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  1. Yes your children can definitely stay with you. You can use a bandana around his head. They often have a basket with extra bandanas for those that forget, but I always prefer bringing my own.
  2. I've had your same problem for years. It still occurs maybe once or twice a week so not completely resolved, but what really helped me was sleeping on the floor (sounds crazy but it has down wonders for my back pain and nixed the tossing and turning), taking Vit.D (turns out my levels were really low and I think getting them normal was the most helpful), taking long epsom salt baths before bed, and having a bedtime routine. I wash my face and apply my moisturizer, brush my teeth and either read for 30 min (either a non fiction book or on the IPad, can't do fiction before bed or I'll stay up all night wanting to finish it).
  3. Here is basically how it works. You will remove your shoes prior to entering. Ladies will were a scarf, men generally tie a bandana around their head. Ladies and men will sit on opposite sides of the room and on the floor. You sit and listen to the hymns, its very peaceful. Afterwards, everyone will move over to another hall and have "langar" which is basically lunch. It consists of simple, healthy vegetarian food. Usually chapati, dal, rice and a veg. All the food is prepared and served to you by volunteers. You simply sit on the floor and they will bring you everything. This langar is open to all people, whomever would like to come in. I think it's wonderful that you and your daughter would attend the gurdwara to show your support!
  4. I don't think it goes away, but it can become more manageable by making sure he is getting in a good sensory "diet". Lots of activity, heavy lifting/pushing, jumping, running, etc. I constantly redirect ds when I see him chewing on things that he shouldn't. Has this behavior stopped? No, but my hope is that he will slowly begin to notice it himself and remind himself to stop. Some of these activity things are "boys will be boys" but it's more intense with an SPD kid. They won't just jump around in moonbounce, they will jump as hard as they can and then throw themselves onto the ground or against it's walls. Over and over again. When they give you a hug, it's not just a nice tight squeeze, it's a "please let go your hurting me and so I can breathe" squeeze. I agree with reading the "Out of Sync Child" books, they are full of practical suggestions.
  5. Ugh, it is frustrating right? I've had to physically hold ds7 down so that he would stop hitting, kicking, and punching me (although it didn't stop him from spitting). NOT normal. Yes, he can have moments of such sweetness and his smile can melt your heart, but... Well, I had a meeting with his teacher this morning. She has finally started seeing some of his not so great attributes and is filling out the forms the neuropysch sent. Hopefully, they will be somewhat aligned with my parent form so I don't seem like nutcase. I tried this last year with a developmental ped, but since I was homeschooling him then and didn't have any teacher forms filled out he refused to give a diagnoses strictly on the parent form. That felt like a kick in the gut. Thanks everyone for letting me vent and for your commiseration!
  6. Forget being 17, my dh would do this without a second thought. It's so annoying. :smash: This will be me.
  7. I just made some apricot tea square the other day from the Almond Flour Cookbook. These turned out really nice and have no added sugar and are GFCFSF. 1 cup dried apricots (needs to be the soft moist kind) 1 cup of shredded (not sweetened) coconut, toasted 2 cups blanched almond flour 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp baking soda 1 large egg 1 1 tbsp vanilla extract Blend everything in the food processor, bake in a prepared pan for 20-23 minutes at 350 degrees.
  8. There will be one more day, it will be next week. I feel so guilty for actually wanting ds to not be on his best behavior!!
  9. Yes!! I'm so annoyed because it took so long to get the appointment and we are paying out of pocket. The last thing I want is for it all to be a waste of time and money because the stars aligned for ds today!:tongue_smilie: Crap, can't scroll down this post on the iPad. Will have to start another post
  10. today at his first neuropsych eval. Apparently, he was polite, stayed on task, listened and had a great time. So why am I not so happy about this? I had told them during the intake questions all about how he doesn't stay on task, is easily distracted, gets frustrated, doesn't listen the first time ever, and he gets violent with me and his little brother. I feel like they are going to think I'm an exaggerating helicopter mom. Anyone else here have this happen?
  11. :sad: :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: I haven't been on here too much and missed this, I'm so sorry for you and your family. You will all be in my prayers.
  12. I've tried a bunch of different pillows. I've figured out through trial and error that what works for me is having 2 really flat old pillows, one laying vertical and the other horizontally over it and one buckwheat pillow on top of that one helps me sleep the best.
  13. Went though them several months back. No problems, there are regular detectors and the newer ones but people go through at random.
  14. Tap, we are not from Dominica but since you haven't gotten any responses yet I wonder if my dh could maybe try to help you with some of the questions. He spent almost 9 months there many, many years ago. I visited twice but don't think I learned enough about the culture in my short trips there. I hope your able to find someone actually from there and that would know more but if not and you think my dh might be helpful let me know.
  15. :grouphug: I'm sorry. This has got to be so hard. You and your kids will be alright and you will feel peace and love again.
  16. My boys were into a last spring, but now they're into Ninjagos. Oh their fleeting hearts!
  17. No shopping in stores here. Dh had to go to work this morning, I just made a pretty plain breakfast for the kids and guests and ate a slice of pumpkin pie for me! I did order a new Macbook online though, that pretty much blew the budget for any thing else!:D
  18. I've got turkey soup on the stove and 2 more batches of cornbread in the oven right now.
  19. Charlottesville is a wonderful town. There are plenty of homeschoolers and several different co-ops to choose from. There are also homeschool classes through parks and recreation and there are different sports organizations that offer homeschool classes too. I think the amazing amount of conveniently close activities is what we miss the most about C-ville. There is an airport in Charlottesville, it's just a small one that usually requires connections to get to most places. The connections are usually out of D.C. or Charlotte,NC. We would always fly out of Dulles International Airport in Northern Va which is about 1.5 hours away. Richmond is an hour from C-ville and also has an international airport.
  20. I would do a dark brown or darker gray if it is something you wear during the day, but if your dressing it up with a nice blouse or for an evening out I would go with black. Definitely not purple shoes, that would be to matchy-matchy in my opinion. A nice printed scarf with some of the same purple hues would look really nice too!
  21. Another Growing with Grammar vote here.
  22. :iagree: This is similar to what I did with ds. I started out with smaller numbers to gain his confidence and then we moved onto bigger numbers. We also played card games like "Go to the Dump". He had to really know most of his number bonds before he was able to do those kinds of problems with ease.
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