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  1. No, I had no dressing. It's a small cut, 1.5" to the side of my throat. It was glued together. It had to stay dry for 10-14 days but I did sneak a hair washing a time or two. Then when it can get wet, it dissolves or washes off within a few showers - I'm foggy on those details but there were no stitches and no oozing of any sort, very clean and tidy! But he may have a much bigger incision.
  2. I only had C5 & 6 fused but I needed my mom to come and stay with us for a week. Between the pain meds and the discomfort (you have to sleep in a really awful collar for awhile and then a softer collar that is equally difficult to sleep in), I needed help for several days just getting up and around. I don't remember being in pain for long because I stopped the pain meds very soon. I just know the pills knocked me out when I did take them. I remember lying down was so uncomfortable because of the collar. I was in my 30s, I can imagine a 70 year old would heal much slower. He needs som
  3. You could copy old tests and present them a few lessons down the road - repeatedly if necessary. MUS works really well for one of my kids. But I add other problems - mostly word problems and occasionally math mammoth pages. Or I make up my own. But I use the "tests" from the little test book as review often. If he forgets a concept, you could have him re-watch that lesson's video. I've had to back up a few lessons to re-present the concept before. It usually rings bells for her and she remembers how to do the problem.
  4. we use two things - Old kindle Touch which you have to buy used on Amazon now but they have audio speakers. And my kids have Kindle Fires. You can lock internet on them. Don't put minecraft on there or you'll run into the issue I face - kid says they are going to listen to a book and I find them playing games. For our library audiobooks, I download on the computer and transfer to the kindle via USB cord. At least with our library, audiobooks can't be sent to a kindle via wi-fi, only cord. I've never put library audiobooks on the Fires, only the Touches. Books purchased on Audible books
  5. I'd like to find something for Spelling, too. It is our most challenging subject. We started with AAS then tried A&P and SW. Now we're back to AAS. The two workbook styles just didn't teach the kids anything. The jury is still out on whether they are retaining anything in AAS but we're giving it a lot of effort.
  6. We're in a similar situation. My career is higher paying so back to work I went. It's hard. We decided at the time to sell our house and move near family. We weren't tied to the area (other than we just built our dream house but there are other houses). So the kids and I are staying with my parents until my husband sells our house and we get settled in this new area. In the meantime, I work (found a good job in no time just because my profession is also in demand and I'd only been out for 4 years) and my mom has agreed to finish this school year out for the kids. They'll start school in
  7. I'm fairly picky and don't like hot lunches. The things I've been alternating: Salads Cold leftover meat (I prefer it that way to warmed up, the best is BBQ chicken from the grill leftover and I cut it before I put it in my lunchbox) add veggies and dip and fruit and maybe some crackers and a fork since he's afraid to go to the lunchroom for a fork ;) Blackbean salad with chips Hodge-Podge - fruit, veggies/dip, crackers/cheese, nuts, muffins, etc. Mix and match. Also one of my go-tos for the kiddos. I second the above person who suggested if he likes sandwiches, pack the component
  8. I'm required to test every year by the state. I use the ITBS. I like having a bit of confirmation that I'm (ok, they're) doing alright.
  9. Yes! Getting your card punched (so to speak) by doing 2 years in a Big 4 accounting firm stinks, but industry jobs that come after that are great. There are tons of quality jobs out there without even going the public accounting route. Although I think getting that experience is a real asset. And, I think it's really important to get a CPA license even if you never plan to practice in public accounting.
  10. Location. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I've become a serial homebuyer. Now, I'll always think about how quickly/well I'll be able to unload a house. So, location is what matters. And then age of home. Then, features of the actual house.
  11. We loved it. Very simple for that age. We stopped doing the states part but loved the history.
  12. My son struggled. He still repeats the only phrase that helped: Bat before Ball makes a b. Doorknob before Door makes a d. I'm sure I found it on pinterest because I printed little visual clues that I hung on the wall near him so he just had to glance at it.
  13. I started my twins with Singapore. One is very mathy and really took to it. The other needed to move to something else. She uses MUS and does really well with it. I'm glad I switched her. I supplement with other things - Challenging Word Problems or MM, both of which I already own.
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