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  1. I only did this test because my state requires one annually. So yeah, we’re not doing tests/quizzes really during our regular learning. I think firstly I need to chill out, and then work on giving him more opportunities to work independently and learn to take pride in work well done. Or at least more carefully done! Thank you all for considering my troubles and giving suggestions.
  2. That makes sense, HomeAgain. It's more a matter of getting him to care about getting things right the first time. I like your checklist, and I’ll try having him grade his work occasionally like you suggested. Thank you.
  3. At what age should test-taking skills be studied in earnest? DS8 is doing standardized testing this week, and I’ve noticed he’s making many careless mistakes. In our normal days, I would say “Double check your answer for #5,” or something like that and he’d easily find the right solution. But you can’t do that during testing. Is it worth setting aside time at this age specifically for studying how to take tests? Or does that make more sense at a later age? What age? Certainly by high school, but how much before? I was feeling good about this year until this darn test 😕
  4. I was trying to point out that it’s not random. For us, bickering or slugging a sibling warranted a temporary list reassignment, but they quickly were back on Santa’s nice list once the appropriate apologies were made.
  5. There is an app my husband has where your kids put their finger on the screen and it scans and shows them if they’re on the naughty or nice list (you choose which it’s going to be beforehand). Maybe that would reassure him he’s on Santa’s nice list.
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