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  1. I don't personally know anyone who has died. I have heard of friends of friends (3). But I personally know 3 people who died within a month of being vaccinated. 

    I know 5 who were hospitalized, but all survived. One of those has been hospitalized yearly for pneumonia (except 2020) many times so it wasn't a surprise that COVID turned into pneumonia for her. 

    When I see the numbers it just conflicts with what I have seen of those I know. Maybe different areas of the US are being hit differently. 


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  2. This is awful. This is why we needed to push back and fight executive orders years ago. This is not the authority or position that the president has. This needs to be left up to individual businesses to decide. This opens the door for far too much. We opened the door to executive orders and that will never go away. What comes after this mandate? 

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  3. I was looking at Memoria Press, and see that in 6th (I think) they offer memorizing Horatius at the Bridge. It looks like you can get a medal as well. 

    This has me thinking about adding a longer poem to memorize instead of many shorter ones. Does anyone do a longer poem? How has that worked out for your kids? My DS is 9, he does a lot of Scripture memory work. 

    We are doing American History this year. So I was thinking it might be good to try Paul Revere's Ride. But I feel that would be too long in its entirety, so maybe I would need to just pick part of it. 

    Any been there done that advice or thoughts? Are there benefits to learning a longer poem over several shorter ones? 

  4. I don't know if I am the only one feeling like the world is getting smaller around me. We live and homeschool internationally. Homeschooling provided a great way to take advantage of travel, museums, learning about the culture, and giving us a break from the foreign culture when we needed it. But now I am feeling like the season of travel and museums is over. So many restrictions are being put up. I have only parented overseas, this is all I know, and I have loved it for the most part. And this pandemic season feels never ending. I have so enjoyed all our field trips we have been able to take. But I had plans for so many more. We had a big trip planned for Egypt next year when we started ancient history again. But now I don't even know what next year will look like. We didn't do Auschwitz two years ago because I wanted DS to be a little older, but who knows if we will ever travel again. I had so many plans! Even in country travel is being restricted. So all the beautiful museums here might not even be an option. I don't want my days to just be stuck in an apartment. 

    Sorry just feeling very down. I have enjoyed how we have homeschooled these last four years, and it all feels like that season has ended. 

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    Is she looking at a specific University she has looked at the requirements? Because I have looked (I homeschool internationally as well) and most European Universities only want a diploma. That it doesn't need to be accredited. But if she has looked at specific ones that require that then it throws a wrench as it becomes more complicated. 

    Schools are accredited not curriculum. So going through a school would be necessary. A Beka, BJU have schools and both are accredited and have video options (which I believe are online as well). 

    Otherwise there is Potters School, Veritas Press to look into as well. 

    Does their sending agency offer an online school? Ours does, it isn't classical, but it is sufficient for those that need accredited and online. 

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