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  1. HWOT is great. We used that to learn how to print. They have a youtube channel that shows the wet dry try method. We used that with the chalkboard.
  2. A half hour to an hour daily. But sometimes I really have to "sell" him on a book I think he would love. If he finds something he really loves he can read for 3 hours a day.
  3. For us, we started with a modern language as we live overseas. However, this would be my priority even if we lived a different life. It has opened so many doors, and provided so many good ways to use ds' brain. Some things to consider: cartoons, books, people (if picking a language used close to you), internet all are available in modern languages. Dedicate all tv or some be done in a modern language, and half the battle is won 😂 not really, but you know. This year for 3rd we have started Latin using Getting Started the Latin. For my son a lot of this has been easy being that he already knows several languages. He has made connection to English words. The book has been easy for me to follow and learn along with him. I plan to do Greek in two years as well. If you know Greek, even if rusty, it would be a good place to start as you will be a few steps ahead. But I think the benefits of a modern language are enormous, and ancient languages can wait and be easier after the rewards of a modern one.
  4. A lot of people can read upside down if the print is large enough. When in university for my education major we had a test of reading upside down, out of hundreds only 1 person needed to work on that skill. Many teachers need this skill to work with young ones learning to read.
  5. Follow up question- how does one go about mentioning that this may need to be evaluated or worked on? Without causing offense? Is there a way? Child is homeschooled. Mom is overwhelmed and doesn't enjoy schooling. They are only able to get to the bare minimum with school- math, reading, and language arts. But all the kids are a year or two behind in levels.
  6. That would be my guess. Beyond that I would guess only hearing a few mistakes here and there. Thanks for sharing. Child is over 8.
  7. I taught before having my son, but at private schools and international schools. So my experience has been with families that are well educated and work with their kids. So honestly I can say I didn't see this when I taught. But I think I may have a skewed viewpoint from average families.
  8. Yes, I very much expect 5-8ish year olds to occasionally during a day make an error or several. I started counting after I noticed about 5 errors. So in an 8 hour time together I counted 16 errors. So it probably was close to 20 errors. I don't want to say the age yet, as it might sway some people's response, but child is over age I would expect to hear more than one or two in a full day.
  9. What age do you expect children to no longer make errors while speaking with verbs? Example- saying goed, or felled or just using the wrong verb altogether. Also, understanding when to say on or in correctly in a sentence. Not asking about my son, asking about another child we spent the day with that surprised me with a lot of errors. I know the family does not do much, if any reading, and they do a lot of television time. But this seemed to really stick out to me.
  10. Maybe that is who I got it from. I know Andrew Puweda has a spelling talk that I listened to as well. But I also have taken a lot of Diane Craft's ideas as well.
  11. The visualization of the word. You have to hold it in your mind to be able to spell backwards. Having ds say it forward and backwards also adds the words having an audio input as well. I try to hit all the ways- visual, audio, kinsetic.
  12. Yes, I actually do this all the time. After listening to a spelling talk by Mr. Puweda I started having ds spell words aloud forward and backwards. It has helped his spelling a lot.
  13. Sorry, just seeing this now. Dh has had long term no taste or smell. Going on 9 months now. I had long term exhaustion. It lasted for close to 3 months. I just took it slow. Took zinc, vit. C and D. We had nothing else going on for those months. I got winded just walking through our apartment. If you feel it is more with your heart I would make an appointment. When we were going through all this the hospitals in our city were closed except for emergency. So we couldn't get in. When I had COVID I only was ill for 3 days. Dh was ill for 10 days. I feel like he recovered (except for smell and taste) faster than I did. I don't know if that really makes much difference, but I don't know.
  14. We've spent 10 hours outside so far this week (since the 1st). Ds has enjoyed having a goal to work towards. 2020 saw a lot of time indoors as we didn't have a yard. But we now have a yard to play in and so it will be much easier to get outside.
  15. Yeah for us the negotiation has become a problem because consistency has not been great. With moving, and COVID changing things I have not been as consistent as I should be. My hope is once we are settled in a few weeks really hitting the consistency in a routine, and hopefully that will curb a lot of whiney begging and negotiation.
  16. But it is getting more difficult to find places outside of fb where you can buy used. Just a heads up though that I hate seeing people list things the same price as everything is new. And with shipping prices I feel used books need to be real low. As a seller you don't make much. But if I buy new and can get free shipping from a company for the same price it isn't worth it to me to buy used.
  17. I would buy bundled stuff. I have purchased a bunch of stuff off fb buy sell trade groups. For me a bundle of stuff saves time of me trying to find everything used individually.
  18. Maybe that is my problem. He gets so whiney and wants breaks all the time now. And this year has been a challenge I get that and have tried to be patient. But my patience is running out. I probably should really break him of the habit of having a break after several things get done. Doing quick chores sounds like a good idea. Keeps the time on work and not fun. I just want to get school work done so I can move on to other things, and not need to be over ds all the time.
  19. I did recommended books to read such as wtm, cm, and a wide variety. Now I don't as much. But I really think a lot of people just haven't thought out anything, and want an easy answer. Or someone to follow who has thought it all out. Many people go on fb and just want reassurance that this will be easy and kids will turn out great. Not reality that this is a job and hard work for everyone.
  20. I don't like to list where I live for safety reasons. I don't know what the numbers are. We are in one of the most densely populated cities in the world. It has been so hard.
  21. How often and for how long do your elementary students have breaks during the school day? We have had a rough year. And are moving. So school is on a break right now until we move. But ds is wanting breaks every half hour or so. Then he wants a half hour break. It takes him that long to really get into something to do. But it feels like school is taking alllllllll day then. So what do you all do? What is reasonable?
  22. I am not in the states. Measures for curbing the virus were taken much more strictly where I am at. So much so that people couldn't even leave their apartments for months. Death by domestic abuse was so high this year too. In two months what is normally met in a year was already exceeded. Isolation has really been damaging for the people around me. And really COVID numbers still rose and hospitals still filled up here. So what did extreme lock downs accomplish?
  23. Yes! My husband and I had bad cases (not hospitalized thankfully, first major disease going around in 20 years she didn't need to go in). And we have some effects still lingering. It was awful. But this year I know more people who have committed suicide than in all my other years of life combined. People I know, not friends cousin's husband kind of thing. I spent months locked inside with my son bouncing off the walls. The damage done to him is worse than my physical stuff. What kind of world are we leaving our children, grand children and great grand children? Call me a conspiracy theorist, but really this has effects that we can't even imagine.
  24. Very very normal in the first year to year and a half of starting a cycle.
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