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  1. I LURVE Pinterest! But it is seriously addictive. Here I am. It is extremely geeky and Doctor Who heavy.
  2. Personally, I like the very slight vanilla flavor of Chobani, but then again, I like the flavor of plain yogurt. I used to make my own, put it over granola with a tiny sprinkling of raw sugar and called it good.
  3. Baby Stella by Manhattan Toy. Available in many independent toy stores and on Amazon and from lots of other online retailers. Both of my girls received these when they turned three. My 6 year still plays with hers, and my 8 year old only recently gave hers away. The quality is lovely, they are sweet and cuddly. They have a heft to them, too. Not a "stuffed doll" feeling. Highly recommend!
  4. Oh yeah... it was GUUUUUUUD. (Not taunting you, just encouraging you to keep on trying!!!!!)
  5. Thanks. These are all really great ideas... For those of you with a Fire, is there a reason you went with the more expensive Fire? Did you choose it as an iPad substitute, or simply because you wanted color?
  6. We are buying a Kindle for our 8 year old. Are there ways to set up parental controls, so she doesn't inadvertently purchase something willy nilly? If your child has a Kindle, do you link it to your own Amazon account, or do you have to set up their own account for delivery purposes? I have Kindle on my iPad, but I know you can set up several devices on one account. But if I do that, will she be able to download items in MY cloud?
  7. It isn't mine. My best friend in Washington state asked me if I would host it for her niece, who attends the Christian grade school I attended a zillion years ago. I received it a week ago, and the instructions just said to send it along to someone in another state.
  8. Is it ate appropriate for an 8 yo? Or interesting for that age? Almost DD8 is not into little girl stuff, and fancies herself "grown up". Trying to discourage that. Want her to grow up but not to become GROWN up IYKWIM.
  9. Thanks everyone!! I got a PM with an address, but perhaps she can send it on to one of you? I love this board, I really do!!!
  10. Anyone not in Washington State or Virginia willing to receive a Flat Stanley? Thanks.
  11. I know this is a rather broad question, but which cell phone carrier has the best coverage in the Oklahoma city area? And if anyone says Verizon, I may cry. Very bad feelings about Verizon in the Bikebookbread home TIA!
  12. I voted pinch and still taste. I think it is more of a diversion tactic :D
  13. They may not be in style according to HGTV, but try to live in Arizona in the summer without them, and you really, really, really won't give a flying flip what an HGTV style maven says. When we lived there, I don't believe I ever visited someone's home, old or brand new, that didn't have fans. The new construction homes all had receptacles in place (we bought a brand new home when we moved there). And yes, we had air conditioning -- very efficient, brand new, yadda yadda... Sure those little chandaleirs are cute and stylish, but if you need a fan, get a fan. If you don't, don't. I'm no
  14. I love it now, too. I've been doing CrossFit for a while now, and I always am happy when I see it is a weights-heavy day.
  15. We have a greyhound which we adopted in November through a rescue agency. His full racing name was Chase Biscuit, but we just call him Chase.
  16. First of all, I can't reply to each and every one of you wonderful, wonderful people but I know that I appreciate each and every one of your wonderful and thoughtful responses. I feel so much better this morning than I did yesterday afternoon. DH has a calming influence as well, and was wonderful. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: So... I went ahead and bought Saxon 2 and the manipulatives. I am sure there was a cheaper way to do it than from Amazon, but I am not in a position to spend hours comparing prices, figuring out what manips we already have and buying stuff individually. If I hav
  17. I was hoping you would chime in given your counseling background Joanne. The depression is long-term chronic, family history depression. Ugh. Been on and off meds for almost 20 years. No therapy. Can anyone say "time?" double ugh. I know I need to do a lot of things including going back to my rigorous exercise which frankly, did more for my psyche than any meds ever did. (but I stay on them anyway). Frankly, I am not being a perfectionist. Here is an example of an interaction today with the math problem was as follows: Look at the patterns and Fill in the blank: 5 1 6 4 5 9 2 ____ 3
  18. We're already using rods after our failed attempt at Miquon (kinder). We switched to Singapore kindergarten (I can't remember what it called) and she devoured the workbook so we stuck with it for this year? The rods seem to help but unless I tell her exactly what to do with them, she is literally clueless. I simply can not figure out what this girl's learning style is when it comes to math. We also used a lot of kumon in kinder, and she ate it up. Are the Kumon math workbooks that you can buy in amazon and at B&N etc. the same that they use in the tutoring centers? Are they adequate as a
  19. It is Veritas and regarding accellerated Saxon? now I am doubly nervous.:blink:
  20. The school is a unique hybrid school: 2days in class classical, 3 days home school. Utilizes WTM method for much of the curriculum. SWB is speaking there this spring. It is rigorous.
  21. Thanks everybody. Fortunately her reading is stellar. She was tested at fourth grade level midway through grade one. Spelling is so so, as no phonics were taught, but we are working on that as well. I think I forgot to mention that in the OP.
  22. I know I have been MIA. To be honest, it has been a #^% of a year. I don't swear often, but I am at that point. Sickness, massive behavior problems with dd7 and my chronic depression have gotten the better of me. So here it is, January 4, 2012 and I am in a HUGE homeschooling hole and I must dig us out. Due to her bad PS first grade experience, I had to repeat first grade math. We are about to finish Singapore 1A (and that has even been a struggle for her... I seriously wonder what she was taught or not taught in PS!). I see no possible way that we will catch up let alone finish throu
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