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  1. My ds7 gets this way. While he's watching he completely zones out, can not tell me anything about what he had just watched. When the screen gets turned off (even when it's turned off without a fuss), he tends to have more emotional outbursts for the next couple of hours.
  2. Yes, we just watched one yesterday that we borrowed from the library. It was the one about electricity. It was really good, the explanations made the concept of circuits really easy to understand and it was fun watching it. Not boring at all, even my youngest liked it.
  3. :thumbup: I'm hoping he'll get tired of the bus and want me to take him eventually... but this might just be wishful thinking! Please don't remind me, I keep thinking that will be a really long time from now. But then I never imagined the day he would get on a yellow bus and go to school. :) I took a picture of him before he left the house. It was raining too hard to lug my dh's big camera to the bus stop, so I plan on doing it tomorrow if it's not rainy. I'll probably take enough pics to fill up a picture album!! When he came home he excitedly told me they watched Cyberchase! Apparently this was part of "math time" :glare:. And since they couldn't go outside due to the rain, they played legos. He was also jumping up and down saying if they get 45 green cups on their lunch table they get to watch a movie and eat popcorn.:confused: I have no idea what that means. I sure do hope they plan on doing more than watching tv and playing with legos. They can do that at home!! I'm sure they did other things, but of course those are not interesting enough to tell me about.:tongue_smilie: Then he fell asleep. He was pretty exhausted. I had to wake him up to eat dinner. Thanks! I'm glad you all don't think I'm crazy!
  4. It's about a 20 min. bus ride. The school is only 1.5 miles away, I wanted to drop off/pickup myself and if it weren't raining heavily I would have wanted to walk him there. But he is just obsessed with the school bus so I let it go. And the saddest part about this morning is that my youngest (who is old enough to attend K but I'm still homeschooling him and until today would proudly declare that he never wanted to go to school), said he wanted to ride the bus and go to Kindergarten. :svengo: I've got serious separation anxiety it seems!:D
  5. My little boy's big day and I am so sad!! He really wanted to ride the school bus so he walked with my neighbor's older son. My ds4 and I waited a few minutes then walked over to the bus stop too. Ds7 was so excited to see all the kids and when the bus came he went right over to get on. Meanwhile I'm loudly calling him saying, "Wait, come give me a hug and kiss!!" and run over to him. Then I ask the bus patrol girl to keep an eye on him for me since he's never been on the bus before and never been to school before for that matter. THEN, I go back home get in my car and drive over to the school, see him off the school bus and walk him to class. I didn't want to leave and he just kept saying "okay, bye mom!". Dh started laughing at me and said I need to "cut the cord" before I turn into my MIL!:tongue_smilie:
  6. It was pulled off the website kind of abruptly, for some reason the publisher of Reading Eggs had it pulled. https://www.homeschoolbuyersco-op.org/index.php?option=com_hsbc_epp_order&Itemid=1598&source=facebooks&c=1
  7. Thank you for your support on our decision to keep him back. We've been getting a lot of grief from friends and family about it. I was told the text is Scott Foresman Millenium edition, I only saw the workbook so I guessing it's the same. I meant to jot it down when I looked at it because I know my memory is not so great, but then it's so bad I even forgot to write it down. (I also forgot my keys there, sometimes I get so mad at my brain!) I hope it was just for part of the semester, but it was really thick. I will ask the teacher more about it later on when the busy start of the school year calms a bit. Thanks for the replies. I thought that addition/subtraction within 100 would be the norm (this is what ds knows), but at least within 20.
  8. I'd shoot for about 30 minutes. Ten of phonics, ten of math, ten of writing. Read alouds can be from science or history books.
  9. I'm planning on using the same things I have but just focusing on 'core' subjects. The charter school curriculum sounds great!
  10. :seeya: Review during your 2 mile walk sounds great! I've been thinking about walking ds7 to school which is about the same distance, I'm going to do a trial run tomorrow. I know ds7 would have no problems with the walk but my younger son would and probably me until I get in shape!
  11. Today was the open house for ds (which, being new to ps, was probably more exciting for me!) and I was able to flip through the math workbook. The last few pages of the math workbook had problems such as "6-3=" and 9-2=". Problems within 10 basically. I thought that it should at least be problems within 20. The beginning half had a lot of ordinal numbers, greater than and less than, estimation, etc. Which I think is normal, but I thought the addition and subtraction part would come sooner than at the very end. Just for some background, we decided to keep ds7 back and place him in 1st grade. Please no flames, this was a really difficult decision. He is really small, with a bone age of just 4 yrs old. He also struggles with writing and would not have been able to keep up with the amount of writing required in 2nd grade here. And while his reading has improved, he still needs help. He is pretty good at math though, not a whiz by any means, it doesn't come naturally to him but he worked really hard on all of his math facts over the summer, mostly mental math and has become stronger. We also didn't finish any of our curriculum at home yet for 1st grade. We moved a few months ago and kind of just went into summer break mode.:blush: I'm sure everything they do in the class will be great review and since we'll be keeping up with math at home I can challenge him, but I am just really surprised at the scope of the book. We are in an excellent school system that is supposed to have an accelerated math program. So is this the norm for end of 1st grade in public school?
  12. Glad you got one! I like it and the color pictures keep my ds's attention and interests him more than our standard Webster's dictionary.
  13. I just picked up the McGraw-Hill Children's Dictionary from the kids bargain section at Barnes and Noble. I was eyeing this last year but it was $25, I was able to get it last week for just under $6! It looks like this: http://www.google.com/products/catalog?client=safari&rls=en&q=mcgraw+hill+children's+dictionary&oe=UTF-8&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=9443226370062042846&sa=X&ei=yYlZToLuBuHF0AGWqr3RDA&ved=0CDcQ8wIwAQ#ps-sellers
  14. Thanks all! I'll talk to the teacher sometime after the school year starts about whether it would be okay to bring ds4. If they say no, then I'll try to find something I can do from home to help out I guess. Nansk, I should try to keep up with GWG. I hadn't really thought about doing the afterschooling on the weekends though, that's a great idea.
  15. My day has been pretty unproductive. Dh has been studying all day, I did a little school with the kids, took a nap and watched a movie. Ds7 and I were crying through most of it. Ds4 woke up after falling asleep on my lap and thought we had all gone nuts!
  16. So, I enrolled ds7 into our local public school. This is going to be a big change for us, but I think it will work out. Ds wasn't excited about it at first, but has met some kids from the school and is really looking forward to it now. He's super social so I know he will revel in being around a bunch of kids all day! He attended a full day camp for two weeks, I wanted him to get an idea of what a full day is like (although it's not exactly school). He was pretty tired the first week but quickly adjusted by the second week. I've been dealing with health issues and although I would love to keep him home with me, I need to start actually seeing doctors and what not. I'll still have my almost 5 yr old coming along, but he's also a lot "easier" than my sensory seeking older boy. I'm thinking about just continuing with the core of what we've been doing. A mix of Singapore and Math Mammoth, WWE, and Dancing Bears. I'd like to keep with GWG, but I think the evenings after school or mornings before school might get too long (he's a dawdler). I'd like to be able to volunteer in ds's classroom, do you all know if bringing my younger one is ever allowed? I'm excited for him but I'm also so nervous at the same time. I've got all these questions floating around in my head. I keep telling myself to :chillpill:.
  17. THANK YOU!!!!!!!:D:D I've been wanting to get BrainPop and Disc.Streaming for so long but could never swing the cost. What a great deal, thank you so much for sharing!!:cheers2:
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