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  1. My friend's son takes it. He has a variant of Dravet's syndrome and has seizures. It has helped him a lot. Reduced seizures and helped him progress developmentally.
  2. Something bad always happens to us on vacation so I've grown weary of them.
  3. I bought myself Sleeping Queens for Christmas and it is a big hit! My 7yo loves it!
  4. I'm very up in the air about this. My upcoming 3rd grader is very weak in language arts so a lot of what I used for my older son might not work. Math: Possibly Beast Academy alone or BA as a supplement to Right Start D. Spelling: All About Spelling Reading: All About Reading 4 Science and History: Prairie Primer....maybe. Grammar: Fix It grammar The Nose Tree...maybe
  5. I'm just beginning my quest into next year's curriculum choices for my upcoming 5th grader. This is my current, subject to change at any moment, plan... Math - Beast Academy 5 Spelling - All About Spelling History - Prairie Primer Science - Prairie Primer Writing - Prairie Primer, Journal writing (his favorite thing because he's got a continuing story he's writing) and CAP W&R. Grammar - Fix It grammar most likely. We did Fix It in 3rd and it was great. Switched to ELTL this year which is great too but very different. He's a big reader but I worry about too much reading with ELTL AND Prairie Primer plus I hope to have him do some other reading work. So we'll do ELTL if we don't do Prairie Primer. Fix It if we do. Extras - Continue our 1 day a week/half day co-op, P.E., and swim team.
  6. No idea how old. We've lived here a year and it came with the house. It has never been a great fridge. We'll pull it out and see if cleaning out the back helps. I don't think it is an house electrical issue but that is a possibility.
  7. I posted yesterday about our freezer stopping then restarting. Got up this morning and the fridge is hot. Threw out everything. Thank God my parents spontaneously decided to get us a fridge for Christmas. Now we just need to see if Lowe's will deliver sooner than scheduled!
  8. Everything feels cold but since I don't know when it went out and then turned back on it is impossible to tell if it ever got warm. The door wasn't open and the fridge part doesn't seem to affected. It is a Maytag and a piece of junk. We have a whole new unit being delivered soon (my parents Christmas to us).
  9. Not sure what happened but we opened our freezer (bottom drawer freezer on fridge) and it is clear that at some point it stopped freezing. Ice cream and popsicles are melted. I have no idea what could be saved or do I need to toss it all? I'll toss meats and ice cream but what about things like tator tots, fish sticks, nuggets? The worst part is we just went grocery shopping yesterday so the freezer was full!
  10. Mostly we are sticking with our plans. We did drop Wayfarers. Instead we are just doing SOTW and a writing activity after the reading. Science we are doing a hodgepodge of science kits and books we already own. I've created a rotational schedule for science,art,geography and any extras. I plan out 4 weeks at a time.
  11. I hate it too. We are also limited by food allergies (dairy, egg, peanut and tree nuts). I can't even just slap together grilled cheese! Or order pizza without still having to prepare food for my allergy kid. We are in a total dinner rut!
  12. I'm already browsing curriculum for next school year. I think I'm leaning towards doing the Prairie Primer but I'd love to hear more about it from people who have used it. My boys will be in 3rd and 5th. Would love tips, advice, blogs, anything to help with implementing it. Or is this a terrible idea and I should look for something else? I know I have to add math, anything else you have to add or expand on? Thanks!
  13. I'd say boy...but I'm not sure. Definitely not as obvious as some boy shots. My first son's ultrasound was super obvious. My 2nd not so much ( there was great debate on his gender before he was born).
  14. My second child we were told "girl, no...boy, no...girl. I don't know!" The OB told me after watching the u/s video that "there wasn't a clear shot but if I was a betting man I'd say it is a girl." Well I hope he isn't a betting man because my second child is all boy!
  15. I would print up chef cards listing the allergies in both English and the language of the country.
  16. I'm feeling that way too and we don't even have bad weather in the winter (I'm in FL).
  17. My friend's 10 year old has high cholesterol. I know they put him on fish oil to help. Not sure what else. He's not overweight at all, very active. He swims on a team with my son.
  18. I'm so very sorry. I'm crying my eyes out right now for you. He is beautiful and precious. I'm thankful he got to spend his time on this Earth being nothing but loved.
  19. We use Pentime, although full disclosure both my kids started learning cursive with Abeka during their one year of private school.
  20. We went to a lab rescue event at Pet Smart with friends. They were looking for a dog, we weren't but I fell in love with a puppy there. She's a golden retriever/black lab mix.
  21. I would love something active, out in nature hiking, canoeing, etc. Everyone sleeping in really nicely furnished cabins (big comfy bed, couch, huge tub, tv) I'd want 1-3 good friends along. Also some indoor activities like crafting or games. Spa options too. No meditation or at least not required. Optional, not mandatory downtime. Really good food.
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