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  1. Thank you for your help, everyone. This is the final step in the scholarship process and would mean a full ride so I want to make sure to do things right.
  2. My son has an interview for a big scholarship at one of our state universities in a few weeks. When he goes for the interview he is supposed to take an official transcript with his first semester grades. However, the transcript that I made for him for college admissions only has final grades for each year. Does anyone have suggestions for where I can get a template for a homeschool transcript that would include semester grades? Or another way that I can set up his transcript to reflect his grades accurately. Some of his classes are dual enrollment so they do have final grades from first
  3. Dual Enrollment in NC is tuition free for high school juniors and seniors. There are certain classes you can take. We don't live in the Triangle area so I am not sure how easy Wake Tech is to work with.
  4. Nettles help with my seasonal allergies. I take capsules.
  5. I am looking for a typing program for my 3rd and 5th graders. I would like a cd/dvd that I can install so that we don't need to visit a website. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. I am wondering how to claim a 529 account on the fafsa. The account is in my husband's name but there are sub accounts with each of the children as a beneficiary on one of them. I am only filling out the fafsa for one child. Another one is also a college student but on a full scholarship so no fafsa needed. There are other younger children who also have sub accounts. Do I need to claim the entire amount of the account as one of our assets or only the portion that is designated for this particular child. Does anyone out there know how this works? Thanks!
  7. It is very frustrating. We may just have to wait for the paper results to come.
  8. Has anyone else still not been able to access scores? I called Monday and was given an access code but am still not able to see this years. I can see the 2014 scores. Was told on Monday that the CB representative could also not see my scores and would escalate my inquiry but it would take 5-7 business days. Meanwhile, I have been checking every day to see if they appear.
  9. I am trying to get my son's scores online. I can log in to his account and see last years scores. When I click "add scores" it asks me for his test information or student id. Does anyone know what to put there? I have tried calling collegeboard but can't get through. We never got an email with a code or anything. Probably because he did not put his email address on the form, but he also did not put it last year and those scores are online.
  10. I am filling out the counselor section of the common app. I have done the school report. Should I also fill out the counselor recommendation section? Is it required? The only school my son is applying to using the common app says "recommendation not required or recommended.
  11. How are you getting the scores for each section with a maximum of 38? The score report in the practice test I used has math conversions scores with a maximum of 760, so even if I take off the zero it is higher than 38. There are also three math subscores but those are 15 points each.
  12. Is the Panasonic vacuum easy to use on stairs? I have a 2 story house that is mostly carpet and am looking for a vacuum that is easy to use on stairs.
  13. Has anyone put together a Comparative Government class for their student? I would like for my rising 10th grader to take one at home. I don't really care whether he takes the AP exam, I just want him to take a class. He does team policy debate and next years resolution has to do with the US federal court system so I thought this would go along nicely. Any advice on what materials you used would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  14. What blender do you use? Mine says not to blend anything hot in it.
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