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  1. Thank you for your help, everyone. This is the final step in the scholarship process and would mean a full ride so I want to make sure to do things right.
  2. My son has an interview for a big scholarship at one of our state universities in a few weeks. When he goes for the interview he is supposed to take an official transcript with his first semester grades. However, the transcript that I made for him for college admissions only has final grades for each year. Does anyone have suggestions for where I can get a template for a homeschool transcript that would include semester grades? Or another way that I can set up his transcript to reflect his grades accurately. Some of his classes are dual enrollment so they do have final grades from first semester. If there is anyone who would be willing to either share some information, I would really appreciate it. If you are willing to look at it, I can send you what I was thinking for doing by PM. This scholarship has not been awarded to homeschooled students very often. We want his transcript to put him on "equal footing" with the traditionally schooled students.
  3. I am working on the counselor part of the common app. Do you write a recommendation for your student? He is planning to have 2 other recommendation letters so I am not sure whether it would be necessary/helpful. Will colleges just look at it as his mom writing a letter or will it reflect negatively if I don't write one?
  4. I called National Merit this morning. The parent and student can work on their sections at the same time but submission works in series. First the student will submit. Then that information will be added to the parents account. Once the parent is done, they will submit their portion along with an email address for the endorser. The whole file goes to the endorser (who will be able to see but not change the whole thing) . The endorser will need to submit the entire thing by October 11. Hope that helps someone else.
  5. He has outside teachers from dual enrollment but I am confused about where they need to submit the letter. I have been working on the school profile and classes part but where do the teachers need to send the recommendation letter. I may call national merit tomorrow to find out :-) If I do, I will update here.
  6. My son was named a semifinalist and we are working on the application for finalist. Do we need to find an outside teacher as a recommender/ endorser or can I do that myself? Would I send the final application in to the NMSC?
  7. Dual Enrollment in NC is tuition free for high school juniors and seniors. There are certain classes you can take. We don't live in the Triangle area so I am not sure how easy Wake Tech is to work with.
  8. Nettles help with my seasonal allergies. I take capsules.
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