to homeschoolers being allergic to books, and I'm wondering what's up with that. 4) I wonder if your
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