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  1. We have both Sigg and KK, but the sigg was used only once. We love Klean Kanteen!
  2. We've been following a lot of the TF principles, but not all. My son can't have gluten, dairy, or egg, so that knocks most of the stuff out. But I do soak gluten free grains, I don't soak rice for very long. There are not that many phytates in it anyway. My other son and I drink raw milk. We eat practically everything from scratch, buy pastured beef and chicken, sometimes lamb. We cook with coconut oil and sometimes olive oil. As far as fermented foods go, I periodically buy some Kimchee. I am too lazy to make that. I do brew Kombucha and water kefir. Kombucha takes a little bit of time, but the kefir is easy. Also yogurt is really easy to make to. I don't do the raw liver though. Or any liver for that matter, dh can't stand the smell of it even if I cook it. I don't bake bread, since we try to keep the house gluten free for ds1, and although I've gotten a few gluten free bread recipes, I just haven't worked up the nerve to do so. Before gluten free, I used to make soaked oats for breakfast, it tasted the same and even cooked faster. There is a good yogurt dough cracker recipe in NT, that my son used to love. The main principles are pretty easy to follow, fresh, preferably organic or local foods. Stay away from highly processed foods and preservatives.
  3. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I will look into each of them. And also try to be more patient by trying to let it just 'click'! :)
  4. Hi, I'm new to this board with a 2 boys, 4 1/2yrs and 2 1/2yrs. I've been mostly reading and trying to prepare myself for the start of our homeschooling journey next fall. My older ds has known his letter sounds since he was 19 months old. Yet, he still sounds out every letter when trying to read. Even when we read the BOB books and we go over that M-A-T is MAT, he'll still sound out each letter of the same word on the next page. Any recommendations on a 'learn to read' program that focuses on the blending of sounds? Thanks!!
  5. :iagree: with all the above. Both of mine share a room. I think this will keep their bond strong and help them respect each other's things.
  6. I would just talk to the farmer and ask how the cows are cared for, how they are treated if sick, if they are tested, and how they clean the bottles (if glass). If you get a chance to visit the farm, even better. I've gotten raw milk from a couple of different farms, but never had a chance to visit them. When we moved, and started with a different farm, I just made sure to drink some first before giving it my kids until I felt comfortable. Welcome to the wonderful world of raw milk! My whole family (even dh who was fiercely skeptical) turns their nose up to regular store bought milk now, they say it's too thin, like water. They love the yummy creaminess of fresh milk.:D
  7. I also make practically everything from scratch. When I get the craving for soda I buy Reed's Premium Ginger Brew or Boylans. Their "coke" tastes better then regular Coke and they use suger for the sweetening not HFCS.
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