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  1. Regarding purchasing Lightning Lit 8- Hewitt Homeschool has a PDF download bundle of student & teacher materials in their website store. https://hewittlearning.org/product/lightning-lit-gr-8-set-of-tg-sg-sw-pdf/ I’d assume a download would likely work for Canada as well as the US & you would just need to purchase the books separately. I haven’t used 8, but I purchased the download bundle for Lightning Lit 7 (& books from Amazon) & I don’t feel like I’m missing anything receiving it that way.
  2. We did both 1A & 2A this year in my house with different level kids. I found the beginning lessons of each to be a bit light, but the amount of work did ramp up towards the middle as the amount of writing & required elements increased. I moved my older kids to 2A midway through the year & effectively doubled up many of the lessons in a week to finish not too far behind our original end date target, through that has been a bit challenging towards the end. The suggested schedule was pretty easy modify to fit our needs, so I’d feel free to combine & lengthen weeks as you need.
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