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  1. I've been rather jumpy with this one child in grammar, so I decided to get a look at Winston Grammar and I loved what I saw. I can't believe that I passed up this grammar program several times before. It was originally published by the same people who do our most loved Explode the Code series. Using this, I know that we are actually going to learn our grammar and I plan to use the Advanced Winston Grammar right after this one. This would be a great way to get a systematic program, while still being able to be fairly relaxed and incorporate it into copywork and another program. We have used LLATL, and also Easy Grammar and all my son did was fill out lovely workbook pages. I feel with Winston, we are all going to really learn our grammar and the why's of grammar. HTH, Dee in sunny FL!
  2. I believe Megawords addresses all these issues and I only wish I would have started it sooner with my oldest son. With my next child (7 year old boy) we will begin using this series as soon as we are done with the Explode the Code series. You can see samples of it and read reviews at christianbook.com HTH, Dee:D
  3. We have an almost 13 year old and he started in book 1 and is now working through book 2. Like the other posters mentioned, book 1 will be the best starting point as you don't want to miss anything important and it really does lay the foundation in book one! We love this and wish we had started it sooner. It is sooooo much more than spelling. It's spelling, reading, and vocabulary!!! Hope this helps some...not that at this point you need it!;) Blessings, Dee:D
  4. My son has not had much grammar this year. He's worked on a very CM program from Queen's homeschool and while he has done nicely with it, I am considering Junior Analytical Grammar for the 8th grade. I am thinking this will give him a nice overview without being overkill and then if it works out I can break down Analytical Grammar for his highschool years. This will also allow me to hone in on those composition skills with more focus. Has anyone else done this? What has been your experience/s using this? I'm thinking it's this or Easy Grammar Plus, but my other two children went through Easy Grammar Plus and just have such little knowledge of grammar. They retained very little. I would like something that will stick. Of course, in EGP's defense, this time around, I will do it with my children and not expect them to do the worksheet and it to work. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Blessings, Dee
  5. Having used both, I prefer SS. For us, Spelling Power just seemed like an expensive spelling list, but we didn't think that that patterning of the lists were always phonetically constructed. With Sequential Spelling, the patterns are memorized and sort of internalized because of their phonetic construction. We have seen an improvement in reading and spelling, and this is from a mildly dyslexic child. We are using SS along with Megawords and we are loving that as well. HTH, Dee in FL
  6. We use Abeka Science and History for first and second grade. They are very simple and basic information, but it gives me the chance to focus on English/Reading subjects, without becoming overwhelmed. It also allows me to pull many books of interest of topic from the library. I just don't think that first through third grade Science and Social Studies need to be that indepth. Blessings, Dee
  7. We used the get ready ones for kindergarten and moved right into book 1 and 1 and a half because my son needed a bit more time with it. This year, our first grade year, we have completed 2, 3, and are starting book 4 on Monday. Our plan is to get through 5 and 6 in the second grade, and books 7 and 8 in the third...then we are moving right into Megawords which I'm using with my older son and we absolutely love!!! HTH, Dee
  8. a ninth grader as Pre-Algebra, and with an 8th grader. I would say you could use it anywhere between 6th and 8th grades. Blessings, Dee in FL:D
  9. a hodge podge of things. My 7th grade reluctant writer is using the All About Me journal from Love to learn and also a few pieces from the Queen's L.A. program that he's working on. I plan to start Writing For 100 days within the next couple of weeks. Dee:)
  10. I really enjoyed Wordsmith Apprentice for this age...and my son has done really well with the All About Me journal from Love to Learn. HTH, Dee in FL :D
  11. 7th grader :) Queen's Language Book for the elementary child 2 All about Me journal writing prompts Easy Grammar Punctuation section Megawords Sequential Spelling 1rst grader :cool: Explode the Code 2,3, and 4 Let's Read a Linguistic Approach Pathway Readers Online Zaner Bloser spelling lists 11th grader :eek: Landmark Freedom Baptist 11th grade Library books and literature lists for literature That's all folks! ;)
  12. Learning to Read and Reading/Phonics Let's Read a Linguistic Approach(similar to Alpha Phonics, only goes further) Pathway first grade readers Explode the Code books 2, 3, and presently starting book 4 first grade online spelling lists (just for fun) Handwriting Without Tears Bible Leading Little Ones To God Bible Story Book (reading the new testament now) We have memorized a few verses, but only 5 so far as this is very difficult for my son. Math Rod and Staff Math 1 (I have really enjoyed this and my son needs the slow steady progression of Rod and Staff) Science/Social Studies Abeka first grade Fridays we work on two thinking skills books, and sometimes a book report form from lovetolearnplace.com Saturdays is library day and we take out lots of science and social studies books of interests. My son likes books on facts, not fiction. We also take out lots of Frog and Toad readers. :) I'm sure I'm missing something, but this is the general gist of it. Dee:D
  13. Thanks, gals! :) This gives me a good base from where to start and what to choose. Kendra, my guy is not an academic guy either, and your line-up looks like it will fit his personality well. Okay, let me go and make my list. Blessings, Dee ps does anyone know what a larvae on these boards are? I'm the ditz who just doesn't get it? I mean, I know what larvae is, but what does it mean on these new boards...and am I the only one who misses the older boards. I know, I'm resistant to change. :confused:
  14. I am pretty much set on what I will be using with my soon to be second grader, but still am unsure of my 8th grader. Please share what you will be using. Thank you and Blessings, Dee in FL ps It took me a while to figure out the boards had completely changed and were over here. I wonder if I was the only one, or if others are still searching as well. :)
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