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  1. Check out It’s not free, but it’s very reasonable.
  2. That must have been so scary for all of you. Hang in there.
  3. I said that children are often that way. I did not state a judgmental absolute.
  4. It’s not fair to judge the residents as hateful, cranky old people who hate children. Children and teens are often noisy both inside and outside. Many are rude, disrespectful of others and property, and also taunting and harassing bullies. I don’t blame people for wanting to live in communities which are quieter, especially when they are feeling vulnerable. Many live in these communities because they can’t afford assisted living so this is the next best thing.
  5. It’s on the grandparents to move, unfortunately. If the HOA makes an exception for them, it loses legal standing in any future attempts to enforce the restrictions. Having grandchildren visit, or even babysitting one all day long, is usually tolerated, but 24/7 is just really outside of the intent of the 55 and older community. Our first home was a townhome with an HOA. Both my husband and I served on the board at one time or another. It’s a pretty thankless volunteer job.
  6. We went through this, and if you have video or witnesses just hold firm in your 100% innocence. The insurance companies play hardball, but in the end they know that they’ll lose in arbitration or in a trail.
  7. It sounds like you’re getting back on track. Good for you, and I hope that you have a satisfying 2020.
  8. I appreciate seeing this thread each month because it makes me realize that I’m not taking time to do the creative things that I love to do. I get way too chore oriented, and waste too much time online. I’m going to really try to finish the blouse I started to sew last summer.
  9. I had some good results (didn’t stay with it) by doing the 5:2 method. Five days a week eat normally (try to be healthy) and then only eat 500 cal on the other two. I think that the two days are supposed to have two days in-between, but Tues./Thurs. worked better for me schedule-wise.
  10. I would take getting rid of things off the table for now. It's overwhelming her. First, talk about setting up their place with their favorite things. For instance, "What's your favorite mixing bowl? Can I put it in the kitchen for you?" Take it out of the box and put it in the kitchen. Consolidate what's left into fewer boxes divided into "kitchen", "bathroom", "livingroom", etc. Look at a box with her (peer in only) before taping shut, and ask if anything is an heirloom. If so, take it out, get the story, and pack into an "heirloom" box. If no heirlooms, seal the box, label as "no heirlooms" and "save", then stack it somewhere. Then say, "We'll store what you'd like to hang onto, but are there item(s)/a box that you don't care about that I could get out of your way for you?" In a year, open a box and ask, "Is there anything you'd like to have out?" If so, take it out without comment and ask her where she'd like for you to put it." Reseal the box, but remove the "save" without her seeing you do so. That will let you know that you've gone through the contents with her twice. Ask if you can get it out of her way. If not, restore.
  11. We dropped cable many years ago and got a good antenna that sits next to the t.v. We pick up about 40 channels, including local news. i don’t know how long it will last, but it’s good for now. We check out movies from the library. Our kids know how to move between both worlds. They are unfazed by using dvds, but also stream things on their laptops and cell phones. We all still enjoy the movie theater experience. The theater upgraded to recliners and reserved seats and it’s hugely popular and a lot of fun. Someday we may get a streaming service, but there just really isn’t that much to view that’s worth paying a monthly fee to see. We will always have a landline for as long as the phone company offers the service. The clarity is far superior, and my dh can’t misplace it somewhere! We also have a family member who could possibly need emergency medical care so the always-connected landline is a must. I see society being an interesting hybrid of things for awhile yet. I think that Baby Boomers are tech savvy, and the oldest of this group is 75 yrs old. Those older than 75 have a harder time using all of the tech, so as they pass away over the next 10-15 years, we’re libel to see more and more tech, without accommodation. Social service clubs like the Elks Club, Lions Club, Shriners, and Kiwanis are dying out. People just don’t gather together much like that anymore. Social interactions are online more and more. I’m 57, and I’m always the youngest woman at Bible studies and women’s meetings and socials at church.
  12. This vlogger on youtube did an easy treatment that made it look like frost or snow on the tree. Here's a link in case you want to have a look:
  13. It looked and felt more like Christmas around here, but we made it to a gathering of three other families. It was a wonderful meal, and we enjoyed catching up with everyone.
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