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  1. Thanks for these replies. Hmm...I'll have to look into that hyperactivity-antihistamine link. It's hard to say whether meds are the culprit, as he's been on them for over 2 years and he only just turned 6 and prior to that he had symptoms for a year which disturbed his sleep. He actually changed antihistamines about 6 months ago because I was wondering wether the one he was using might be causing restlessness, though there's been no improvement since he's been on the 'drowsy' one. Any suggestions how one would go about determining whether this was the problem? Not medicating him is it a real option - we did that for a time between medications and his symptoms are so severe his sleep is actually much worse without. As it is, his hay fever is still not even under control and eczema and asthma are starting to flare again- apparently they play off of each other. Um, how old was your child when you started GABA? I've never heard of it before but had a quick look into it. He could probably do get more excercise. He gets a good amount of outdoor play most days but seems to have boundless energy compared to other kids. I would put him in gymnastics every day if i could. We could probably do with an earlier wake up time, but we're currently stuck at 8:30 am. It's tough enough for us at the moment with the midnight sleeps...having a few meltdowns here and there but we'll slowly take it back. He slept around 11 pm tonight after a very busy day, so a bit of progress! yay! Thanks again for the support.
  2. Thanks, all. A lot to consider here. Funnily, I do have Ferber's book already! 😂 I'll have to think through all these suggestions. I'm sure it doesn't help that sunset is currently well past 9 pm here...but if we can make some progress during these summer months there is hope for the autumn. We have done audiobooks but he's a bit overexcitable- his current favourite is tigger fighting with a tablecloth in house at Pooh corner, which he likes to reenact loudly in bed! Underthebridge, yes, we do need to zero in on exactly how much sleep he does need and work towards a regimented schedule. It's getting there that is a challenge. He's just been moved up to the next swim level which mans he won't get home until 9pm that night! Sigh... Thanks again everyone. It's good to know we're not the only ones who have experienced this.
  3. No, it is not available OTC where we live, plus his paediatrician said not to worry, some people just need less sleep. Some parents who have had it on prescription have said it can easily backfire too. But anyway, it's not an option for us.
  4. My recently turned 6 yo is still awake and it is 11:30 pm where we live. This is a nightly occurrence, though sometimes he might be asleep by 10:30, 10 pm on a rare good night. My other two have been asleep for ages. I know he is tired because he was up until midnight last night and I woke him up at 8:30 this morning, plus he was a bit grumpy and tearful in the evening (he's fine now, showing no signs of tiredness, it's like his body clock doesn't have a logical rhythm). I do think he needs less sleep than most kids but he also struggles to relax and shut his brain off. I'm not sure whether we should try more to encourage sleep or throw in the towel and help him make the most of the quiet late hours. I am actually considering schooling him after my others are in bed, and in fact have occasionally let him read to me during this time. We do no sweets after dinner, have tried magnesium spray and Epsom baths, and he's even on an antihistamine that has a side effect of drowsiness. He swims on a Friday eve, and although that usually makes my others sleep soundly, it seems to have no effect whatsoever on him. Thankfully, he's a fluent reader and happy to read in his room for the most part other than running downstairs to get more books or coming to ask me random questions about the universe. Please, those of you with kids like this, give me your tips and advice for coping and/or solving this issue. If I don't respond today it's because I will have fallen asleep myself! 😂
  5. Thanks for all your feedback. I think we might need to look into the fan process skills book or see if I can find something similar locally. I wish I had known about it before! I do sit with him through it but I feel like I have to drip feed so much I have almost done the problem for him. Something that explains the 'how' a bit better will probably be confidence boosting for him, which we could really do with.
  6. We have just started using CWP 2 with my 7 year old who is halfway through RSM C. I have heard many RSM families say they supplement with this to improve problem solving. Some of the problems seem very difficult for him. The computation part is easy but the set up seems to stump him at times. This is obviously evidence that we do indeed need this supplement but I'm wondering if I've chosen the right level. He's 8 in June, very competent in computation, but not wholly confident. Should we perhaps have started with book 1? We are not in the US so it's not particularly cheap to purchase another book.
  7. Thanks for your replies. Yes, I think loading him up on resources of interest is a good idea. He's currently fanatical about deadly reptiles and carries his library book around the house. I'm thinking of getting him a BBC animal documentary series he keeps asking about. We have snap circuits but it's his brother's and he's not been allowed it, though he's always wanted to play - I often struggle with whether to buy educational toys for a particular child for this very reason...He does do Lego, playmags, marble run, Camelot jr, etc. Art is an area we could do a bit more with, he loves it and is very creative, musical too. Today he read the tale of Peter rabbit, the original, so I think his reading ability is a bit further than I'd realised too. I probably need to challenge him a bit more, it just hadn't been on my radar.
  8. DS2 is 5, 6 in April. We are fairly relaxed and a bit Charlotte Masony, so I've done little formal education with him. We've done a bit of RSM and he reads fairly well (ORT level 7, Arnold Lobel easy for him). We've done no formal reading instruction other than a few sight word flashcards (literally 2 minutes a few times a week for a few weeks). He started reading on his own a couple weeks after his 4th birthday. DD is 3, 4 next month. Reads Frog and Toad like a BOSS. I read my 5 yo a bedtime story the other night and she picked I up and read it to herself afterwards, perfectly. She is clearly advanced and reminds me a lot of myself as a child. I 'get' her. But it has been dawning on me that my 5 year old is quite gifted in his own way but because he is so different to me I haven't fully recognised this. Actually, he picked up reading much earlier and easier than my eldest (I put this down to being the second child and the fact that he never went to school so never developed confidence issues like my eldest did, which I'm sure is partly the reason). He started decomposing numbers on his own months before I started him on a math curriculum. He is also very intense and emotional, with difficult behaviour at times so I guess I have been more focused on meeting his emotional needs. He is very curious. This afternoon in the space of 20 seconds he asked me why do hoovers suck things up, how are airplanes made and what is metal made of...shortly followed by how does electricity work. I am becoming aware that he probably needs a bit more learning support than what I've up to now been offering, or that I at least need to be better prepared in the near future. I suppose I am looking for guidance on how to approach this type of learner. I feel confident with my daughter because she is so much like me, but would love to hear from parents with kids more like my son. Understanding the behaviours, emotions, etc., plus supporting the insatiable curiosity. (He's like the elephant's child! Lol) Thanks. Experiences and resources for further reading welcome.
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