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  1. Our family flew last week. We were surprised by a new rule of removing all food/snacks from our bags and have them inspected separately. (Apparently food looks like explosives on the scanner). I forgot about the M&Ms, so my bag was searched until they found the offending treats. . In our departing airport we were allowed to wear our coats through the metal detector. But on the way home we had to take off our coats and sweatshirts and have them go through the scanner.
  2. Math - Right Start Phonics - Phonics Pathways and early reader books (add AAS when she's ready) Lit/Handwriting/Grammar - ELTL 1 (with DS7) History - SOTW (with DS7) Science - BFSU "D" thread (with DS7)
  3. Please put me on the "I'm interested" list!
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