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  1. Oh, yes! I agree there is a world of difference. But, my views are completely reversed. I see vax as critical to the health of my children while sedation as a "first choice" is needlessly risky. Pegasus
  2. I'm a strong believer in vaccinations and my DC have received all of theirs on the suggested schedule (with the exception of the new HPV vaccine which we are waiting a few years). I've read the mixed opinions on vaccinations on this board and have been very interested in hearing the different viewpoints. So, I was a bit surprised on a recent dentist thread for the opinion to be overwhelmingly pro sedation of children for routine dental work. I was the only one who voiced that I would use that only as a last resort. I'd try other things first, such as progressive exposure. It just hit me as odd. Pegasus
  3. I haven't watched much this season and am now totally confused. Why are the 6 known survivors lying about what happened and who else survived the crash? Pegasus
  4. Bed bugs? Just a thought since you've been traveling. Pegasus
  5. *hugs* I'm so sorry. Were these her first visits to a dentist? I looked into a pediatric dentist for my DC when they were young but when I found out that they (the ones in this area) forbid the parents from coming back with the child, I ran the other way. We ended up at a family dentistry and they were so great with young children, very patient and explained everything in a fun way (all the tools had fun names, like Mr. Thirsty for the vacuum). I'd find a cooperative dentist office and start over. Take her to the dentist and just sit in the waiting room. Does she stay calm for this? Leave and have a treat. Next visit, have her go back and sit in the chair, chat with the hygenist, and leave. Next, sit in the chair, open her mouth and let the hygenist look at her teeth (no tools!). Etc. One step at a time. I would be very hesitant to let them start sedating for routine visits until I've tried everything else! Good luck. Pegasus
  6. We paid a neighbor girl $2 per hour to play with our two kids while a parent was home. Pegasus
  7. We use $2 bills so it seems different than "everyday" money (similar to the folks using the gold coins). They seem strangely reluctant to spend the $2 bills so they still have all of the tooth fairy money! Pegasus
  8. Exploration Education - physical science in a box (lessons are on CD-ROM) Pegasus
  9. Don't feel bad, we pushed and pushed to get through it as a read aloud last year, and finally gave it up about three-quarters of the way through. I'd even asked for suggestions on what version to buy. We ended up with a version with extra photos and history blurbs in the margins but it still didn't explain the words and phrases that we didn't understand! We found it frustrating but really tried hard to get through it. We quit during the "exciting" battle on the island. Pegasus
  10. Oak Ridge, TN has a friendly homeschool part-time enrollment policy. This is not my district so this is just what I've heard second-hand. They allow homeschoolers in their district to enroll in 1 to 2 classes per year (space permitting) but they have to be back-to-back classes to minimize the distraction of coming and going. Pegasus
  11. Observation: Runt candy is not friendly on a dog's digestive system. Our dachshund found a box of Runt candy and consumed half of it while we were out to dinner. He proceeded to leave us colorful puddles all over the floor. I am SO over our flooring on the lower level. It is a large open floor plan and still has the multiple floor surfaces that were here when we bought the house: part carpet, part vinyl flooring, part parquet, part tiny tile, and part some kind of glue down wooden tiles with impossible to clean cracks between them. I'd like one cohesive flooring throughout the lower level (kitchen and dining area, living room, computer area, and den area with a fireplace). I THINK I'd like large tiles with dark grout but DH thinks it would be too hard and cold. I've wondered about radiant heating under the tiles but DH thinks that would be problematic and expensive. We have cats, dogs, and kids so I want something durable and easy to clean. DH wants wooden flooring but it is so easily damaged and we do sometimes get water seepage into the house during heavy rains (the house is built on a concrete slab). Any ideas? Any new flooring materials that look great and can clean up with a damp mop/cloth? Many thanks. After this last clean-up effort, I'm ready to yank up the flooring and live with a concrete slab! Pegasus
  12. I'm surprised to see so many people say they do it every day. The lists are set up in patterns of 8 days. So, we do it 4 days per week. It is not a workbook and it can not be done independently. The student has to have someone else read them the list for the day, one word at a time, and check together that it is spelled correctly before going to the next word. Pegasus
  13. Honestly? It just sits on the shelf. It is full of really cool info and projects but it is not "open and go" so it doesn't get done. We also had problems with the Trail Guides until they put out the student pages. Yeah! Pegasus
  14. See if you have any government auctions near-by. I've picked up entire boxes of large binders for $2 at these things. Also, try asking for free binders on Freecycle. Lots of business offices throw them out regularly so put out the word to any office workers you know. Pegasus
  15. I wish I could provide more help! I know how worrying it is. Do you have a vet school near-by? These are where regular vets send their difficult cases. Peggy
  16. I about flipped when I checked out some juvenile books on evolution and found that someone had taken it on themselves to go through and "correct" it according to their own beliefs. Pegasus
  17. Is he not eating anything? Is he drinking water? I'd be tempted to push the vet for a course of anti-biotics and steroids. These are cheap medications and may just do the trick. We ended up spending over $1,000 one time on a sick cat because the vet couldn't figure out what was wrong and kept doing different tests and even exploratory surgery! In the end, a cheap course of steroids set him right. It was pancreatitis caused by blunt trauma (he had gotten outside and we think someone kicked him). None of the tests had found this until we took him to a university vet school and they did an ultrasound. They were shocked that the vet could have missed it during the exploratory surgery. We changed vets after that. My only other thought is whether he is constipated, since he gets into things. My sister's dog was just sick and not eating. . .the vet ended up giving her a couple enemas to unblock her and now she's healthy as ever. Good luck. Pegasus
  18. We keep our two dogs inside and take them out on a leash. Still, our dachshund is some kind of escape artist and manages to slip out unseen occasionally (the kids aren't always good at making sure the doors latch). We have a very kind neighbor 2 doors down that seems to find him every time, sometimes before we even know he's gone! I am grateful that she always either brings him home or comes and tells us that he is in her yard. One day we weren't home when he was out and she locked him in her garage until we got home. . .and he was barking the entire time. Thank the stars for kind patient neighbors! Pegasus
  19. I asked DH what the "P" word might be and he suggested "politician." Pegasus
  20. Kelli, It's all good. The bill passed with no amendments. So, the good stuff passed and the bad stuff did not. Now it has to go through the house and the senate and get the gov'nor's signature. Just when it seems like things have been going so smoothly for so long that you can let down your guard! Pegasus Edited to add a link for details (in plain English that non-lawyers can follow!): http://redhatrob.wordpress.com/2008/05/05/tn-house-education-committee-passes-bill-to-require-state-agencies-to-accept-church-related-school-high-school-diplomas-as-valid/
  21. Thanks for all the ideas! If I use vinegar, will it come out smelling like vinegar? :bigear: And thanks for the reminder about environmental allergies. We have those too. Pegasus
  22. A friend gave us a set of bedding that her son outgrew. It has a space theme and my DDs are thrilled. It's obvious that it has been freshly laundered as the scent is overwhelming. We use only unscented detergent and no one in the family wears any type of perfume/cologne, etc. I guess we are just sensitive to scents as they give me a pounding headache and cause DH to start sneezing. So, I've put the bedding through the complete wash cycle with no detergent to try to rinse out the scent. I've dried it and while better, it still smells strongly. Any ideas? I'd hate to waste water by continuing to wash a perfectly clean set of sheets! I'm thinking about trying to hang it outside for a while tomorrow. Should that help? Pegasus
  23. Sounds perfect. Thank you. I'm going to check it out. Pegasus
  24. deodorant? Mine haven't started yet as I figured I'd wait until they started stinking. They are 8 and 11, bathe when I make them, and I haven't smelled anything yet. :tongue_smilie: Also, is there any reliable studies on whether I should steer them away from antiperspirants? Thanks. Pegasus
  25. I'd like to upload pictures that I've taken at Girl Scout events over the years and allow the other parents to download the ones they want. I'd like a site that allows me to set a password so the photos aren't available to other people who use the site. Any tips? Thanks Pegasus
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