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  1. Yeah, my ds reads aloud so fast. I think it is just hard to slow down when he can read so fast. He is an only so he has no one younger to read to. And we just moved at the beginning of the year, so currently no little friends either.
  2. Anyone know of any good books that explain the Biblical practice of blessing. In reading through Genesis in a Bible study a few people have asked me for more books to talk about how to bless children. And I don't know of any.
  3. He still needs work with read slow enough and pronunciation. More the skills that make people want to listen to the reader. You know what I mean? He is past the skill of learning to read. He reads almost everything I put in front of him. We started Latin this year, and he is doing well with it and enjoying it. I just want him to keep developing the skill of being an interesting reader out loud. Maybe I am reacting to those I know, but there are some people who have preached, read books to kids, etc. that are so hard to listen to as they just don't have the skills down.
  4. We did a lot of buddy reading as he was learning to read. But now he hates it as he says it takes too long to read a book this way 😂 He reads on average a book every two days.
  5. What is a good anthology for ds (almost 9) to practice reading aloud with? Would McGuffey be good for this? He does a great job reading aloud, I just want to keep the skill developing. We used Pathway Readers for this, but he got bored with them, and they didn't offer much of a challenge. We did 1st through 3rd. So maybe 4th will become more challenging and have more variety?
  6. Ds was only a week. Dh has underlying health issues so he took a good 2 months before he was feeling like he had energy. I also was 3ish months before full energy. BUT- the energy part is hard to determine because we were also in complete lockdowns. So really I don't know if it was also a lack of sunlight from not being outside at all for 16 weeks.
  7. Dh, ds, and I had it March 2020. Dh had long term loss of taste and smell and fatigue. (Months) I never lost taste or smell but had fatigue for about a month. And had difficulty breathing. Ds had headache and fatigue.
  8. Getting Started with Latin is what we are using this year. I really like it and so does ds. It gives a new word each day then translation exercises.
  9. Castle and Cathedral are great books to read before (or after) if you are able to see a castle or cathedral. If you know what countries you are going to there are some great castles that have horses to ride, arrows to shoot, etc. so reading up on knights and so forth would be fun. We also really like the Geopuzzles. There is one for Europe and it will help your kids visualize the area they are in. Learning a few words in other languages before going is great too. Doesn't need to be much, but will help your kids listen closely to the different sounds they hear.
  10. Same here. This season has seen such an increase in technology time at our home. It has also brought so many troubles with attitude, work ethic, and battles. I am ready to get rid of it all.
  11. That sounds more like what I would like. Thanks, I will look into these.
  12. I will look at some samples of LOF. Ds really does love to figure things out by trial and error. And he loves puzzles to figure out. We have done some from MEP because they are well done and free. I am a very visual learner and need the big picture first. But ds is not as much as I am. He likes to struggle and figure things out, and then it is learned and stays there. I can always tell if he isn't understanding something easily. Then I just need to provide more time for him to play around and figure it out.
  13. We did the chapter on place value. Which is something we worked on a lot already. And I don't think it did a great job with it. It was using Pirate money (if I remember correctly). I just found what we had done more deep and a better way to really nail place value. We used money, and Roman Numerals to do place value, and ds has a very strong understanding of it. Maybe it was just that chapter and only having a month to get into it. It is always on my mind to try. But I feel like I would also need to add the hands on aspect too. And then I might as well be the one explaining and teaching it all.
  14. We tried the free month trial of Beast this past spring. Ds did love it. I prefer paper so I would buy the books. I guess I just wasn't all that impressed. And he really likes the c-rods. I know I could add them in. Maybe we should try a book and see how it goes.
  15. I am unable to get used stuff as we are not in the States, 🥲 If I could get it for cheap I would be willing to try it, but I don't know if it will work, or if I can do stuff on my own for cheaper.
  16. He doesn't read what he writes, and if he writes a story many times he can't read it to me. His phonics for reading are great, it is doing it in spelling that trips him up. When he is free writing he doesn't go slow or keep spelling in his mind while getting a story out. He does really well spelling when words are broken into syllables. So much larger words he can do. We spend a day a week going through Noah Webster's Syllabus and he gets those right. So he knows an open syllable will be the long sound which is why I think he keeps trying to put an e at the end instead of a y on many words. But if I point it out he can say the rule and correct it. It just isn't coming out right away first thing. So words like: conduct, murmur, manner, litter, limber, wager, focus, cider he gets right when split into syllables.
  17. @Not_a_Number I know you make your own math. Maybe you could help me with a scope and sequence to be sure I am hitting all the things we need to.
  18. Ds is almost 9. He loves math, it comes easily to him. We have mostly used Miquon and Gattegno. He loved Minion. I really wish it would encompass all elementary math. Anyways ds does not need a lot of review, and he needs a challenge. I have been making a lot of problems and work on my own. Using a few resources (Gattegno, Graded Arithmetic, Miquon, RS games, games, etc.) He is doing well with math. But I keep wanting something easier for me. I have tried a lot of different curriculum for math. I just haven't found one I like. We've tried: Singapore 1 (just didn't fit right), RightStart (jumped around from topics too much), MEP 1 (moved too slow for us, and I couldn't easily do the lessons each day with just one child), Rod and Staff 3 ( way way too slow and not challenging enough), CLE 3 (too much review and not challenging enough). Whew what a list! We didn't stick to any of these for the reasons I listed. So I just keep making my own stuff and using Miquon. This year I also got Hands on Equations and he has loved that. Anyways, I keep trying to find the one right program to meet all my needs. But I am thinking maybe I am best just using a bunch of resources and creating my own scope and sequence for the rest of elementary math. Then just get books to fit what I want to cover. Next year I want to spend time on fractions, decimals, percentage and long division for sure. Then add in a lot of challenging word problems. I really do like Gattegno for introducing concepts. Who creates their own s&s for math? Is this just a sure way to burn out? Last summer I spent a lot of time making my own sheets and problems. But I do spend a lot of time second guessing myself if I am offering enough challenge. Thoughts? Resources? Encouragement from anyone who does this too?
  19. Ds is almost 9. He reads wonderfully. He hasn't been tested as far as a level for reading goes, but can easily read NIV Bible, Harry Potter, and most books I set before him. His spelling has always been a struggle. I thought maybe because he has a few languages rumbling around in his head. He can spell in his second language very well, but it is very phonetic and straight forward. English is a whole nother story. Examples of mistakes he makes while free writing: fier for fire (he sounds it out as fi er) Famale for family Hatetd for hated I have suspected dysgraphia over the years. DH was diagnosed as a child, and ds has many other signs. He does not see spaces while writing, learning handwriting was almost the death of us. His penmanship is still awful, but slowly improving. We used R&S spelling for 2nd and 3rd. The price and ease pulled me in. We have also used Dictation Day by Day. DDbD has really helped with all the other parts of making a sentence, but spelling is still a struggle. We go over words that he will need help with before I dictate. Anyways I really haven't seen much improvement. Or at least not as much as I would like. I don't want to spend a fortune on spelling programs. Ds is an audio learner and a hands on learner. He has done well with hands on math using c-rods. I know AAS uses tiles to add hands on, but AAS is so expensive and has so many moving parts. I am willing to work in spelling, make my own stuff. But I need some direction on ways to make spelling hands on and audio. Or is there a great program for the struggler.
  20. Handwriting and spelling. They are the source of arguing and negotiation during our days right now.
  21. WTM does suggest memory work, but not like Classical Conversations does. Which is what most people picture when talking memory work. Memory work will depend on what your family's values are. I can share what we did to give you an idea. We memorized nursery rhymes, poems, Bible verses, whole Psalms, prayers, and lists. Our lists included things like Phonics rules, spelling rules (after reading well), math facts, grammar info, then lists of Greek gods and goddesses, etc. Not all of this fits into one year, it just adds on and changes over time. We go over memory work in the morning for about 5 minutes give or take.
  22. Most of my planning and buying is done already. Still some things left to think about. Math: Not 100% sure yet. Maybe continue with Gattegno, making my own worksheets, games, Hands on Equations. Or finding the perfect program all done for me. 🤣 Latin: Finish GSWL and start KGWL Greek Alphabet Language Arts: Pentime, Rod and Staff English 4, Rod and Staff Spelling, Dictation Day by Day, homemade copywork. Writing: Classical composition Fables Reading: CLE reading 4, and MP lit. guides History: Veritas Press you teach Bible: Veritas Press Science: not 100% sure yet maybe try MP science Extra: U.S. geography using trick geography. Piano, Art with a Purpose, swimming
  23. I remember reading on here about a book that did pre-cursive set to music. I think you followed the beat of the music as you wrote. Any one know what I am thinking about?
  24. I looked at a light unit for 3rd grade science. It looked really boring and basic. Maybe the higher grades are different? But for us I just needed to flip through my friends and know it wasn't going to work for us.
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