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  1. Just a vent-- I've been rear-ended twice in the past month!:glare: I dealt with the insurance company, went for a massage because my neck was achey, taken my car for the estimate and for repair which took 6 days rather than the originally quoted 2 days. The only reason I wasn't too upset about the longer time was because they had ordered a refurb bumper and it didn't fit so they had to order a brand new one. I was pretty happy with the job and the back looked great... until today, when I got rear ended again. My neck and back hurt (to about mid-back), my bumper looks like crap again, and I have to go through the whole insurance thing again. I hesitate even getting it fixed because I don't want a refurb put on there. I know accidents happen and I'm thankful no one is seriously injured, but dang I'm still upset!!
  2. :iagree: Around here a family of 3 would qualify for a reduced lunch fee of 40 CENTS if the annual income is no more than $34,281. Otherwise, breakfast would cost $1.50 and lunch would be $2.65. Even if you didn't buy lunch everyday, doing so a couple days a week would still be a relatively low expense.
  3. We have two of the long dressers, one in brown in our room and blue in the kids' room. I love them. I think they look great and they've held up well for us so far. We bought the clear glass to put across the top that they also sell at Ikea. This keeps the wood protected from scratches but has also been great for putting the kids' ribbons under as a display.
  4. I would send in the supplies requested because we are blessed to have the means to do so. If by sending in extra supplies, we would be helping other kids that could not afford to buy supplies or we would prevent having the teacher from needing to buy for those that didn't have supplies, then I would do so gladly. It's certainly not fair that the school board doesn't allot enough money for the schools to provide the necessary supplies, especially since they are getting plenty of tax dollars to do so. I wouldn't try to change that policy by not sending in supplies though. That just seems to punish the teacher more than the school board. It would be more effective to attend the school board hearings, write letters demanding change, run for a seat on the school board or something else along those lines.
  5. I can't wait to see this movie. I loved the book and am glad to hear the movie done well.
  6. :iagree: This is me. I really don't like cooking anymore AT ALL. But I do all the cooking because dh won't cook. I make breakfast, lunch and dinner basically from scratch everyday. We can't just order pizza or take-out when I'm feeling burnt out due to ds's food issues. My dh likes me to cook super spicy food, but then the kids can't eat it. If I cook it without much spice, he'll eat a little bit and then go out and get other food for himself from a restaurant or fast food. I refuse to cook separate meals for everyone. My arms ache from fibromyalgia and by the time I get done chopping, cooking, washing dishes, cleaning counters, and sweeping the floor every night, I'm miserable. I wish our bodies were made to not need to eat 3 meals a day. The planning of food shopping and food preparation is ALWAYS on my mind.
  7. Also check your local Friends of the Library book sale. I picked up so many there for ds there. Costco also has good prices on bundled sets of easy readers.
  8. Thanks everyone! We put the bunny back close to where DH found it. He tried to make a little nest for it since it's original one was mowed away. It did start thundering and down pouring here so we haven't been able to go check on it. I hope it's mama came back and found it. That little bunny was just so darn cute!!
  9. Dh was just outside mowing the lawn, he hasn't mowed in awhile since it's been so hot and dry. The grass along the back edges of the house is pretty tall. As he was mowing through it he saw a little baby bunny jump out. We put in a shoebox for now and the kids are adoring it. But it's home is pretty much destroyed by the lawn mower. We can't leave it long against the house so I don't know where to leave it. We have woods, but something will probably eat it back there. I see 'adult' bunnies around our yard quite a bit, so I'm wondering if the mama bunny will come back soon for her baby. I don't know the first thing about how to care for it. Can anyone give me some advice please?
  10. We also have the Otterbox Defender. It's kinda ugly (to me) but it protects really well and handles the rough use from my boys.
  11. Thanks Jenne for your input! I don't know anything about music or piano instruction so I'm glad to hear you had a positive experience (at least until the new teacher!). The teacher of the class I'm looking at is the the director of the center so I'm hoping it will be good.
  12. Ds4 (almost 5) has been asking for piano lessons quite a bit. There is a place nearby that teaches young children in a group format and they use the Harmony Road method of teaching. Has anyone tried this or heard of it? What are your thoughts about the program?
  13. I love Charlie's Soap, but I've never seen a coupon for it.
  14. I've been taking my temp. every morning before getting out of bed for the past 5 days. My temp has ranged from 97.2 and 97.3. Today, I've been taking my temp. every hour since 6 am and it has not budged. I checked it last night before going to bed around 10pm and it was 96.4. From what I've been reading, this can be an indicator for hypothyroid. I do have other symptoms that go with the description for hypothyroid as well, but my TSH and T3 and T4 test results all came back normal. Has anyone been able to get their doc to try out thyroid medication with just the low body temp and other symptoms even with normal blood results? Do you know of any other medical conditions that can produce low body temps and fatigue that I'm just not aware of?
  15. I have one nice long bib style from Ikea and another really cute one from Tuesday Morning.
  16. I've been eyeing this one for a while, the only thing standing in the way is the price. http://www.planetbox.com
  17. We get Hanna Andersson unders for ds7. They are soft and last forever! I've only bought them on sale at the outlets. They take phone orders if you don't have one near you. My boys also don't wear their unders to bed (they do wear pj's). They know that's when they can "be free and breathe".
  18. Dh and I are both righty. Ds7 is a lefty, ds4 is a righty.
  19. :grouphug: My sister went through something similar. She so badly wanted to homeschool but my nephew got in the lottery for the only gifted charter school in the county. It had a fantastic reputation and people thought she was crazy for thinking about giving up her spot. She struggled a lot with her decision, but in the end put him in because it was what her dh wanted. She still after/before schools him.
  20. I did this. I graduated from high school at 16 yrs and was living on my own and attended community college for a year before transferring to university. It worked well for me. I was very independent and could take care of myself. I was also very difficult and had to do things my way. I lived in the same town and saw my Mom practically everyday. My Mom trusted me and she let me have the space I needed. I honestly don't know how she did it! She was an amazing woman. Would I let my child (I know we have a long ways to go!)? No. No, no, no. I just don't think I could do it. I just don't think I could let him go that early. Now if he wanted to commute from home, I'd be all for it. I'm probably not much help, but just wanted to let you know that it did work out for me at time. My mom died when I was 21 yrs old though and now I wish I hadn't needed to be so independent so early.
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