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  1. I am seriously looking into Fusion Science for my daughter for next year. I keep reading in reviews that the online component is difficult to set up and use. For those with direct experience with it, what makes it hard? Is it a just a learning curve that takes some time to master how to use it? Is it time consuming or not intuitive? I am trying to decide if it's worth it for me to give it a shot.
  2. I dont have anything to help with the all over the place language arts struggles. Just know you aren't the only one. Lol!
  3. For my daughter who will be 2nd/3rd grade age (her birthday is either right before or right after the cut-off for local schools depending on the district) I have tentatively planned: Math: Keep rolling with Singapore most likely wrapping up 4b and moving on from there as she needs, Prodigy, and games to keep facts fresh LA: Keep plugging along with AAR and AAS (probably wrapping up 3 and making a good dent in 4 for the former and finishing up 2 and starting 3 with the former), Bravewriter Partnership Writing, readings to go along with history and geography, HWOT, Growing with Grammar
  4. My daughter enjoys Fly Guy, Frog and Toad, The Princess in Black, and Amelia Bedelia.
  5. We plan to do a daily phonics lesson until OPGTR is done then daily AAS1 Daily xtramath Daily free reading Daily handwriting/copywork And 1 day a week each of geography, writing, science, Beast Academy, and Latin
  6. I spell the words DD doesnt know on the top of the page and if she is missing or replaces a word that doesn't change the meaning I have her reread the sentence(s) she wrote and tell her to look for what is different from what I said and to fix it.
  7. I tried it for myself last year and it didnt really help my allergies much but disnt seem to effect my anxiety.
  8. Allergy meds are AWFUL for both me and my daughter when it comes to anxiety. I have yet to find anything that works and, honestly, the allergies are easier to suffer through than the anxiety that the meds cause.
  9. Thanks! I was thinking Brave Writer Partnership in Writing, WWE and AAS.
  10. I am strongly considering using MCTs Island level with my daughter next year. My question is, what has everyone used with it to make a full langauge arts schedule?
  11. Usborne has some super fun math books.
  12. DD is a young 1st this year and we have completed WWE1 and are 9 weeks in to WWE2. She loves it but WWE1 was very easy for her. She now has to think and concentrate to summarize versus simply giving 1 thing she remembers about the passage. I have been making up my own dictation that covers the same writing concept as the their sentence but uses her spelling words to help reinforce them. We also have an ever growing list of books to read thanks to the great selections.
  13. O think Growing woth Grammar fits your criteria very well.
  14. Writing the troublesome words ahead of time worked well. She did great. Thanks :-)
  15. Thanks for all the ideas!I figure we will have to slow down at some point but I want to wait until we naturally hit that wall in narration. She learns in spurts so I want to take advantage of her eagerness. Even if we use the passages JUST for that it is worth it foe me. I definitely get that it is not about spelling but she makes it that way when she get anxious about spelling. I like the idea of writing the words she will struggle with out for her. I think that might work well. She can hold the whole sentence in her head and get most of the mechanics down so it might be an appropriate accomm
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