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  1. Slache, you have a bit of a rowdy crowd on here!
  2. I did not know that the releasing of the data was unusually early, but I can see that now that you mention it. That’s a good thing. I am cautiously optimistic, too. Dr. Fauci used to say, “By the end of the year” but is talking more like 2021 now. I used to think, “How could we possibly wait for a year of observation?”, but now I think that it would be prudent to do so, and that we’re just going to have to tough it out until then.
  3. Yeah, they originally said that they needed to follow the vaccine participants for one year but now it’s less, I think. That make me nervous. Just like everything with this pandemic, it’s a balancing act. Safety vs desperate worldwide need.
  4. The more transparency about what exactly was cut out of the process, the better.
  5. The full 60 Minutes report highlighted other labs and approaches, too. It’s all pretty amazing! I’m glad that the gov. scientists and doctors got together with the private pharma companies, and worked together. I’m not even up on all of the things you mentioned above. It’s probably a relief and pleasure for all of them to be able to be so focused on the science, and freed from much of the red tape.
  6. I’m having trouble adding this comment above... The news about the vaccines for Covid19 is interesting to follow, and I share everyone’s concern that they are safe. These interviews might help us feel better about the process. The genetic code of the virus that was shared with the world was very helpful, but I noticed in the full 60 Minutes report that a lot of automation was used. What must have taken a long time to squirt into a test tube by a human, was not being done very quickly, in large numbers by robotic automation. I just realized that the NIH clip is from a political campa
  7. A while ago, we watched a report from 60 Minutes which explained how companies have been able to develop the covid 19 vaccine so quickly. I’ve included an excerpt here: There is also a video of Dr. Collins from the NIH testifying on what they did differently in order to get to a successful vaccine more quickly than usual:
  8. Not_a_Number, could you explain your theory again, and how it differs? Are you getting your info from the CDC? My state’s website is hard to follow. By the way, I clearly see that I cannot hold a candle to you and the others in your statistical analysis! I appreciate the determination to stick to facts and actual data. I’ll just try to follow along.
  9. The point is that some of you are justifying reporting people and businesses to the government because you assert that wearing a mask in on the same level as other restaurant and business safety measures. I am making the point that masks are a deterrent but they do not stop the spread of the virus. I am not an anti-masker. I am an anti-report-to-the government-like-an-informant-or-neighborhood-snitch.
  10. I’m not going to argue about masking or not masking. My city was very good about masking even when it wasn’t mandated, and I have masked since early March. They do help, but I’m not going to report someone, nor a business, to the state. Nor am I going to confront or lecture someone.
  11. The question was about reporting a business, not specifically a restaurant. My ds’s company was reported and he couldn't even think of who wasn’t wearing a mask, and it really wasn’t appreciated. The question then became, “Who reported us?” When he told me, it reminded me of when a neighbor, and I don’t know which one, reported me to social services when we first started homeschooling. I was like, “Who reported me?” It’s a bad feeling and experience and masks are not worth getting the state involved. As far as masks, our state made it through nearly five months without a mask mandate
  12. I just told my ds24 and dds20 about this and they said, “Ok, let’s do it!” They’ve been home doing their college classes remotely, and trying to walk around the block together each day. It’s a good break from the screens, but they’ll have to notch it up to get to a mile. I’ll try Leslie Sansone or the treadmill. My weight loss is at a plateau, but I’m not willing to cut my eating any more than I have, so I have to burn some calories with exercise if I want to start losing again.
  13. Google Fit is free and will follow you with GPS as you walk or ride. It will show you the map of your walk and tell you how long it is.
  14. It’s a common term here in the Rocky Mountain region for both an animal 😉 as well as a smuggler illegally crossing in from Mexico. The meaning is known depending on the context of the sentence, of course.
  15. No, I have not, and I won’t. Ratting out businesses to the gov. is too communist or Big Brother for me. If you don’t feel safe somewhere, don’t go there. Prior to our gov. mandating masks, he said many times that 80% compliance is sufficient to meet containment goals. It’s not necessary to have 100% compliance.
  16. If you are only talking about the policy, fine. However, you two also seemed to suggest that the poster upthread was foolish herself. If that was not your intention, my bad. Moving on, I’d actually enjoy hearing your thoughts about how to continue to deal with all of the different, devastating effects of the pandemic, assuming that we cannot continue on the current strategy forever. Honestly, the importance of the vaccines and therapeutics can’t be understated. Dealing with what to do while waiting, with no certain date in sight, is a real issue.
  17. No, it’s not still mandated here. We are definitely seeing some cracks and weaknesses in our medical staffing, facilities, access, and preparedness, including the reliance upon foreign sources for almost all of our supplies and medicines!
  18. Of course you’re “free,” but it’s not helpful for moving the conversation along in a more positive way. We’ve been having a good conversation here with just about everyone trying to be civil and gracious, even when disagreeing. Making ones point without insulting or putting someone down is basic manners, right?
  19. We’ve been talking about the difficulty of getting back to a sound economy and social situation all the while still having a sometimes-deadly virus in our midst. It’s not either one way or another; it’s some level of nuance, with a dance between risk and safety. Suggesting that someone’s being foolish isn’t helpful.
  20. Your last sentence sounds like a conspiracy in and of itself! Covid testing before procedures is standard now. If it’s an emergency room emergency, I imagine that they would treat the patient immediately and just assume that the person is positive for covid.
  21. Our state definitely mandated dentists and medical facilities close down except for emergency care. For quite a long time.
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