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  1. They are also all on google books. I like using google books so that they are on my app to easily read.
  2. We have found studied dictation to be the best to cement spelling. We look at the sentences and find the rules of words ds doesn't know. Then I dictate the sentences. Afterwards we have used ABC and All Their Tricks to orally spell words (forwards and backwards) that have the same rule. And then state the rule again. I have been using Dictation Day By Day. I like how the words come up again and again. This spiral with words helps too. But because ds struggles with spelling I have also used Rod and Staff. It does a great job of working on rules too. I probably don't need this, but it feels like a safety net to have a traditional spelling program.
  3. Yes, bad form for a joke. I have several friends with grandfathers/fathers who were nazis. So maybe that shapes my view.
  4. Are they reading well? If so drop phonics. I haven't used AAR so I don't know about the readers, but if they are reading ok you can just have them pick out books to read from the library. WWE 2 will have copywork so just use that. We have not found vocabulary needed. I would wait and see how your weeks are going and about 8 weeks in see if you feel you could add something else in. It takes time to adjust so I would start off light and then add in and see if you are still getting to everything.
  5. I think I will try just a lit. guide and see how it goes.
  6. My experiences with children and languages is that this is an example of how children learn natural grammar. In other words age has everything to do with it from what I have seen. Ds' second language has different endings related to verb and direct object agreement. But all young kids struggle through this even if it is their native language. Just as English speakers struggle through plurals and am are is. Each language has a natural progression of common struggles all learners go through. But Memoria Press makes the argument that because we internalize English grammar it is better to work through the complexities of grammar in Latin. Internalization makes it hard to recognize and understand why. I can say in my own language learning experiences it is easier to understand what English is doing when you have to work through what another language is doing. But all but one language (beyond English) I have learned after I had grammar in school. And I did well in grammar. DH did not do well in grammar during school and he took a little longer to get the structure and grammar of our 1st language we learned together. But once he got it he internalized it. He doesn't know the grammar words to explain it, but he gets what words or endings do in a sentence.
  7. This is what Memoria Press says are the things still needing work on. Punctuation, captilization, phrases vs sentence. They do have an English grammar program, but it isn't in depth or made to be used without doing Latin as well.
  8. I have spent many years as an expat and around other expats. Nothing would change her struggle. The brain really really changes after having children. So many mothers have a hard time learning language.
  9. Can we have a discussion about having a base of English grammar before starting Latin or using Latin as the means to learn grammar? MP has a lot of articles about Latin being the means to learning grammar, and that you don't then need a lot of work on English grammar. But there are many people who say waiting until the child has a strong foundation in grammar is needed before beginning Latin. So what has been your experiences or thoughts about grammar and Latin?
  10. Anyone use MBTP? Thoughts? Can I just use a lit. guide? Or is it best to also have the social studies and science that connect? How open and go is it? How long will a lit. guide take?
  11. Got a lot of this done!!! I am feeling so ready to start the year. Still need to pick out recipes ds can learn to do. Few more field trips to plan- found a cool spot but need to figure out how to the get there.
  12. Last year we watched and loved Mythic Warriors and it fit great with our study of Greek Myths. Wondering if there is a great tv series or movies for middle ages, midieval period. Anything great for Beowulf? Vikings? Artists? What all have your elementary kids loved?
  13. Congratulations!! Thank you for the wise words too.
  14. I am thinking way ahead, but wondering who has given their children a bilingual diploma. How did you go about doing that? We are doing about 30% of our school work in ds' second language currently. He is starting 3rd grade this fall, and we plan in the future to have about 50% school done in English and second language.
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