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  1. I have three siblings and two of us love, love, love to read; the other two don't really. They read useful things when they need to. My two dc never read for enjoyment until 8th grade or high school. Now, once again, they don't anymore! It comes and goes in phases.
  2. Also pay attention to what is draining energy from you. Do you need to make some changes in different aspects of your life?
  3. Nice to see you! Welcome back!
  4. Both of mine are going the community college-transfer route. Ds22 worked part-time and was able to pay for all of the undergrad classes at the comm. college for cash, no debt. He’s now at the univ. finishing up an engineering degree while commuting from home. It really depends on the quality of your community college. We have a good one. The financial advantages are a no brainer, imho.
  5. Here is some good economic news as reported on (Money magazine):
  6. No gloom and impending-doom around here. Everyone would be prudent, however, to build up a financial reserve and stay out of debt.
  7. Wow, that’s a lot of talking. I would post most often, but I dislike having to sign in every time I check in, which is usuallly daily. Did anyone ever figure out how to stay signed in? I’ve been on here for more than a decade, and I do miss all of those who were in on the conversations over the years but have moved on. I’m glad that all of you are still chatting.
  8. I con’t believe that it’s been three years ago that you made that post! It really seems like it was last year. Gads, time flies. I’m happy for you, and it gives me hope for my own life. My dc are in college, but they both live at home and commute in order to save money, so my empty nest has been delayed. I don’t look forward to the emptiness. I will take your lead, though, and search for something meaningful and fulfilling. Thanks for the update.
  9. Everything I know about Rosa Parks, I learned from the media. This thread is the first time that I’ve ever read that she was an activist. I am disgusted to learn that the whole story about her was a fake narrative.
  10. Looking back, I can see that I was sick because of stress. It must have been weakening my immune system. The main thing that our whole family does is to wash our hands when we come home.
  11. It was nice of you to check on him and his family, though. No harm done.
  12. Yes, LoriD,you are appreciated!
  13. The Shinto religion is not a major part of western culture, so westerners of any race are not going to “get it.” FYI, there are many, many, many, many non-white westerners.
  14. I’m sorry that it turned out to be cancerous. Gads. Hang in there. For others who may read this thread and wonder about mammograms, I wanted to point out that most (all?) mammograms are now digital, and use a “fraction” of the radiation of the old ones. I don’t have specific numbers, but it is lower. Most dentists have also upgraded to digital xrays as well.
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