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  1. I only did this test because my state requires one annually. So yeah, we’re not doing tests/quizzes really during our regular learning. I think firstly I need to chill out, and then work on giving him more opportunities to work independently and learn to take pride in work well done. Or at least more carefully done! Thank you all for considering my troubles and giving suggestions.
  2. That makes sense, HomeAgain. It's more a matter of getting him to care about getting things right the first time. I like your checklist, and I’ll try having him grade his work occasionally like you suggested. Thank you.
  3. At what age should test-taking skills be studied in earnest? DS8 is doing standardized testing this week, and I’ve noticed he’s making many careless mistakes. In our normal days, I would say “Double check your answer for #5,” or something like that and he’d easily find the right solution. But you can’t do that during testing. Is it worth setting aside time at this age specifically for studying how to take tests? Or does that make more sense at a later age? What age? Certainly by high school, but how much before? I was feeling good about this year until this darn test 😕
  4. I was trying to point out that it’s not random. For us, bickering or slugging a sibling warranted a temporary list reassignment, but they quickly were back on Santa’s nice list once the appropriate apologies were made.
  5. There is an app my husband has where your kids put their finger on the screen and it scans and shows them if they’re on the naughty or nice list (you choose which it’s going to be beforehand). Maybe that would reassure him he’s on Santa’s nice list.
  6. I use the Text Replacement feature on my iPhone to help search this board. I set it up so that when I type "swtm" it replaces it with "site:welltrainedmind.com" Much faster googling that way :)
  7. Onions? It took us years to figure that out with DH. There's an enzyme or something in them that some people can't digest and causes stomach distress, etc.
  8. Don't get it for Latin! You can tell that it's cookie cutter from conversational living language courses, which is not useful for Latin. I tried it and they have you learning how to ask for the toilet, where the telephone is, and the words for automobile and computer. What??? And no explanation of grammar, no macrons. And after all that you can't sell it, it's against the terms of service. Worse than useless. I'm mad just thinking about it 😡
  9. Well, you can buy PDF downloads of SOTW Activity Guides you already have. I did that by accident once but was fine with it as a sneaky way to donate to the forum costs :)
  10. Sounds like my first. $2K in blood tests to find a cause of FTT and no answers. He grew out of it by age 2 and is tall/slim for his age now. Are the height and head circumference following an upward trend? If so, I wouldn't worry. He may just be burning >avg. calories now that he's so mobile...how is he sleeping? Is he on the low end of typical hours per day at his age? Whole milk yogurt and those Babybell cheeses were helpful for my tiny guy who resisted sleep. Calorie-dense is good since eating is so boring compared to exploring :) Best of luck!
  11. In the beginning of the year I contemplated purchasing Singapore Math Live access just to have the pre-scheduled weekly assignments like you can see in the sample syllabus: http://www.singaporemathlive.com/try-it-for-free.html She has the page numbers for WB, IP, and CWP listed for each week. Knowing I wouldn't have time to watch the videos, in the end I chose to just put a post-it and do-the-next-thing, but $30 might be worth it for a "tried and tested" collation of workbooks.
  12. See if you can access Lynda.com through your library. Their software tutorials are thorough, fun and in bite-sized lessons.
  13. That letter came for my 6-year-old son, too. But I do have a kids savings account for him. When I opened it, it was through ING Direct, which has since been acquired by Capital One 360. At the time I think they gave you $50 or $100 just for opening a savings account in your kid's name. I logged in to my account to check on his and it's fine, so I'm not sure why they mailed the letter. I don't think it's a scam though.
  14. For my DS who'll be 7 in July: ---Daily subjects--- Math: Singapore 2A/2B + IP (semester behind) + Kate Snow books Reading: finish OPGTR, lots of library books :) Penmanship: Zaner Bloser 2C ---3-4x week--- Writing: WWE1 Spelling: AAS Grammar: FLL2 ---2-3x week--- History: SOTW2 + AG Science: RSO Earth & Space ---weekly--- Art: Home Art Studio Music: Piano - Music for Little Mozarts Misc.: Daily Geography, Lollipop Logic, MP Enrichment (poetry, art appreciation, music appreciation) PE: swimming with Daddy We're required to test for the first time in Spring, so possibly Thinking Skills for Tests as practice for the Stanford I'll administer at home.
  15. DS6 is in exactly the same situation and section of OPGTR right now! I decided to do 2 lessons per day until we reach what feels like "instructional-level" phonics again. I'll let him get the review and build his reading speed/fluency, but I'm too new to skip anything ;) And as maize mentioned, the snuggle up and (have them) read plan has been working for us. Doesn't it feel fantastic? :hurray:
  16. While the inside joke versions are cute, I'd prefer if the items had "Well-Trained Mind" on them. When I bring my Peace Hill Press tote bag to the library, I hope someone will do a Google search out of curiosity and that it will give them confidence that hey, that family homeschools and they seem OK, maybe we could look into that as a valid option. Or, if they recognize the name that they'll feel welcome to come talk to us. Also, I second the suggestion that the tote bags be made of sturdy enough material to hold a decent number of books :)
  17. I thought personal chef for a nanosecond before imagining an actual person in the house who'd require small talk...I totally couldn't handle that even in imaginary land. :blush:
  18. Well, my dad read it as a kid. He was born in the 1930s. He named (middle name) me after the Princess in it :) I've met one other person with the name Aleta, and yep, her dad named her after the comic, too :D
  19. The places were chosen by players of the game called "Ingress" which was created by the same company in 2013. They apparently haven't been accepting any more landmark submissions for a year or so. I downloaded both games and there is definitely a crossover, but not completely identical. My legs are still sore from my, uh, research. DH couldn't believe I went on such long walks in the humidity with a baby carrier and a summer cold besides :lol:
  20. Congratulations! We did the MaterniT21 test with our youngest, too, and in addition to the peace of mind, it was pretty fun finding out boy/girl extra early. It makes up for being called "advanced maternal age" at least. ;) Oh, who am I kidding, it was more like absolutely giddy with excitement :D
  21. Helpful Garden Montessori has some free downloads for the whole alphabet (you could print just the ones she needs): https://sites.google.com/site/thehelpfulgardendownloads/language-arts-downloads/pre-reading
  22. Nice! Was it in Graz? I roasted a turkey in my dorm and brought it by taxi to our exchange student Thanksgiving :D To bring this back around to the topic (nearly ;) )...At some point I made pancakes for an Austrian friend and generously gave him the first stack and some maple syrup I had brought from home. He ever so carefully cut each bite from the top pancake so as not to disturb the next pancake down. :lol: Also my roommates were not impressed with the Twizzlers my mom sent in a care package :) Oh, but chocolate chip cookies were unusual to them and a huge hit!
  23. Avalon Academy here, too. My kids' names are all appropriately Arthurian ;) I think I only ever needed a homeschool name when filling out the form for the Barnes and Noble educator discount card. But hey, now we've got one :)
  24. I use Charlie's powder too. About 5 years ago I recall calculating the cost of making your own detergent vs. buying ready-made and it was cheaper per load to just get a giant tub of Charlie's from Amazon. It lasts for several years even though we do 1-3 loads a day. It's no fragrance. I use it on all our laundry, including cloth diapers (cotton) and baby clothes. Seems fine to me but maybe I don't know any better :)
  25. I am a SAHM of two very active boys ages 4.5 and 17 months. My oldest is just starting to sit still long enough (more than 30 seconds at a time - ha!) for us to be able to do more intentional 3R activities as part of our day. It is so fun for all of us! Even baby brother pretends to count and name letters :) I've been lurking here for a bit as I plan for K and beyond. What a great resource this board is! Looking forward to being a part of the WTM community.
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