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  1. I think that the Hobby Lobby one still gets my vote, by far. :)
  2. I was planning on finishing my blouse in Oct., but I didn’t even spend one minute sewing! I have to rip out a seam and I don’t want to. I know that it won’t really be a big deal, but there it sits, untouched.
  3. I didn’t see your original thread, but loved this update. It looks like it was a really classy and beutiful reception, and it was interesting to see the quantities and foods you served.
  4. hWe have a second snow storm coming in today. We just got 6” on Sunday, and now another 6-12”. I’m going to try to get out to the store for dog food. Gads, I forgot it while grocery shopping last Friday, and now she’s out. The store is only a mile away, so I’ll get over there before it gets too bad. I’m following the Flylady cleaning system, so I need to clean the floors in order to finish the Weekly Home Blessing. Then 15 min. of extra work in the ETA Made it to the store and back. 17F/-8.3C
  5. has always been a safe place to watch youtube videos that have been pre-screened, gathered together, and listed in this one spot.
  6. DS had a lot of homework for that class. The community college he went to was a feeder school for two very tough engineering schools.
  7. I had no clue. My dc did, though, and informed me that it was a Simpsons thing. DS19 showed me the clip on Youtube. It’s not what I was expecting and it did make me laugh.
  8. I was able to stop constant weight gain by using a 5:2 diet. Two days a week I’d only have a smoothy and then water the rest of the day. The actual 5:2 diet says to eat no more than 500 cal. on those two days, but I just fail at counting calories so I figured that the fruit/veggie smoothy was good enough.
  9. It takes me forever to finish a sewing project! I’m really, really going to try and finish the blouse I’m making so that I can have something to show you all for Oct. I think that I’ll try to make a mug rug after the blouse is done. The hedgehog one upthread is adorable!
  10. The movie was such a disappointment. It was as if all of the growth the characters and relationships had gone through by the end of season 6 had been forgotten. It seemed shallow and cliche as if it had reset back to season one. I guess that in trying to appeal to a broader audience they kept it simple so that non-fans of the show wouldn’t feel left out?
  11. That’s a good, general sewing class that will definitely get you started. Good for you.
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