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  1. We have been doing GSWL and I have KGWL to do next. I like the looks of MP's Latin. We plan to do Latin until 8th grade. After KGWL should we move to First Form Latin or just go straight to Henle and take our time going through book 1? I know it is a high school level book, but it seems to move at a quicker speed. DS loved languages and is a natural at picking them up. I feel like FFL might move too slowly. Thoughts and experience? Other Latin programs to look at for 5th through 8th graders?
  2. I bought Fable to start this year for 4th. Looking through the Teacher's Guide it looks like the original author planned for the whole series to be finished in 9th grade. When looking through the MP website it looks like they schedule it out until 12th grade. Any experience with finishing it up in 9th? Is there a reason MP stretches it out? Our plan is to homeschool through 8th and then put DS in a school. Is it worth it to finish the series before putting him in a school?
  3. I am planning two years out. We have done Veritas Press for history and will finish that in 5th. I have enjoyed it a lot. Looking at their Omnibus though doesn't seem like what I want. There just seems to be too much too fast. I need a history overview for 6th through 8th grade. Ds likes to read. We should be able to do a lot of travel as well (if all goes back to opening up in two years 😂). So I want to be sure to spend a good amount of time studying Egyptian, Greek, and Roman history as we will be able to do a lot of travel to historic sites. Something project based on visiting places?
  4. Yes there are. I have lived in several. There are subgroups however, these subgroups are not far culturally from the main culture. Same religions, foods (only a few slight differences), dress is only slightly different (colors mostly), same gender roles. We stick out so much living in these places because people have NEVER met anyone white, or of a different faith.
  5. Eggs, avocado, and a few veggies (cucumber, tomatoes, etc.) Would be what I would try for a time.
  6. I like it in theory. In practice the stories were not that great, and getting around to it was difficult. It was one area that we dropped. If you are able to add another thing to your day, go for it. But the stories you can find elsewhere.
  7. Thanks deleted for privacy.
  8. Yes in laws. I have felt for a while it is more insecurity with their own kids being taken out on my ds.
  9. That's good. Thanks. I am not very confrontational. But this is what I need to say I think.
  10. This is the only family that my ds has problems with. I really am told by so many others that my ds is a joy to be around. Just had a Sunday school teacher last week tell me after church my ds is so great to have in class and she doesn't want us to leave in a few weeks. I know some moms can't see their children's errors, my ds has his areas. But he has never broken anything at their house. (Their own kids have broken two windows, and a wall). Her kids were not allowed at a mutual friend's house because they broke the screen on the screen door.
  11. Yes, it is newer! I forgot. It just feels older because it is so simple. No bells and whistles, get 'er done type of curriculum. And Keep Going with Latin is even newer.
  12. Gen X Since birth because a close family member. Outside of family member, when I was in junior high
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