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  1. That’s a good, general sewing class that will definitely get you started. Good for you.
  2. Can you shed any light on what it’s like to have a bone marrow biopsy? I’m asking for someone who’s supposed to have one but is a bit afraid. I figured that someone on here might have some experience with the procedure. I think that the doc is just numbing the area.
  3. We bought the Samsung Galaxy J7Crown for $99 at Walmart, and use the Straight Talk prepaid card which runs on the Verizon network. Haven’t had any problems.
  4. The only thing that I need to get done is the grocery shopping. Last week I only managed to come up with three dinners for the menu. I managed to but together and prepare four more from the freezer and the pantry, but I prefer to have all of the meals planned out. I used to wing it every day, but about 2-3 years ago, I started to plan a menu. I do much better with a plan and some recipes.
  5. Earlier this summer, I finished four Christmas stockings that I started sewing a year and a half ago! I’m now working on a button down blouse that I cut out a year or two ago (see a pattern of procrastination here?) I’ve been a bit intimidated by it, but I powered through today and got a good amount done.
  6. How about a monthly thread?
  7. That was a pleasure to read, and I’m happy for you.
  8. Driving to Mt. Rushmore from Colorado is convoluted. The area around Mt. R looks just like the Colorado mountains, but without the really high altitude. Hiking around Mt. Rushmore isn’t strenuous at all, especially if you’re used to Colo. It was one of our favorite vacations. I thought that Crazy Horse was over-priced, imho. I was really not happy when I read the caption on a photo in the museum that admitted that the sculpture is not really Crazy Horse because they don’t actually know what he looked like! It’s a huge museum with a somewhat small Native American collection. We stayed in a hotel with its own indoor waterpark. Coming back to the hotel at the end of the day and being able to swim and play was a huge hit with our kids, and we had fun, too. We did a small cave tour that was pretty cool, as well.
  9. That’s so sad. Please accept my condolences.
  10. Wow, I’m impressed. Anyone who can get her act together in August regarding anything pertaining to Christmas has my vote for president.
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