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  1. My dd9 loves Halloween and always wants Halloween books from the library. Your son is not alone. :)
  2. Oh, yeah, I read that last year. LOVED it.
  3. I'm only half way through City of Bones. I'm so bored! I need to find something else to read.
  4. I see you started the group. :hurray: Heading on over now to join up.
  5. I was thinking we needed a social group as well. I'm definitely in. :D
  6. It's Okay, That's Love [edited to remove picture] That episode was... BUT THE PREVIEWS FOR THE NEXT ONE!!!!! [edited to remove picture] I really enjoyed Marriage, Not Dating. Fated to Love is just too cute. I adore Gun. The last episode should be up tonight. I hope it will be, anyway. I can't believe it's over! [edited to remove picture] I haven't heard of Can Money Become Love, so I'm adding it to the list. Hm... Not finding it. Is it Can Love Become Money? I found that one. I haven't seen Incarnation of Money or Big Man, so adding those, too. LOL I've got too many going right now, too. Especially since full school schedule has started back. I hope you like It's Okay, It's Love. I can see watching it again just to marathon it. I think I would get the nuances of some of the character arches better after a second viewing without having to wait a week in between.
  7. So I was all ready to jump in and reply to posts and eveything last night, and the power went out. Ahhh!!!! I LOVE Bride of the Century (Hundred Years Bride)!!! Can you guess why? :tongue_smilie: I don't know that I'd call it a train wreck, though. Well, maybe the last few episodes. I never understood why she had to, um how to say without spoilers, do what she had to do towards the end. Also, how they ended up with any children when every time they were in bed they were fully clothed from the neck down. I mean, come on! I know Hong Ki has tattoos, but a turtle neck every time?! :lol: I know it was freezing 'cause it was the middle of winter, but geeze, can't they at least invest in a couple of space heaters for scenes like that? LOL You just noticed that the other members were there? LOL Yeah, I'm not gonna lie, I had no idea either when watching it. I found out when I was watching a MV reaction video and one of the girls said something about the background people being the other WINNER members. Eat Your Kimchi is so funny. I'll have to go see their latest Music Monday vid. Oh, gosh. I know we are in for some pain with It's Okay, That's Love, but I don't know if I can handle it. I'm going to go right now and watch it before I get the girls up. Hold my hand? :crying:
  8. HYSTERICAL!! I could hardly breath while watching. You weren't kidding about his eyebrows, either. They were a character all on their own! I'm sitting in the car waiting for dd11 to get out of her art class. Dd9 is in the back with her headphones on belting out Fantastic Baby at the top of her lungs. LOL She actually says a lot of the Korean parts pretty well.
  9. I like their BOF parody, too. Big Bang is just awesome all around. I've been following your Korean board on Pinterest for ages! I just started following a few of your other boards, too. I'm Michele B there, and Hong Ki is my avitar. Have you been enjoying Temptation? I haven't started it 'cause the premise leaves me feeling a little icky. Thoughts?
  10. Oh, wow. Glad I read the spoiler. I don't see me being able to watch that one at. all.
  11. Sorry, not sorry. *evilgrin* YES! We so need to become friends in real life so we can spaz out together!!!! Everybody I know IRL thinks I'm crazy. I'mma PM you. And add you as a friend here on WTM. Believe it or not, we do actually have school during the day. LOL Now I'm going to watch the video. Oh, and is that you on pinterest? I can follow you there, too. I'll send you a link to me, too, if you'd like to follow me. :D
  12. Oh, gosh. I will not go re-watch past dramas on Viki for viewer comments. I will not go re-watch past dramas on Viki for viewer comments. I will not go re-watch past dramas on Viki for viewer comments. I won't, I tell you! Seriously, I need more hours in the day. Or to not need sleep. That would help. That was hysterical! LOL OK, I'll look WINNER TV up on Youtube. Great performance by GD, as always.
  13. I like the behind-the-scenes montages at the ends, too. It's nice to see everyone working on the drama and having a good time. Definitely a good reminder that they are actors, and not those horrible people in real life. At least, we hope they aren't! I'll be 38 this month. Yeah. I understand about seeing them as adorable kids. Sometimes I have to remind myself that they really aren't kids, but men in their mid-20s. My aunt and uncle are 12 years apart, and I use them as my benchmark. Oh, he's only 9 years younger than me? My aunt and uncle are 12, so no problem! Hong Ki's 14 years younger than me? That's only 2 more years than my aunt and uncle, so totally doable! :smilielol5: I completely get what you are saying about swearing that GD looked like a little boy, and then didn't. ;) I'm glad it's funny. I'm always afraid I'm going overboard with posts and annoying everybody. Like, I'm laughing away, and everyone else is: :toetap05: would you just stop already? Big and the infamous umbrella. I hate that umbrella. I haven't seen Lovers in Paris, so thanks for the heads-up. I'll steer clear. I didn't know Kdramas or Kpop existed until I started reading this thread back in January. ALL the songs are new to me, so I'm really enjoying current comebacks, and songs from years ago. Who knew saying "Sorry" could be so fun? Don't feel bad, Moon, there isn't one actor/idol yet that I can call Oppa. It's so sad. WAIT!!!!!!!! I just looked up Yoon Sang Hyun. OPPA!!!!!!!!!!!! [edited to remove picture] Thanks for sharing the videos. That last one looks like it would be a lot of fun to dance to. I can see why it's like Thriller. Plus, it would be a lot easier than learning how to dance to Growl... [edited to remove picture] I'm just not that limber any more. And since you brought up EXO, I must post a gratuitous Kai pic. [edited to remove picture] That jaw, though... Thank you for telling about this. I will put it on my never-to-be-watched-ever list. I would not be able to contain the rage at bad guys winning and a mediocre ending for the heroine. You're mean. I don't like you anymore. Just for that, you get a lip bite. [edited to remove picture] What I want to know is, when are these companies going to realize that the US is more than just New York and LA (and sometimes Chicago and Dallas)? I mean, I understand having concerts in large cities, but what about Atlanta?? What about us in the southern states? It is much to expensive to travel to New York or LA for a concert, but I can drive to Atlanta in a couple of hours. And what's with the World Tour business being China, Japan, and Taiwan? LOL Oh my gosh! Big Bang's Secret Garden parody!!! SMEEEELLLLL!!! :smilielol5: My favorite part: [edited to remove picture] OK, I'm going to have to start watching WINNER TV. Can you share where you watch it?
  14. I found this for you! I still think you should watch Surplus Princess, because it's just all sorts of awesome pop culture references.
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