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  1. I've had two different doctors recently write me a prescription and explain that they wanted me to take it differently than they were prescribing. I should have asked but didn't: why not just write it the way I should take it!?! Has anyone else run into this? Any ideas?
  2. Ok, ok, I do, in fact, turn 50 next month so they sent me an invitation to join their membership. Fair enough. However, they boldly assumed that the name I go by is a nickname for a more formal name and addressed the envelope and letter using the formal name. I was actually given the nickname as my legal name at birth, not an uncommon phenomenon in the south. I was amused so I thought I'd share.
  3. Whoonu (by Cranium) is way more fun for adults than it has any right to be. 🙂
  4. a communication from a student's parent AFTER the semester is past? To add context, I had this professor many years ago when I was attending that school in the same college department and he is now in charge of the entire freshman engineering program. My DD just finished her first semester there and, while continuing in the program that he heads, will not have him as a direct instructor going forward. I'm wondering if it is still inappropriate for me to provide some feedback on the huge changes in the freshman engineering program since I attended. My feedback would be almost completely positive/affirming. Maybe I should wait until DD is no longer in the freshman engineering program and has moved on to sophomore year? Or maybe it is just inappropriate for me, as a parent, to provide feedback at all! I'm willing to really hear if this is the case.
  5. One more tip. Be sure the gift is something that you are ok with them giving away or tossing once they are past chemo. Even when treatments go smoothly, the memories of chemo can come to mind later by the item. One poor woman saw her medical oncologist months later at the grocery store and immediately threw up. I had a wave of nausea over a year past chemo when I heard the musical theme from an electronic game that I frequently played while receiving treatments. I had played it since that time as well but always had the sound off!
  6. Depends on the type of chemo but some treatments can take several hours. A thermos and/or insulated lunch pack is helpful for packing cold/hot drinks and snacks for the long duration. A soft warm blanket is nice during chemo treatments as well as something to do to occupy the time - books/magazines, computer pad with movies/games, etc.
  7. Yes, any school that you send the FAFSA to can make changes. This happens ALL THE TIME. It is routine and all schools are used to getting updates through the process. Your original submittal date will serve in any "first come first served" type aid.
  8. I've been making my own vanilla extra for several years. It lasts me a good while so it has been a couple years since I had to buy vanilla beans. I just priced them and OUCH! I'm not paying that. So, with the cost of vanilla being several times what it was a few years ago, what do you do? I'm thinking of cutting way back on my vanilla use. I could make almond extract at much less cost. I think that would substitute fine into most things, and use vanilla only when absolutely needed for its unique flavor until costs come back down. Any thoughts?
  9. Ahhhh! I could have used these instructions a couple of days ago. I kept thinking I was being an idiot as it can't be THAT hard to find where to send a query to customer service. I finally stumbled upon a way to chat with them. We had received an order that included a box set of 17 books, except that there was two volume 8 and zero volume 9. I was hoping we could send back only a volume 8 and they could send us volume 9. The books are also sold individually so it wasn't like I was asking them to break open an entire box set to send us the missing volume. Nope. Only resolution they would agree to was having us send back the entire set and they would immediately ship a new set. Was on pins and needles whether the new set would all of the volumes. Luckily, it did.
  10. Wow. Thanks, regentrude. I really value your input and guidance. This is actually the same course that I posted separately about as a flipped class so yes, they have videos to watch before classtime. Option 2 is referred to as "student centered" and "instructor supported" but to what extent each element is implemented remains to be seen. We don't have any details and this appears to be the first time they've tried this option so we don't have campus scuttlebutt to rely on. Both options also have a separate lab element where they do "hands on" in much smaller groups led by a TA. I would love to see the lecture series you refer to so will be messaging you. DD actually already completed the first semester of this physics series (traditional lecture model with hands on lab) so semester two will start addressing additional topics like fluids, electricity/magnetism, etc.
  11. Thanks, everyone. You make good points. I've been a bit surprised by how my DDs leave consulting the textbook as a last resort. That was always my go-to solution back in the olden times. I know the professor who heads up the engineering fundamentals program and he is excellent. He is a dinosaur from when I was in school as well. So, I have hopes that the quality of the videos and in class interaction will be good.
  12. One of DDs courses next semester (physics for engineers) offers two different formats: 1) instructor led discussion of material, practice problems, review questions, problem solving strategies - all in a 450 student auditorium; individual work on homework 2) student centered discussion of material, practice problems, review questions, problem solving strategies - limited to 150 students; group work on homework Any experience out there? I thought the first choice was the obvious one but DD is leaning towards the second.
  13. I'd love to hear some experiences (from students or instructors) on flipped classrooms. DD has one course next semester that uses this approach but it sounds to me like it will require even more time outside of class than a regular course. Here is the description provided: BEFORE CLASS - watch videos and answer questions IN CLASS - quizzes, review, example problems AFTER CLASS - on-line homework problems So, the students are still doing the homework sets outside of class while now also watching the lecture videos outside of class. Thoughts?
  14. We rent books through Amazon on a regular basis. One semester, we did get a couple books in rough condition that didn't meet their own rental condition requirements. We contacted them about it, let them know that we didn't mind using the books in that condition, but did not want to be charged for damage at the end of the semester. They gave us the same response that a note was added to our file. I printed out that communication exchange and included it when I returned the books. One processed as returned immediately and one took a few weeks to process. No extra charges were applied.
  15. I would call it mixed for both of my DDs. The youngest is a freshman and felt a bit overwhelmed with the unrelenting workload of her engineering courses. Part of that was the demanding courses and part of it was her inner driven need to do things perfectly. Homework assignments easily took twice as long as they needed to because she would do them once "roughly" and then copy everything over as a final. I guess the double work was successful in reinforcing the material because she looks on track to get excellent final grades (still in finals week). Older DD is burnt out on school. After maintaining a perfect 4.0 for the first 2.5 years, she started slumping last spring. She actually failed a course and in her efforts to salvage that class, her other grades slipped a bit. Her confidence took a real hit. This semester was better but there was plenty of angst and tears. She's very worried about what the future may bring, finding a career path, etc.
  16. I'm very sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved dog. Unfortunately, we've been through the euthanasia experience several times including 2 dogs, 4 cats, and a lizard. I'm especially sorry that your experience seemed traumatic rather than giving you the peaceful closure that we all hope for. I'll be honest, the euthanasia is never easy on me but I consider it my last duty to my pet to be there through the end whenever possible. The "best" pet death was a cat who passed away in his sleep without so much as a twitch, as he nestled between my husband and me. He was old but hadn't been sick so it was unexpected. The worst pet loss was one that disappeared so we don't know what happened to him.
  17. No need to justify eating the way that works for you! For a snack that works for low carb or low calorie, depending on what you add, here is one of my favorite indulgent snacks. The frozen/cold nature makes it last longer so it is great when you want to graze but not consume too much. I never measure so all ingredients are to taste. Frozen Coffee Shaved ice - amount is unlimited since calories/carbs are truly ZERO Instant coffee - best to dissolve first in one of the liquid ingredients so it distributes well into the shaved ice Vanilla extract - to taste, would also be good with almond extract, although I haven't tried it Sweetener of your choice "Dairy" - unsweetened almond milk is great in this (low carb and low calorie), skim milk is fine for low calorie, a bit of cream is incredibly luscious for low carb
  18. I have never actually seen plain yogurt at one of these hotel breakfasts. Great that you have managed to find it. This particular one had a large bowl of one flavor that folks could serve out of, not individual packages. When I used to eat grains, I really enjoyed steel cut oats and couldn't stand the rolled oats (cookies being an exception!). So, I understand about being picky with hot cereal!
  19. I'll be honest and say that I tried the first bite cold and it was ok but seemed not quite right. Once heated, I really enjoyed it!
  20. I'm not sure what major he is wanting but there are certain ones that are pretty competitive at most schools. I'm thinking nursing as a big one but also commonly engineering and computer science. Some schools are well known for stand-out departments in other majors so those tend to be competitive. Your son definitely needs to do some deep thinking on what's most important to him if he doesn't get accepted into the major at his current school. Is there a different major that can get him into the same type of career? Other schools where he could get his preferred major that may be slightly less competitive? I would counsel for an RA position to be a much less critical factor although overall finances certainly need to be considered into the decision. I wish you and your son the best of luck. I understand the angst for both of you! My eldest DD started at a 2-year school and kept being told over and over again how very competitive her preferred major was at her intended transfer school. Unfortunately, the second-choice school required a different list of pre-reqs from the 2-year school for the same major. It was a huge gamble to go for the preferred school but it paid off in the end.
  21. As most travelers have noted, free hotel breakfasts are a money saver but typically serve carb-heavy selections. It can be tough to partake and stick to a low carb way of eating. My usual plan is just have coffee with cream and/or to eat a couple packets of full-fat cream cheese that is served with the ever-present bagels. During a recent business trip, the selections looked slightly more interesting so I was able to successfully hack a low carb hot "cereal" in the following way: slivered almonds and shredded coconut (provided to top the sugar-laden yogurt) chopped pecans and cinnamon (provided to top the oatmeal) a little splenda and half-in-half (provided for the coffee) Microwaved until hot. I was surprised and pleased at how good it was! Of course, I made only a modest amount so that I wasn't hogging the ingredients meant for other things. I didn't take more of any one thing than someone else may use as a topping. Still, along with my coffee, and due to the protein/fat content of the ingredients, I easily made it to my business luncheon later in the day.
  22. I resisted the calling of Prime for a long time until they sent me an unsolicited offer for a student account. I'm guessing that my history of renting and purchasing textbooks prompted the offer. So, I only pay half the regular prime cost and I'm finding that a great value. I don't think I'd pay for full Prime. We've only browsed the Prime videos a couple of times, to be honest. We have Netflix and just don't watch that much. So, if/when they try to upgrade my account to regular Prime, I'll let it go, and revert back to ordering enough at a time to qualify for free/slow shipping.
  23. I've found the canned cat food from Drs. Foster and Smith brand to be a decent compromise between quality ingredients and price. I keep an eye on their sales and usually purchase a couple cases when they are 20% off. I used to feed almost exclusively dry cat food for convenience and had cats do very well on it. One lived well into her 20's. However, I then lost a beloved cat who developed kidney problems. The dry diet may have been a major contributor. So, now I use can food. edited to add: current discount code for Drs. Foster & Smith: UR20DEAL Just used it and got 20% off regular and clearance price items.
  24. This is interesting. Thank you for sharing. It makes sense but I hadn't really thought much about it before.
  25. I'm looking for tips and suggestions for college students in managing group projects. Both of my DDs are very frustrated with their group project assignments. The elder DD just turned in a "group" paper for one course in which she generated 85% of the text and re-wrote the other 15% that was contributed by the other 3 group members because it was poorly written and included things like direct quotes with no citations. Her texts and emails pleading for others to work on the paper went largely unacknowledged, with only one team member responding "Looks good to me!" Younger DD was assigned to a group for a final physics project. The groups are supposed to consist of 4 students but her group only has 3. One of those 3 is flunking out and not planning to return next semester. The other is usually a no-show when they arrange a meet up. So the work intended to be spread across four students is largely on her. I know this is a common problem with group projects so I'm not sure why they are so routinely assigned.
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