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  1. The chicken pox vaccine is a highly controversial vaccine. It all depends on your doctor and what research you read/believe. My daughter received her first chicken pox vaccine and hadn't yet had her 2nd booster. She ended up getting SHINGLES!!! Turns out, according to some of the research, that's really common. Also, some research is showing that kids are now getting chicken pox when in their 20's now since their vaccine "wears out." The problem with this is that 1.) Shingles is VERY painful - worse than chicken pox 2.) If you get chicken pox when you're in your 20's, the rate of hosp
  2. My 5 year old daughter and I have been working through the 100 easy lessons book. It started off okay, although she never enjoyed it or looked forward to it. We've tried to mix it up with adding in some of the explode the code workbook (which she enjoys) and just plain old reading. She is successfully reading some of the Bob books and some other easy readers. I am in need of help though! I need a new phonics curriculum that will motivate her to enjoy learning of new phonics words. She seems highly motivated by reading "real" books like the Bob books or easy readers and she seems to enjoy
  3. Honestly, in my opinion - skip all of the curriculum. Just play play play - let the child follow you around and do whatever you do. When you go up stairs - count the stairs. When you set the plates on the table - count! Also, read read read! By 3-4 years of age, you can start getting into full chapter books with simple plots. No actual curriculum is needed - just have fun and enjoy your time together.
  4. What is OPG? Where do you find this? Thanks for the help!
  5. I am going to be homeschooling our daughter. She is currently 4 years old (December birthday) and we are excited about this new experience. She is eager to read. She's been writing for a year now - she spends all day asking me "how do you spell" and as I spell words to her, she writes them. It's a lot of fun! I will be attending a homeschool conference in a few weeks and am trying to decide on curriculum for next year. I was considering Sonlight, but have some concerns. The majority of the cost for Sonlight is reading books - books that we can easily get from the library. We spen
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