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  1. For DD7, I'm hoping she gets into the free city summer camp through the lottery. If she doesn't get in, she'll be in Mom's DIY Summer Camp. The DIY summer camp will consist of : Swimming lessons (lottery, crossing fingers) Beach trips City zoos, aquariums, and museums Playground/sprinklers Street fairs and miscellaneous activities as they come up Library programs tba Her school usually assigns a summer homework packet so we'll have to factor that in. We're currently working on MM so we'll continue that and I'd like to try mixing in MEP with her also. We will continue read alouds apart from her independent reading. DD4 is too young for the free city summer camp. So she's automatically enrolled in Mom's DIY Summer Camp. We'll continue reading aloud and I'll start MEP reception with her. She'll be starting kindergarten next year. My plans are usually over ambitious as well. I'll be happy to accomplish half and not be a slouch all summer.
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