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  1. We moved from Hawaii to the Norfolk area last summer and have been adjusting to the cold. We're getting our coldest weather now. We've rediscovered the blessing of warm outerwear and hot chocolate when we come in from the cold! Have your DH bring some heavy "traction" with him in the car. My sister always gets big bags of dog food and/or cracked corn for wildlife and carries them in her trunk. The extra weight in the trunk helps w/ traction and if she gets stuck in the snow, she can use the corn/kibble for traction on the road and not feel guilty about littering because the local wildli
  2. Okay, I've finished watching the episode. We recorded it, and it took us 2 nights to watch it because DH has to get to bed early so he can get to work while it's still dark in the AM. My prediction is that this season will be like a 70 hour version of the show "24", w/ them trying to gather everyone up to get them back to the island. Gotta say that Hurley showed some smarts (or at least I thing his choice was smart) when he ran outside. Nice to have you back Remudamom! I've been absent recently, too. 2 kids both shareboarding horses... we spend a lot of time at the barn.
  3. We bought a drop-leaf Ikea table about 19 years ago, and have moved it 8 times! It was our dining table until we got something more "posh", then it became my sewing/craft table. It's still really sturdy and in great shape other than where dh, in a moment of genius, drilled a hole in it while trying to show the kids how to drill a hole in a piece of wood he'd laid on top the table!:confused: When we needed a classroom table we didn't hesitate to go to Ikea. We found another birch drop-leaf table, but this one has 3 drawers on each side of the middle (main) section of the table. That giv
  4. Yankee Candle.com When it was looking like my order wouldn't arrive in time for gift-giving, they sent me another shipment, express, at their cost... no hassles, just wonderful, friendly service.
  5. What qualifies as SW Virginia? And how are the housing costs in that area?
  6. We took a trip back to the mainland this fall and drove from Seattle to near Sacramento. There were parts of both Washington and Oregon that interested me. But as one pp asked, we are interested in being at least close enough to a military base to allow for once a month commissary shopping, etc.
  7. :grouphug: You have my sympathy and also my thanks for giving him a loving home and the support that he deserved. Pets are a gift... sometimes we only have them for a short time, but they touch us all the same and leave us with a little more depth in our hearts.
  8. Yeah, we have friends who live in SE Virginia and while they'd love for us to live close to them, neither DH nor I can see ourselves being comfortable in that area.
  9. We have a longer-haired dog. How do roombas do w/ that kind of hair?
  10. :lol: my dad used to work developing paper pulp... as a kid we hated drives down south because Dad would suddenly stick his nose in air saying "I think I smell a pulp mill!" and we occasionally had to take a detour to determine precisely whose pulp mill it was! Those things stink in a major way! But hey, my sisters and I can all pick out the odor of a pulp mill from miles away now! ( And steer clear!):D
  11. As I mentioned in my "Worst Place" posting, dh is nearing retirement from the military and we still have no real idea where we would like to live. We know a few places that wouldn't suit us, but no place that would be a truly good candidate. I'll post our basic criteria and perhaps some of you can make a few suggestions for us. 1. A change of seasons (preferably w/ some snow, but not buried under it!) 2. I don't want to be constantly dealing w/ small-minded, bigotted people. A poster on the "Worst Places" thread summed it up perfectly for me... I, too, am driven to tears by some of t
  12. Bowling Green, OH... weirdest year of my life, I think... when we moved cross country a few years ago, DH insisted on swinging through BG just so he could see why I dislike it so much! Flat, boring, and oh, did I mention that some local kids decided to go out joyriding, taking potshots at co-eds w/ BB guns?! I was one of their targets. After that year, I decided to go to school in Philly, where, while it definitely has it's run-down neighborhoods, at least I would be expecting the need to be watchful. And yes, I agree w/ the pp about Philly, too, so my preferring Philly to Bowling Green
  13. Okay, I gotta admit that while we try to pay off the balance every month, I haven't been as good as I'd like the past 3 months. Our interest rate has also increased and I'm in a quandry... I like using the card and getting the cash back, but if I can't get my act together and pay on time, then the interest more than cancels-out any cash back. It's not that I'm really buying stuff I can't afford, I just find myself being postponing making the payment. So there is a part of me that recognizes my current lack of discipline and resents the bank hiking my rate. That side of me says "get out th
  14. We should be moving back next summer. I hope to be pleasantly shocked by the lower costs. I keep cautioning dds that winter on the east coast will be VERY different from here in Hawaii where they are riding in t-shirts and at most are complaining about the rain! One day I was wondering where I picked up the habit of really "cuddling" w/ the horses as I groom. Then my sister reminded me that all through HS and college I was working at barns in the NJ winter where the only source of warmth was the horse!
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