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  1. Score for Charlotte Mason Education: 20 Score for Waldorf Education: 10 Score for Traditional Education: -21 Score for Unit Studies Education: 12 Score for Montessori Education: 18 Score for Thomas Jefferson Education: 3 Score for Unschooling: 10 Score for Classical Education: 10 That seems fairly accurate. I was a little surprised the traditional education was that extreme, but I can see why from the questions. I also don't have a clue what Thomas Jefferson Education is.
  2. 1. Trying to work through the summers. I really wanted to school year round, but it never worked for us. 2. Not giving my kids enough independence. When I had a bunch of little ones we followed more of unit studies approach and I spent too much time trying to combine them. Also to go along with this, at that age, almost all the outside activities we did were together and they needed more time away from each other. 3. Finding a balance between outsourcing classes and doing it ourselves. This happened as we realized the first one and I still struggle with it. My kids tend to love them and it
  3. Coming out of my long time lurking because I couldn't ignore this thread.. :leaving:
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