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  1. DS also did the Bravewriter class and found it helped and was enjoyable.
  2. I think it depends on the policy of the local high school. I think the high school can choose to allow partial enrollment or not. In answer to the other question about public school students having access to the funding of the full 30 credit hours- yes I think they can choose to use the full amount minus the credits of the high school classes they are taking (1 HS credit = 3 college credits).
  3. When ds went through the process of applying to CCP last year as a homeschool student who was part time enrolled in the local public high school, he was told that he would be considered a public high school student and would qualify for the full 30 college credit hours (minus the credit hours he would be taking at the local high school). So if you child is interested in taking a class at the local school, this might be an option to qualify for the full amount of credit hours. Hope this helps.
  4. My DS (in OH) has been studying several subjects this year with the intent of taking the AP exams for the subjects in May. We didn't get a syllabus approved by the College Board, but have followed the syllabus of several of the courses that are given as examples on the College Board web site. In researching AP related info on the Forums the consensus seems to be no approved syllabus = no AP designation. However in looking at the Ohio Department of Education documents on the ODE website I found repeated reference to allowing designation of AP on a transcript if the AP exam was taken and the student received a score 3,4, or 5. These documents were in reference to a credit flexibility option (testing out). Has anyone had experience with this - the College Board allowing AP designation based on the exam scores? Thanks in advance for any insight you might have on this. References "The College Board will allow the AP subject area to be listed on the transcript if a student in Ohio meets either of two conditions: a) takes an authorized AP course; b) scores 3 or better on the associated AP Exam. from document https://education.ohio.gov/getattachment/Topics/School-Choice/Credit-Flexibility-Plan/Credit-Flexibility-Guidance-Documents/Advanced-Placement-Exams.pdf.aspx "We just received some guidance yesterday from the College Board on that point. If you use the AP test as a test-out instrument, it must be given in May when all the other AP tests are given. If students score a three or higher on that test, then they’re eligible to receive that AP credit." http://education.ohio.gov/getattachment/Topics/School-Choice/Credit-Flexibility-Plan/Credit-Flexibility-Web-Conference-Series/Audio-Transcript_08_17_10.pdf.aspx
  5. My ds is using Student Study Guide for Biology (ISBN-13: 978-0321501561) for his self study of AP Biology along with the Campbell book. It seems to be very comprehensive with good review questions for each chapter. Best wishes for your daughter and her biology journey.
  6. Yes, that is correct - he would get credit, but p/f listed as grades with no effect on GPA. I had not thought about being able to send in a homeschool transcript as well as the public school transcript. I just assumed that because he would get credit on the public school transcript, that it would be the only one accepted. I was told about the pass/fail for homeschool classes by someone higher up in school management than the GC.
  7. Would it be detrimental to college admissions chances for a home-school student to be re-enrolled in public school and take pass/fail grades for all his home-schooling classes for sophomore year with the exception of two classes (ps and college)? The Situation: My son has been home-schooling for the past year. It has been a good experience and things have gone well. There are big changes in Ohio law regarding post secondary enrollment - a new program called College Credit Plus. The program is terrific and sounds like it will be a great benefit to many students, providing up to 30 credit hours per year funding at any public college where students qualify for enrollment. The only downside is that there are limited funds for home-school students, from my understanding- very limited. Due to how the funds are allocated it is unlikely that ds would receive funding. We were planning on having him utilize the previous post secondary program where he probably would have received some funding. Public school students will receive all the funding they request with the new College Credit Plus. So, we have considered re-enrollment in public school. The public school has always been very helpful and I understand that they can only give pass/fail. I should say he has been taking a class at public school this year and is planning on taking two classes there next year.Also took a college class this year self pay. Ds is a very academically oriented student with PSAT scores that might put him in the running for National Merit recognition - college is his goal. The reason he is home-schooling this year is the ability to move at a faster pace than ps classes with material he found challenging. I just want to do the right thing, but not sure how colleges view a whole year of pass/fail?
  8. First time posting :laugh:. Ohio home-school mom of sophomore ds and this is first year home-schooling!
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