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  1. After watching a couple of people online slowing work, and succeed, at losing weight and decluttering, I was motivated when one vlogger said, “Your life could look totally different a year from now.” One big change in my thinking was that I stopped beating myself up mentally and accepted progress rather than perfection as success. I determined that if I made enough changes so that I could lose one pound a month, I’d be in a better place in a year, and that seemed to break the “stuck and can’t lose weight” mode I had been in for years.
  2. I’m trying to take it in stride since I’m not in danger of flames coming anywhere near me; but, I find myself increasingly cranky that I can’t open the windows and enjoy the beautiful summer evenings.
  3. The article states that it is in comparison to average daily rates.
  4. No one was saying that it was or wasn’t a really well done movie, whatever that means. It’s what they were having 11 year olds doing in the movie that was the problem.
  5. I don’t know about that, but my mom kept our canary’s cage by a window. Our bird would sing to the other birds it would see flying around outside.
  6. Yeah right, 🙂 It seems like we are hopelessly suspicious, and thinking that there is a conspiracy on the right to downplay numbers, or on the left to artificially inflate them. In this case, I just checked and our rate is down to 2.87% which is more in line with the J.H. number. I don’t know why the gov. said that it was so low. It could be that I misunderstood him. If I can find a clip, I’ll post it an see what you all think.
  7. Our governor said a couple of days ago that our positivity rate was about 1%. J.H. has it listed as 3.17%, or 3x as high. ETA Just saying that numbers are off here, too. Just looked, and the rate is down to 2.87% according to out state health dept. so it’s in line with J.H. I don’t know why the gov. said that it was so low. Maybe it wasn’t the positivity rate, maybe he was referencing the number... what’s it called... that shows the replication rate? I don’t think that that’s the right term.
  8. You will probably have to be the one to host a weekly game night, or something like that. The regular contact helps to build a social group. For my dc, the friendships have last through college and they are now standing up for each other at weddings! Focusing on finding interesting things to do helps, and makes life more fun with others with the same interests. ETA Neither my husband nor I have any close friends from school. My siblings each have one, close friend, and all are either a grade school or high school friend. Close friends are rare.
  9. You’re right, it’s not the Tatum one.
  10. No, the end does not justify the means. I’m not going to give them kuddos for some kind of public service.
  11. The dance world is just not something I’m familiar with. It sounds like it’s terribly sexualized, too. What is wrong with parents?
  12. It seems that young people and even children have seen so much sexual content via their cell phones that it is probably something they see a lot. In this case, though, it’s the adults who know better who are the object of the protests. Our society should not allow directors, producers, and movie platforms to profit off of child sexualization. Their ad campaign really hyped it to entice a certain type of person to see the movie.
  13. That is certainly a double standard, and you should call them out for their hypocrisy.
  14. No, no no. It is not common in conservative religious communities. TLC is known for setting up fake, staged “reality” situations.
  15. I think that the MeToo movement has activated more pushback against the status quo of how girls and women have been treated. People are strongly protesting children being used sexually in a movie. In this era of protests, I say more power to them.
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