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  1. I ended up calling the local university and tbh, they don't seem very knowledgeable about the different sorts of standardized testing.  The lady in the AO was very determined to talk SATs and seemed to have no idea around scope-sequence for that particular testing or comparatively, for the IB or AP routes.  I think I will do a pre-application meeting with the Mr who oversees the engineering core courses and go from there.  sigh. 


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  2. Hello Hivers,


    Directed towards parents who have some experience with Canadian university admissions . . . 


    My kids are doing AP courses, exclusively, at the high school near our home.  Oldest did AP Cal A/B last year, as a 10th grader, and is preparing for B/C this year, as a self-study.  He is also writing AP Physics 1 & 2 this year.  Next year, as a 12th grader, he'll do AP Chem and regular English 12.  He knows he wants to attend a local university for engineering.  


    I'm wondering if it is redundant for him write the SAT's as well.  From what I can see, Math 2 SAT is pre-cal.  It probably doesn't make sense to spend the money writing SAT exams if he has the standardized testing done with AP Cal.  Would you have your student jump the SAT hoops, anyways, as an extra level of testing?   I don't really want to spend the money if it isn't necessary.







  3. Hi, I'm not here very often but popped in for physics helps for my middle and noticed this thread.  We are also in Nova Scotia.

    My big kids are enrolled in part-time high school but allowing part-time access is very much at the discretion of the principal in your district.  My kids are lucky b/c the school has full-on welcomed them and have no problems with them being in school 1/2 time.  Luckily enough for us, this little high school in our backyard offers a number of AP courses.  When my kids "graduate" from high school, they won't have an official high school diploma.  It will be the courses they've taken in high school, their AP and SAT results, letters of reference from their teachers at the high school and my own meager recording of what we've done.  


    Oldest is interested in enrolling early at uni but we're not quite prepared for that so this year, he's doing two AP Physics exams and AP Cal B/C via AofPS as preparation.  Next year, he'll do both of the calculus-based physics AP exams.  From what I can see via his peer group, my kids may not have a proper high-school diploma but they are at least equally prepared for the rigors of university and some cases, probably more prepared.  Of the 25 students who wrote the AP Cal A/B exam last May from the high school where my kids attend, 2 scored a 5, 2 scored a 4 and the rest were 3 and below.   


    The standardized testing doesn't lie.  Your student is either prepared for university or not . . . and the admissions office of the universities in our city (to quote a homeschooling family in which dad is a grad school prof) "swings their doors wide open" for first year students.  It is a business, afterall . . . 


    I think so long that you keep your ducks in a row and work backwards from the end goal of university admission, it will go well for you in this province. 



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  4. Hello Hive,


    I am here infrequently but whenever I come up against an academic wall with my kids, I come here first.


    My middle is doing his first semester of public school -- AP Physics 1 and Chem 11.  


    He is really struggling in physics, not the math end, but it seems he can't keep all the info organized in his mind.  

    I'd like to help him make some sort of "road map" over the holiday break.  A notebook that has all of the vocab, formulas, concepts and then a couple example questions for each section.  


    We have some good resources -- like Flipping Physics, AP Physics Essentials and a Giancoli textbook -- the struggle seems to be getting a handle on sorting the information.  I dont' want to rewrite Genesis with this, but definitely need to help him somehow.


    Does anyone have suggestions as to how to best help, and keeping in mind Physics is not my happy land.  



  5. I think I may have found one spot . . . it has a verbal contract and they are giving the other party 24 hours to come up with the 50% deposit.   Keeping my fingers crossed.  Don't think I could do six weeks with high-performance paddlers in a cabin or RV.  Maybe if it were just me and my children but it will be a chaperone and six paddlers and food prep becomes really important.  


  6. Yes, I've looked at VRBO - the only options that remain vacant are the $800 nightly situations -- that is way out of our price range.  I wondered if anyone here might have connections in that area, a time-share, a vacation home that they generally don't rent out but might in certain situations, or possibly know of a vacant college-type dorm, or a basement in a church with kitchen facilities.  At this point, I think we'd take just about anything.

  7. Hello WTM Board:  I haven't been here in what seems like forever . . . my big kids moved on to part-time high-school, which is almost in our backyard.  When I found out it was an AP school, I sent them along on their merry way.  Oldest has his first AP exam under his belt (AP Cal A - big thanks for the Derek Owens recommendations that I found here a long time ago - helped him score a 5 without feeling big stress) and is doing AP Physics A & B concurrently this year.  Middle is doing chem in preparation for AP Chem next year and AP Physics A this year.  We are a family in transition!


    All that said, I am desperately looking for a short term, 3 BR rental from Feb 23 - April 5, 2016, somewhere near Melbourne, Indian Harbour, Satellite Beach.  I know it's a very. long. shot. that anybody here might be able to help, but desperation forces you to look under every rock.  Our big boys paddle out of Oars & Paddles Park on Banana River Drive.  Two years ago, I chaperoned a group of kids and we are having a most difficult time with sourcing accommodations.


    Thanks in advance!




    with my big littles -- Matt almost 17, Dawson 15 and Jana 12



  8. Hi,


    Wondering for those of you who have experience with DO AP Cal, does this course meet/exceed the requirements for AP Cal AB?   Have your kids done well on the AP Cal exam using DO as their main spine?  Do you recommend any other supplementary helps?   My 16 year old is doing calculus at the local high school, but I'm not altogether sure that the students will be working towards getting classroom mark or doing well on the AP exam and I'm trying to plan a strategy for oldest  that is sustainable and able to be worked concurrently with the classroom curriculum.  


    Thanks, Tricia

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  9. Thank you for your help and comments.  I did speak to my son about "blocking" some of the kids from being able to text his phone.  We talked about "getting out" of some of those group chats that were going downhill quickly.  I don't agree with telling other parents about what their children are doing/saying via social media, for two reasons:  1) if those parents really wanted to know, they would check their kid's phone and 2) I'm not looking to parent other people's children.  I want to encourage my own to do what they need to do to remain relational with their peer group while not completely ostracizing themselves and not participating in the messy chatter.   Everyone is our family knows that the language/description is not ok and I'm not condoning it nor am I judging others and their parenting choices etc etc . . . moving forward, I'm encouraging my kids to stay away from the drivel of chat-groups, block the most offensive kids, and try to be a positive influence with their peer group, if at all possible.   Thanks for the help.  T

  10. This is a related question to this thread . . . my oldest tried out public school this year and the pace is s-l-o-w.  He's in Physics 12 right now . . .our local high school does offer AP classes but with the format change, and b/c the guidance office didn't know about the change, they put ds in Physics 12 without knowing that the AP Physics had been split.  


    If he wanted to self-study at home for the AP Physics 1 exam (the new format), what would you recommend?  If we wanted to go the online route (similar to AofPS for math, or Derek Owens), is there an online class that you could recommend?   (I would prefer a non-Christian element to an online hs science course.)

  11. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your response. I haven't heard of Nooma videos and I'll give them a google.

    I think what we're looking for is maybe some inspiration on how to be a 'family of faith' . . . not the follow the rules, do this or do that, not how to be a 'leader' or how to stand out in the crowd. We want to find the real thing and walk a path that feels good for our family. Not 'religious' -- no 'agenda' -- no 'holier than thou' . . . just walk a Jesus-Way and feel good about that.

    Does that sound all wishy-washy and flighty?

    We open the bible as a family, we don't worship together but we could, seeing that all three of ours play something.

    Our older boys willingly engage in conversation that would build moral and character -- as parents, we're trying to make our way with a faith-walk that feels authentic.

    We want to 'continue/start/retool' with building a foundation that is worthy of building a life upon and we're not even sure how to go about that for ourselves, let alone our kids.

  12. Hello Hivers:


    Our family is really busy in the summertime and we might make it to Sunday service once or twice in a 16 week stretch. All three of ours are in three different levels of their summer sport and weekends are reserved for racing and then a few weeks of vacation and the summer is over. We have some free time in the evenings, and we'd like to do find a new round of resources aimed at character development/bible learning/justice/good living/formation themes. We'd like it to be a video of sorts (remember Rob Bell and his dozen short discussion videos from a few years back?), interesting and would lead to further discussion.


    We'd like to watch as people make a case for God, the beauty of a spiritual life, the ways knowing Jesus informs our everyday daily. Charlotte Mason says we have to lay down tracks for our kids --- I've come to realize that it comes in stages. We're at the next phase of laying down tracks for real life living and frankly, we don't have all of the answers. How do you live as a follower of Jesus while out there doing life, at university, or as they travel with friends for sport, or start to engage in dating relationships.


    Any "tried and true" recommendations? (We've done family time around Narnia, LoTR) We're not looking to be convinced of anything but we want to keep the conversations rolling around about how we want to live.


    Looking forward to your responses!


    Warmly, Tricia

  13. Next year, we plan to come South for two or three weeks . . . I really hope some of you Hivers will be able to point me in the proper direction for house rental/accommodations.

    For now, I'm planning for teenage boy "re-entry" in the family nest. I suspect I'll be walking on egg-shells for the first week. I'm really thankful that we get to practice these "mini-launches" out the house before we have to manage the real thing.

    Cheers FL Hivers!

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