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  1. indigo Blue, I could have written your original post myself. I did not think that codependency applied to me, but the more I learned about it, the more I could see it in myself. It’s not weakness, but extreme accommodation, uber sacrificial help, enabling, and self dislike/insecurity (this is my definition, so take it with a grain of salt.) There’s something about it that attracts abusive or just-not-good-for-you people. Just something for you to consider.
  2. OP, you were eating a lot of vegetables! It sounds like your body is telling you what it needs.
  3. We really like pre-assigned seats, so I’m not going to be able to side with you on this one.
  4. It is hard to wait for test results. I’ve said a prayer for you.
  5. Thanks, Lanny. I’m going to check this out a bit more since it’s fitness oriented. Normally, I would not do yoga because of its Hindu/New Age teachings and practices. I did not mind his personality. I’m happy for your wife.
  6. My dc took me to my favorite garden center and bought me a flowering bush that I’ve been wanting (can’t remember its name.) My ds23 also gave me a sweet note of appreciation. They both always give me a hung and a kiss on the cheek each day of the year so I’m spoiled!
  7. A parent warned the district of conditions within the school, and the potential for violence, and the executive director of the school sued the parent for defamation.
  8. This was in today’s local news:
  9. I always liked Mother’s Day, but I really started to enjoy Mother’s Day when I took control of the day away from the person in my life (narcissist) who always managed to make it into an over-the-top fake and awkward celebration. It’s now a very sweet and simple day, and I feel honored and extra-loved by dear sons. Now, Valentine’s Day is the one I dislike and wish would go away.
  10. I for one am glad that our leaders and their leadership does not include the wholesale and gross violation of our constitutional rights. We have a hate problem, and a total lack of civility in society. Everybody, and I mean everybody, needs to rachet down their self righteous acrimony and vitriol if we are going to have any hope of bringing about peace and safety for everyone.
  11. I was reading a book this week about minimalism, and I was thinking that I should either start using my drawer-full of stationery, or I should clear it all out and donate it. The problem is that most of the people I used to write to have passed away or lost their eyesight. I tend to text my nieces and nephew, and email or call my siblings and older relatives. I think that I’ll go through my stash today and write a note to my in-laws. I love stationery!
  12. He is risen indeed!
  13. I have three siblings and two of us love, love, love to read; the other two don't really. They read useful things when they need to. My two dc never read for enjoyment until 8th grade or high school. Now, once again, they don't anymore! It comes and goes in phases.
  14. Also pay attention to what is draining energy from you. Do you need to make some changes in different aspects of your life?
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