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  1. My current 9th grader is taking: Math: Algebra 2 with/Trig/Precal from Science: Apologia Chemistry with accompanying outside class English (American Lit.): Outside class with various supplemental materials at home World Geography: BJU Foreign Language: Biblical Greek (Basics of Biblical Greek by Mounce) with accompanying outside class Intro to Logic Fine Arts: Piano P.E. - Ballet 8 hrs. a week ACT Prep
  2. I've been considering this program for one of my sons who will be in 5th grade next year. He currently uses and is successful with IEW Intensive A, however he doesn't love it. It's probably because he's a more natural writer and its formulaic nature is a bit much. He's interested in Writers in Residence and liked the look of the sample I showed him. However, your comment is exactly one of the things I've been concerned about. I worry it will jump around a lot. I know "jumpiness" can keep interest levels up, but I wonder how effective it is for retaining information for the long haul? Have you seen any issues with retention of the material learned? What is it about the scoring sheets you do not like? With all of that said, my younger son (will be in 4th next year) really enjoys IEW and has progressed very well with it. I think it's because he isn't a natural writer and the formulaic approach takes some of the pressure off. He does not want to switch to Writers in Residence.
  3. What did you do to modify fix-it? Very interested in your ideas!
  4. Math: Algebra 1 - leaning towards Foerster's Algebra with Math Without Borders videos Literature: currently putting together a reading list (probably will only require her to read books from the list...nothing else) Bible: History: Grammar: Michael Clay Thompson's Magic Lens I Vocabulary: Michael Clay Thompson's The Word Within the Word I Poetry: Michael Clay Thompson's Poetry and Humanity Writing: Writing with Skill 3 Science: Apologia's Physical Science (will attend an accompanying co-op class twice a week) Foreign Language: BJU Spanish I (will attend an accompanying co-op class twice a week) Art: possibly palette knife painting (co-op class once a week), sewing, painting Additional co-op classes: possibly Money Makers class once a week (if not doing palette knife painting), Student Government Association once a week PE: 10 hours of ballet/pointe per week (Eek!), mountain biking, run 5Ks Music: Piano
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