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  1. The spicy lentil bake was yummy. I used frozen corn instead of green peppers, and used whatever spices I had in my cabinet -- but it turned out lovely. Surprised at how cheap and easy it is to cook with lentils. I enjoyed Nestof3's dish as much as the honey-baked lentils. On the down side, we ate honey-baked lentils on Friday evening, and spicey-baked lentils this evening, so our new family theme song is "Rudey Tooty" . . . beware!!
  2. You have a fabulous blog -- I'm going there right now to read and hang-out! Cheers, T
  3. 9, 7, 4 and even now, I swoon at the thought of having grandbabies. I'm dizzy with anticipation. I can't wait to be the "go-to grammie" simply because I'll get to love-on our grand-babies while our children and their spouses can have a moment to relax, rekindle and engage in each other.
  4. I'm ready to make legumes be the saving grace of my grocery budget. Tell me everything! T
  5. My 9 year old son has been doing GWG since September, and we're 1/2 way through the book. I don't teach the GWG lessons, unless he runs into some difficulty. He's been able to connect the lessons from GWG into the writing dictations/narrations we've been doing in History and Science. I'm thrilled with GWG -- ds enjoys the lessons with no belly-aching, he's getting the practice he needs and most importantly, he's connecting the grammar rules/lessons into his writing. I hear him mumbling under his breath -- apostrophe or just an s . . . plural or possessive? GWG has been my compromise . . . I don't want to grammar my littles into the ground, but I think grammar needs to be studied to some level of mastery as children. It's been one of my favourites picks for this year, no question. Cheerio, T
  6. So much so, I've applied to work there on more than one occassion. Alas, I've never even made it to the interview stage. T
  7. Thank you for the recipe above . . . I'll try it this weekend and get back to the Hive! Cheerio, T
  8. I'm heading to the Bulk Barn today to buy a LARGE quantity of lentils, in all shapes and colours! (Oh, it must be the winter crazy train that's making me this excited to go Bulk Barn shopping *sigh*) This is my kind of cooking: quick, easy, pantry ingredients; 3 minutes tops to throw the dish together, bake and walk away. In all fairness, my Peachlets weren't nearly as thrilled as I was . . . but what's new? Anyone else have a favourite "quick & dirty" legume recipe - I'm up for anything. Have to build on this success! (BTW, I did add rice and it made a casserole type dish!) To make 6 main-dish servings, you will need: 1 cup dry lentils 2 cups water 2 Tbsp. honey 2 Tbsp. soy sauce 2 Tbsp. olive oil 1/2 tsp. ginger 1 clove garlic, crushed 1 small onion or 1/4 large onion, diced salt and pepper to taste It will have a soupy consistency, suitable for serving in bowls or over rice or in a baked potato or squash. If you prefer a more solid, casserole-like consistency, add: 1/3 cup rice Combine all ingredients in a casserole dish. Bake, covered, at 350F until tender, about an hour and a half. We baked some squash at the same time to make a complete meal with no additional energy use. It was a tasty combination of foods.
  9. Nothing more than that -- the cheapest, yummiest dish I've made in 2008! Thank you to the superstar that posted this recipe! Cheers, T
  10. IMO, that letter seems like the owner was discouraged (almost hurt feelings) because you are frequent clients; you have been there many times; he probably feels like he knows you better than the other one-timers and therefore, wants you to know that your no-show bothered him, maybe more than other people not phoning. I would completely suck it back, phone this man and apologize and listen to him be discouraged with you. I think the snotty tone means he wants validation that you did indeed, drop the ball by not phoning. I might even send a card reiterating the chaos of the days heading into that weekend and repeat how much you enjoy his spot. Once you've done the "ask forgiveness thing" you can let it be. The ball is back in his court. That's how I would navigate this situation, but I'm a peace-maker, especially over these sorts of moments.
  11. I've applied to study a Master of Education specializing in Counseling. (The non-educational stream) I love people, coming alongside, encouraging the walk through very difficult situations and memories of trauma and abuse. I've known for years I want to help more, but I couldn't figure out the academic path. Applying for grad school in counseling with very few pysch courses might be a huge deterrent, however, I've got maturity and experience on my side. I remember a comment made by my favorite history prof as a undergrad. She was a woman, super-cool, bright . . . I knew I was not in the land of my anoiting when she said, "I love what I do. I find my identity in being a historian, researching, consulting, writing, teaching." That shocked me because I certainly didn't take academics all that seriously. Now, that I know that I know what it is I want to do, I'm really quite thrilled about the prospects of returning to school. Gals, whatever you dream, go for it! And, thank you all for the encouragement. Now, I'll spend 8 weeks with my toes and fingers crossed for good luck. I have to release my admissions anxiety . . . what will be will be! Tricia
  12. Hello WTM'ers, Today is a really special day for me! I'm sharing with you because this board has been a real source of encouragement for me. { Names that come to mind are PariSarah (completed PhD, working while nursing - sheesh, that's impressive); another gal (Virginia?) who enrolled at CC because she just knew that she had a bright mind that hadn't been encouraged after highschool; our own SWB who seems to have her life together despite juggling many hats, wife, mom, hs'er, PhD, author, business woman.} So, today I sent off my application to return to Graduate School. I felt boosted in confidence and joy, just because I actually found the courage to get my transcripts together, complete the package and put myself out there. Acceptance? Rejection? At this moment, it barely even matters - I'm thrilled that I did it. I let my brain travel to a land where it would be alright for me to do something for myself. I think of the many moms here who accomplish so much - we've all been given the gift of 24 hours in a day. Thank you for motivating me to "get out of my own way." (I had to throw in some Newfoundland lingo for you.) I'll continue hs'ing while I slog through the degree on a part-time basis. Thank-you, to all of you who haven't been scared to dream, and have told us about it here. Cheerio, Tricia
  13. Yes, I think you could, depending on the age of your children. The one rule of a succesful REA - it's a hill to die on: Always answer your phone. People buying, selling, looking at houses are generally afflicted with that crazy disease called "tyranny of the urgent," especially newbies, who have little understanding of the process. Have you ever considered being a buyer's agent, and working with a team of agents? Less money, but more predictable in terms of comittment. Or, at the very least, team up with one other agent, preferably an experienced agent who's been around the block. You share the commission, but you also share the workload. If you are just getting into the business, I would approach an almost retired agent who still loves the game, but lacks all-day energy for the running around. Good Luck! Tricia
  14. We bought and sold two houses while dh was still working offshore . . . in both houses, I spent the first 5 - 6 days by myself until dh returned. I freaked out, totally. The house felt different, sounded different, I wasn't sure if the neighbours were wingnuts -- the whole thing made me crazy. In both houses, though, it was fine after that first stretch alone. I did make sure all the windows were locked, door bolted -- the usual, and called anyone who would listen to me talk. Cheers, T
  15. Probably on the light side, but here it is. My kids are 9, 7 and preschool. We only do school 4 days a week, with Friday being piano and art class. In this order, M - Th Copywork or Aesop or Poetry Math Latin (Thank you Lively Latin for the lovely download for vocab/chants) Spelling for youngest / GWG for oldest son. Lunch Science or History (academic writing - narrations get done here) Bravewriter for fun writing. Current games: Latin/Greek root words to play Connect 4. Mult/Div games for both boys. Hit and miss -- logic games, puzzles, art appreciation. Lifestyle: three word french commands - range ta chambre, brosser tes dents, lave les mains, viens manger, etc. I've purposely chosen "less" because I still want the Peachlets to have time to explore their own interests. For ie, my oldest has been collecting snippets of information here and there about Harriet Tubman; The Underground Railroad; Civil Rights; Martin Luther King; racial diversity . . . it's been fascinating to watch the process of self-learning, especially over such an important topic. For a chronic non-planner, this little schedule above feels like FREEDOM. I am always attempting to span the bridge between the classical S & S and the CM lifestyle. Cheerio, Tricia
  16. Doran, could I fit in there as well. Two's company, three's a crowd, I know . . . but we're women. We could make it work. Me, you and MamaBear. While we're all in that room, I think we should do continuous play of Ozzy Osburne's hit: "I'm going off the rails on the Crazy Train." That's been our theme song here for a few days -- must be the Canadian cold that warping my brain. MamaBear -- hang in. Love, Tricia
  17. Worms and Water Eels. I loathe them. Worms disgust me. shudder. I love spring-time running because of the sun and warmth, but the worms kill my desire. uck. gag. I run along, imagining I'm going to step on one, and I'll feel it squish under my sneakers. That gross worm will be lodged in the treads of my kicks. Hate worms. Maybe I'm not scared of them . . . but I do loathe them. And they stink. gag. Eels -- swimming in the lake of a g-friends house last summer on a really hot day. Swimming much too close to the wharf *and* wearing goggles. Grossest thing I've ever seen . . . an eel swam right by me. Mr. Eel wasn't at all concerned about me, but I did a most undignified dance in front of an entire birthday party. Squeeled like a school-girl. Not sure if I'll ever be able to get back in a lake again. There you have it. TMI?
  18. Awhile back, I posted on the "what qualifies a hs'er as a veteran." I blurted out what my mind holds as a veteran under my circumstances, using my goals as the requirement for verteran status. My post bounced hurtfully with a regular hiver who is hs'ing her special needs child . . . and I felt horrible when I realized I'd offended her, certainly not meaning to; I spoke out of my own goals and experience and didn't take into consideration the whole spectrum of teaching/learning that is represented on these boards. Since then, I've surfed more, posted less and just mostly use the boards for gleaning information or the occassional ha-ha. Cheers, Tricia
  19. I'm always interested in the Canadians on the board as well. Howdy, all you hs'ers north of the US border! T
  20. absolutely discouraged with these new boards. My simple brain can't figure out how to navigate this crazy land called the "New and Updated" WTM boards. Sadly, Tricia :( But hey, on a positive note, I just made a sad face with the smiles --- cool.
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