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  1. I just prayed for your family and wanted to let you know that. I'll continue to keep Jenny, you, and the rest of your family in my prayers.
  2. I'm here for a minute to write a quick note to you all. First of all, I am finished with all of the refunds. YAAAAAAY!!! Second of all, thank you all to everyone who gave me all of your unending patience in this. I have no words for how much stress this has been on this rollercoaster and I am so so grateful to everyone who patiently waited for me to work through all of it and get your money back to you. I am as relieved, as you all are too I'm sure, to see the end of this saga with Landry. Thirdly, thank you all who prayed for me or sent their positive thoughts my way for my health. Unfortunately the extensive testing and treatment I've had done has led us to the conclusion that I am unlikely to be cured. If anyone has any more prayers and positive thoughts I'll take them as I am literally fighting for my life. With the help of a crap ton of medications, a team of medical professionals that cover me from head to toe, and the support of my husband, I am doing so more or less successfully at any given moment. Hopefully I continue to win for a long time yet, but what long equals is unsure. I know this paragraph is a bummer so I'm going to leave it there. This got long and I need to go crash but I wanted to update everyone and make sure you all know how grateful I am for the support through this, and in general for my health. Be well everyone! <3
  3. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement for her health. She sees a specialist today to see what a new pair of eyes can come up with for a solution. I've heard back from Landry and gotten everything sorted out with them. I will be messaging a few of you this morning to get some information. They need a lot more information for new accounts than either of us realized, including Student Name: Student Email: Street Address: City: State: Zip: Guardian Name: Guardian Email: Guardian Phone Number: If you see this before I message you and you have never had an account with Landry before you can message it to me here, or email it to me at 71432james@gmail.com Thanks for your patience everyone and some of you that have accounts already may see your transfer very soon as the person I'm talking to at Landry said she's already processing our order.
  4. *IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THIS BUY* I am Alison's husband, and I am posting on her behalf. Alison has been battling an infection for the last several weeks, that started out run of the mill, easy to handle at home, and has become a nasty one needing hospital intervention, and is now in multiple places in her body, including pneumonia in her lungs, despite multiple rounds of different antibiotics and other treatments. This has taken way more out of her than she expected it to. She has ups and downs throughout the days but despite her best efforts she just has not been able to stay on top of this buy like she thought she would be able to when she took it on at the start of September. I have offered to step in and get it wound up so she has one less thing to worry about as she focuses on healing. Anyone who has Facebook messaged her, I have responded. If you have emailed her I am looking for those to respond, but if you've sent an email and havn't gotten a response from me by Thursday then please send a PM on here and I will get back to you. Those who have bought through these before have said it takes two months, and I know we aren't quite there yet (about 1.5 months right now), but I know that there are people worried about their credits being dispersed, and I can assure you Alison is concerned about getting your credits to you all as well. I can see the original email request with everyone's info sent to Landry but there has been some confusion apparently about whether it made it to the right person so I have sent an email to clear up any confusion about that already and if I do not hear back about it today I will call tomorrow (the 20th) to make sure the right person has the information for everyone. I am leaving for the hospital in about 5 hours so I should get some sleep. I will be with her all day tomorrow as we have a rare day where a family member can watch our kids all day. I will post another update here either tomorrow night if I get my day wrapped up early enough or else on Thursday. Please accept my apology on her behalf about any delayed responses or worry they have caused. She feels awful about not being able to keep up with this buy to the level she wanted of herself when she took it on. This infection caught us all by surprise and I am hoping that I can help here and we will have everything sorted out as soon as possible. Please know no one has been forgotten and this is still very much a priority for her, its just her health has to take most of her energy right now.
  5. I'm in Canada and voted no and can't see any reason to be. The only people I know who have guns in the house use them in their work (police). And they do not carry off duty. I have lived rural, in a small city, and in a major city and my answer doesn't change for any of the environments.
  6. I am in Canada and as far as I can tell it isn't possible here. I've tried everything I can find online to try and it just doesn't work :( I am very very disappointed as well. If anyone *in Canada* figures out a way to make it work I'd love to know.
  7. That sounds like an amazing time!!! I know nothing about herpetology but following along your posts about it is really interesting :)
  8. Crashing in here to say how unbelievably talented you all are. I'm totally awestruck. :)
  9. So far no but I will send an email to follow up. Others have said it took 2 months in past years though and we are not even quite at 3 weeks yet so I imagine it could still be quite a wait. :)
  10. I need advice. I have the opportunity to purchase a fourth generation iPad for a good price and I am debating whether it is worth it vs a different tablet. Though the price is good android tablets of various brands can still be bought for cheaper which is why I'm not sure yet what to do. Are there any apps or functionality or anything else that make an iPad better for a homeschooling family vs an android tablet of some sort? I have an old iPhone that has no service so I use it as an iPod touch and I do that specifically because on a day to day basis there are apps I use that aren't available for android but right now we don't use a tablet for homeschooling and this will be our first one for that so I don't know if there are apps I'll really wish I could have that android doesn't do. It'll be used by me and DH but also our fifth grader who has fine motor delays (going to set him up with some speech to text and also the ability to mark up PDFs without printing them and anything else we think of). We also have a 2nd grader and 1st grader who will use it as necessary. They have their own devices with library books and audible on them already. Any thoughts appreciated.
  11. Just a quick update. All the credits are sold. Thanks everyone!
  12. Back again, I have made it through all the emails and messages I have had so if you have not received a response from me I probably did not get your message and please resend it. I have 4 credits left up for grabs and there are two people who have put dibs on them. If those people pass for whatever reason I will update here that they are available again but as of right now I believe they will be spoken for. Thanks so much everyone. :)
  13. Hi again everyone... I just wanted to let everyone know that I've been really sick since the weekend so if you sent me a message in the last couple of days I'm just about to check and reply to them now. Still no news is good news on the transferring credits front. I have at least 4 credits, and maybe more, that need picked up so if you are looking for any extra credits let me know. I'd like to have them all claimed and paid for by Friday at the latest. I'll post an updated total of how many we have left tomorrow whenever I can make it online.
  14. My kids are off for an adventure for a few days with my Mom to visit my brother and SIL and nephews. They will have a great time and I'm so glad they are getting to see them. The thing is my anxiety has been bad lately in general, and this has set it off really badly. They just left and I'm trying not to throw up. I have no reason to believe anything bad will happen (I'm mostly worried about the drive there and back, just under two hours each way on the highway). Could I get some prayers that it's a smooth trip and they have a great time and are home safe to me as planned? And that I don't go crazy in the process? I should be excited to have this time to spend with just DH and I am, but my anxiety is ruining it for me. Anxiety sucks.
  15. There are truly no words. I am so very, deeply sorry. That is an unimaginable loss. I am sending my prayers.
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