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  1. We have Rummy Roots and love it. We are a game loving family. Are there any more games that are good when learning Latin and Greek? We are starting to learn the Greek Alphabet next year and will continue with Latin. Any games to help learn the Greek Alphabet?
  2. I have family that is struggling with homeschooling. Mom doesn't sit and help much, and they very rarely get to a full week of school. 2 of the 5 in school are about 2 years behind. The other 3 are behind but only about half a year. But she also has chosen a curriculum that I am always hearing people are behind in, I think it is just so hard to keep up with curriculum that has a lesson for 180 days. Anyways, I have thought about this subject often. I firmly believe that homeschooling offers a child so much more than academics. And that is one of the reasons I have loved it so much. But it is also a LOT of work and really a full time job. And I think so many people come to homeschooling with the idea that each year can be like kindergarten. And I am alarmed by people I know in real life who are not prepared for higher grades. One mom I know has struggled with at the 4th and 5th grade level, but hasn't put any effort in to improve her own math skills. Kids have to want to be educated, and they also have to work. But there is a big difference between public schoolers being offered an education that kids don't work towards, and a homeschooler not being offered an education at home. That is the big difference I see. A kid at public school was given opportunity to learn, resources, experience. If they are at an awful public school there still is a teacher offering an education. But in some homes that isn't the case with homeschoolers. If a mom isn't teaching and offering an education that isn't the same as a child refusing an education. And most kids who have a limited world will choose occupations that are "easy" or don't need further education. It doesn't mean that is what they would have chosen if they had a different schooling experience. I know many peers who were homeschooled and have no desire to homeschool their own kids, or have no enjoyment of their time being homeschooled.
  3. Reading aloud to you would provide a way to check understanding, and pronunciation of words. If she struggles with a word she wouldn't be able to just skip it. And you could define it right then. We have have had success with memorizing poetry and Scripture. This brings in a lot of new words. We make sure all the words and sentences are understood before memorizing.
  4. I hate tampons. She could try a cup. It is a lot more comfortable, and then she would be set every time she goes swimming.
  5. I put my own together using lots of resources. The Scrambled 50 States game Professor Noggin geography of the US Trick Geography Poetry Atlas of the United States of America Wrap Ups of the States And flash cards
  6. This is what I think I had, but it was many moons ago and well I could be wrong. 6th- World Geography 7th- social science mix- a few weeks on each of the major ones (I think I could be so off on that) 8th- American History, I remember this class well and loved it. 9th- Government 10th- world history 11th- economics 12th- US history again I could be slightly wrong on the order those were in
  7. I have no laws where I live, but I track our days. In case I ever put ds in a school, or anything happens. And so I don't do too much or too little. I homeschool because of our mobile life we have chosen. But we are very academic minded, and I have a tendency to expect too much. It has helped me to slow down and see what we have accomplished. I count field trips when I count days. We have done on average 180 to 185 days a year. I don't count our summer learning, but we still do lots of field trips, reading, projects, art all summer long.
  8. Those ages are great because they have a firm foundation in English to help understand the grammar of another language. And if they are interested even better. There really is no right timing. Any age can learn a second language. Different ages just provide different experiences and outcomes..
  9. At the beginning of the month I was tested at a local university as they are studying this. 14 months out for me and I still have antibodies.
  10. We all love keens here! I love how we can wear the sandal to hike, beach days, bike riding, anything really. And then wash when they get stinky.
  11. We always have a read aloud going. Ds, 9 years old, will have reading all summer long. He always has a book going. I am allowing him to pick all his books this summer. We are taking two full weeks off. This year was difficult. The pandemic, lock downs, and isolation, as well as a move to a new country were a lot for our whole family. We need some time to just be. But more than 2 weeks wreaks havoc on our family structure, and ds just cannot handle months on end without structure. (Last summer I had no emotional strength to do school as we were in full lockdown, it was a disaster. But I didn't have it in me to be the one to provide structure when we couldn't even sit in the sun and breath fresh air! But this year we are able to be outside so we will!) We usually keep two days of school going most weeks during summer. But I am prone to drop school if another activity pops up. (Maybe because I have an only the social needs are important to me). I try for 2, but if we have a week with nothing we will do 3. This will include math, cursive practice, Latin, copy work or dictation, piano, and we will be working on Bible memory work. My thoughts this year are to rotate in some of the stuff we just don't always have time to get to- science and music appreciation and art. But I am still thinking through what summer will look like here.
  12. We had almost the same thing happen last fall with our school stuff. Sat in customs for two months and we couldn't get to it. Then it shipped back to Rainbow Resource. It was so annoying. The pandemic has done a lot to shipping and customs we have found out.
  13. I had my antibodies tested before giving plasma. They stopped in December taking my plasma (we were moving anyways). So I had mine tested at a local university doing testing. I still have antibodies 14 months out.
  14. Also, CLE feels very difficult to speed up, or skip unneeded things. R&S I find is very easy to skip lessons, combine or speed up through. R&S had several lessons on speaking proper English that my son didn't need because he has never struggled in that area. So we were able to just skip it.
  15. CLE feels like a lot each day. And it includes everything- penmenship, spelling, English R&S is very quick and easy to do orally or with only a little writing. This is just English. I have looked at CLE LA and just feel it is too jumbled as it spirals back around to topics. We like how simple R&S is.
  16. I think because of the pressure to go back to normal after the shot. The Bible says not having the mark will limit buying and selling (so being able to survive). People are worried. When things are out of control, it is easier to worry. This justifies the fear and uneasiness they are feeling to all the change.
  17. Is there a Latin prayers book that is not Catholic? We are not Catholic, we use the Common Book of Prayer. Is there anything like that in Latin?
  18. We have been working through GSWL this year and will use KGWL next year. I really have enjoyed how easy this has been to get started. Ds is loving it too. I want to add more listening exposure though. (We have used what the GSWL website has). I am thinking of books we know already in Latin? Bible? What resources have you all found to add in listening exposure? I really like the set up of GSWL- one new word and translation exercises.
  19. Yes, I have noticed far less anxiety on twaddle. And I think newer homeschoolers don't want so much prep work, or older books. Those that plan to homeschool from the beginning and are reading to their kids from the start might not be so intimidated from the AO booklist. But those just jumping in might see them as too hard, old, and advanced. Even I find some of their recommended books a little too much too soon.
  20. Easy, quick, and flashy are what I see. No prep so parents can work. And independent learning for the very young too. Also, I think some programs have gone out of style because they require leg work. HoD is great, but has a lot work for a mom to do and is hard for more than one guide to be used at a time. CLE seems to be popular too. I think because it is easy to self teach with.
  21. I see MB and TGTB mentioned all the time. Also, so many programs online with monthly payment. And so many of these have popped up in the last year!
  22. My dh needed a nose job. He doesn't snore now thankfully. But before that I would go to sleep first by about 2 hours so I was deep asleep before he was. Then he used a wedge pillow. And he slept on the couch. But he could be heard anywhere in the house it was that loud.
  23. Yes this too. Dh thinks I make too much of it.
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