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  1. We do weekly P.E. at the YMCA. My oldest is a competitive swimmer who trains 1.5 hours a day. My youngest is on the recreational swim team and plays soccer. We do 5k races as a family. In the winter they both play basketball. I consider all of that P.E. A few cities around us offer P.E. classes as well. And their is a program called Saints coming to us next year. Anything like that around?
  2. Right Start C has a lot more writing than B. B is great! C is good. My ADD son does very well with RS and loves the games.
  3. I plan to focus on Am. History next year (3rd year in our 1st rotation) as our main curriculum. Then have SOTW 3 as a background reading to get an overview of what was happening in the world.
  4. We love ELTL and plan to cotinue it. I liked Wayfarers and when we stayed on top of it we loved it. But we got overwhelmed and dropped it after 1 semester. I look back and we really did have a good time with the reading selections and geography but I quickly discovered that we just can't do a combined program like that. Our days are too....asynchronous.
  5. My youngest struggled too in levels 1 and 2. 3 he's flying through as well. I'm still planning to do level 4 as I think it'll benefit him in bigger higher level words. Then we'll really focus harder on spelling and grammar. You could look atbthe level 4 word list and see if he can read them with ease or not. Mine did fine reading the early 4 words and then began to falter so I'm going to do 4 to shore up his reading completely.
  6. We enjoy it but we use Right Start so it came with the curriculum. If I were you I would try to find it used.
  7. My mental math skills improved a lot from teaching the strategies in level B.
  8. Mine have both done RS B and we loved it. They got a strong number sense and mental math skills from it. We did not ever use level A. My youngest is in level C and I still like it. Not as much as B though. He'll move on to Beast Academy next year like his brother did.
  9. We love AAR! My youngest did ABeka for K at private school. We did AAR in first when we switched back to homeschooling. He started right at level 1 because he had struggled with reading and I wanted to be sure he had a good foundation. My oldest did AAR level 1-3 in K/first grade and went to private school for 2nd grade. He picked up reading quickly and was a top reader in his class testing at over a 6th grade level.
  10. I would love to know more as well. We are strongly considering the Science in the Scientific Revolution for next year. I love the samples so I really want to give it a go.
  11. We've never done gymnastics but we are a sports family. We have one practice or a another every night. My oldest is a swimmer. He started on a city rec team and he did that for 3 years. At that point it became obvious he had outgrown the program. He needed better coaching and a more competitive environment. That ended up being at our Y but not all their sports are worth it. We happen top have a coach who is excellent. He trains them hard but understands balance for kids,especially the younger ones. My younger son plays soccer. He is on a rec team and will be for the foreseeable future. For us it was obvious when needs changed and it didn't feel like a major sacrifice.
  12. Level 4 wasn't out yet when my oldest went through the program. He picked up reading easily. My youngest has had a harder time reading. He's about 10 lessons from finishing level 3. Level 4 just arrived in the mail so I've only flipped through it but there are definitely a few lessons I will have my oldest listen in on. I know my youngest will benefit and I believe my oldest will even get a little out of it.
  13. My oldest, a 4th grader, does W&R (he just finished Narrative 2) along side ELTL (currently level 3).
  14. We are skipping books 1 and 2 and jumping straight to 3 next year. Obviously I can't speak for how that'll actually work but I just had to "get over" the fact we wouldn't be doing it the "right" way because that bugged me too.
  15. My youngest loves math and really enjoys Right Start. He is begging to do Beast next year. My oldest does Beast. He has a love hate relationship with it. He really enjoys it but since it pushes him to think he hates it. He doesn't want to actually work at his work.
  16. We use Pentime but I don't know what style it is or if it would work for your kids. Mine did initially learn cursive during a year at a B&M using ABeka.
  17. We do GSWL roughly two days a week. It probably isn't ideal for perfect Latin learning but it works well for us and the kids love it.
  18. Pretty sure we use 1st and we've had great success with it.
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