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  1. This will probably be all over the place because I am about to have a nervous breakdown. We have been all over the place between Wayfarers, Biblioplan, and TOG, and it is making me a crazy person. I must decide what history curriculum to use and stick with it. I am down to choosing between TOG and Biblioplan for good. I have used TOG (LG) for a unit. I LOVE the "excellence" of it...however... reading the teachers notes isn't happening, and I am not sure it ever will. It seems like the teachers notes are what ties it all together, so this is a problem. I keep telling myself I will make the planning and reading the notes happen. But, I am not sure I want to commit to that for the next twenty years. And without the teacher notes, the reading list seems somewhat random. As for Biblioplan, I am worried that it is not as in depth for high school as I would hope. Somehow the idea of everyone using the same textbook, and the younger kids just not reading as far seems fairly shallow to me. Is this accurate? Is TOG head and shoulders more advanced than Biblio? In all honesty, I want the depth of TOG with the ease and time commitment of Biblioplan. I think my crisis is actually deeper than just this. I am torn between wanting absolute academic excellence, and wanting time for learning more practical skills and just being a kid. I don't want their entire childhood to be a pursuit of history knowledge...but I want them to have an excellent foundation. I would go with Biblioplan in a second if I thought that the highschool level was deep enough. But I'm afraid maybe it isn't. Any wisdom out there on which to go with?? Thanks.
  2. After posting this I realized it was a better fit for the general ed board. Sorry, I'm a newbie!
  3. Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I still need to check them out. In the meantime I found Singapore Math Live. It is a website with videos explaining Singapore Math U.S. edition week by week. I haven't actually watched any of the videos yet, but here is hoping!
  4. I am really struggling and would really appreciate any help. We are pretty committed to Singapore math. However, I have a very rough foundation in math. I am hoping to be the primary math teacher for as long as I can, but my husband is the backup plan. With that being said, is there any help besides the Home Instructor's Guide for helping parents to grasp the concepts? We are only in Primary Mathematics 1B and it seems like I already have to spend way too much time trying to figure out what the Guide is saying. I wish it was more scripted. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  5. I'm needing advice. We are really needing to get this decision made for several reasons. However, I am going back and forth terribly! We really like TOG, but I am worried about the work load for once we get to high school. Does anyone know around how many hours a day on average a child would spend on the rhetoric level with TOG (specifically for non honors credits)? I lean Charlotte Mason, and the idea of nonstop hours and hours of intense work at the rhetoric level is really intimidating me. But, I am not sure TOG has to be that intense. I'm wondering if we did just the basic credits in high school maybe it wouldn't be so much.....? Biblioplan scares me because it seems like maybe it isn't meaty enough for rhetoric. And while I don't want to consume my children with academics, I do want to provide them a really strong base. I guess I am wanting the best of both worlds, the lesser time commitment of Biblio, with the academic excellence of TOG. And, we tried Wayfarers, and it wasn't a fit :( Any advice?? I'm going crazy with this.
  6. Thanks, everyone! We are actually a long way from rhetoric level, but we are wanting to pick something and stay with it. We have already changed curriculums so many times, and we are just needing something that will carry us through. I am just trying to look ahead, and do my best to pick something that will hopefully work longterm. I have a couple other questions about TOG. I'm going to gather my thoughts and post again in a little bit, probably a new thread. Thanks, again for the help!
  7. I have heard over and over again how TOG is a buffet. I watched the planning video, and I get that no one should do it "all" but I am still not exactly understanding what that exactly means. Okay, there is the "primary resources" and then there is the "alternate or extra resources"....so is the idea that you will for sure do all of the "primary resources" and then only pick the "extra resources" that you choose? Or, when they say it is a buffet, are they including the primary resources in that list of stuff you can choose to do or not do? In other words, when planning is everything on the table for being cut, or only the extra resources? I hope that makes sense. We are in the process (AGAIN) of choosing between TOG and Biblioplan, and I am STRESSING. I want TOG, but I want it to be lighter. I know Biblioplan is lighter, but it seems too light for highschool. So, basically TOG is too much and Biblio too light. ACK! Thanks for any help!
  8. Would someone explain the difference between these two? I understand that they both teach basically the same phonograms. How do they differ structurally? Does LoE Foundations take one year, and LoE Essentials take another year? I actually have RLTL, and while I like it, we hit the spelling lists, and I am floundering with explaining the rules and things. I guess maybe I need a little bit more hand holding or something, I don't know. :( Thanks for any help!
  9. I love this idea. Going to try to remember it for the future when my kids are older. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Great! Thanks a lot. For some reason I had it in my head that there were several editions. Thanks again!
  11. Hoping this is the correct place to ask this question. We are looking to start Story of the World 1, but I don't know what the current edition is. Any help? I almost ordered the one on Amazon, but then I realized that might not be the most recent. How many editions are there? Thanks!!
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