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  1. I’m using this program with my 7th grader. I read the lesson and the literature book as a read aloud. It might be helpful to do the book in the morning perhaps as a gentle way to start school and do the textbook later. I’ve enjoyed the program so much myself being able to go through it with him!
  2. I realize this thread is a bit old but my son and I are finishing up America the Beautiful book 1 and I will say I really am enjoying and he is too. Some of the chapters he gets a little impatient with but for the most part he likes it. He asks to do history first every day and we both have enjoyed the readers. I will say that I didn’t notice at first that each chapter starts out with an overview which I find helpful and we’ve also incorporated some YouTube videos as well. It’s a really well done curriculum.
  3. Hi! I am really looking for some guidance. My ds, 10 has a hard time with math. We used MM 3 last year and I liked it but I can't decide if I loved it. He would forget some things that we went over and I felt like I was constantly going over past topics. Has anyone else experienced this? I feel like the spiral approach in Saxon might be better for him...thoughts? Or other suggestions? Thank you so much!
  4. Thank you all so much!
  5. Thank you all so much!
  6. Thank you, Kate! I think he mostly counts on for the adding 1 and two but for the adding nine he makes ten and then adds so I think he is getting it for some of the facts and not others. I guess I just get nervous that MUS wasn't the right choice when really I probably need to have a little more faith!
  7. Thank you so much Stellalarella! That really helps! I bought MUS because I do want him to learn the concepts behind math I was just starting to worry that he just wasn't going to do it that way. As a MUS user do you find you need another supplement to retain knowledgeable? Are there any you recommend if so?
  8. So I am trying to get this whole Math U See thing down....I just started and we went back to Alpha with my 3rd grader so he would grasp the concept behind the program. The problem I am facing is this, they don't want a child to count on for any of their facts even if it is mentally. My son says he does this especially when adding 2 to a number. So my question is...how do I know if he really is? Is it a big deal? When do you decide to try something else? Please, please help!
  9. Thank you guys so much for all of your input! I should have mentioned our science situation. We have already completed his science with his virtual school for this year however I would love recommendations for next year! :)
  10. Hi, I recently pulled my 3rd grade son out of an online public school. It just wasn't working for him but we have tried to make it work thinking he would "catch up." Long story short...he is lacking confidence in math especially as well as reading to a lesser degree. I have tentatively chosen my curriculum. Here are my choices so far are: Math U See - starting in alpha for a few weeks because he does still count on to get some of his math facts but after that he should be able to go straight into gamma FLL3 - Love this so far but I'm wondering if I need WWE as well and if so what l
  11. Hi, my name is Stacie. I am in my seventh year of schooling my children at home. We have always been in an online public charter school until this year. I finally took the plunge and have decided to school my son using TWTM approach. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! My ds is in 3rd grade.
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