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  1. Update:


    So, the party was last night. Yes, every girl from her class had been invited on Monday, save PPG. Last night when I dropped her off, the mom said, "So-and-so carried the invitation around in her backpack for a week." That is the same explanation that the girl told PPG on Friday. I am choosing to accept this explanation, and trying hard not to read anything further into it.


    I picked PPG up at the funplex at 9:00 pm (which is an hour and a half past her bedtime, BTW. She was very, very tired. She protested mildly about going home, probably because she was tired, it was so loud, and she was playing alone. I suspect that the complaints will occur tomorrow when the girls start talking about the sleepover portion at recess.


    Thanks for all of your comments. I know I made the correct decision, and would still make the same decision.

  2. Hubby wanted Samuel Adams _____. I said the poor boy would be constantly explaining, "after the patriot, not the beer." The name would have made for some interesting birth announcement possibilities, though, for our more open minded friends. :lol:


    Then came the Scandinavian names... Knut, Gunner, Solveig, Arno, Wolf.


    Decided upon William Oliver (after our paternal grandparents) But we had two girls.

  3. I would be incredibly annoyed at the last minute invitation, and would assume that other people had already turned down the invitation and the mom was trying to do some last-minute damage control so her dd would have some kids show up at the party. :glare: It certainly doesn't seem like your dd was at the top of the invitation list if she wasn't invited until the day before the party. It's not as though the mom wouldn't have had to plan this event well in advance. I think she had to commit to a certain number of kids, and she found out that a lot of them weren't going to attend, so that's why your dd was finally invited. (Sorry to sound mean -- I'm not saying that your dd shouldn't have been invited; I'm saying that the mom hadn't planned to invite her until she got desperate for kids to show up.)


    I do question one other thing -- you said that you would have no problem letting your dd attend a sleepover at the kid's house, and that the hotel thing was what bothered you. But then you mentioned that you don't know the kid or the parents, and that you find it odd that the kid is allowed to watch Vampire Diaries.


    OK, so I guess my question is -- why would you be OK with an at-home sleepover with parents you don't know at all, but that you know allow their child to watch shows you consider to be entirely inappropriate? :confused:


    If I were in your situation, the hotel location wouldn't even matter to me, because I would have immediately said no to a sleepover with parents I didn't know.


    I guess what I meant was I have no problem, generally speaking, with sleepovers... I was unclear in my thought process. My problem is with the other issues which I laid out.

  4. Slumber parties are for close friends and family. I don't trust just anyone with my child overnight. People I do trust with my child, I certainly would be fine with trusting them at a hotel -- but these are not people you trust.


    Also: there is a difference between "throwing a fit" (intentionally being rude and loud to punish parents and force them to change their minds through sheer unpleasantness) and actually *having* strong feelings that break through and end up being expressed in ways that other people find unpleasant.


    I would respond totally differently to a "fit" than I would to a "melt down" at this age. Given the circumstances, I am really thinking that the child's disapointment is genuine, and she probably needs nothing more than space to compose herself.


    Thank you for this. She didn't have a fit... it was definitely a meltdown. She is...emotionally fragile right now. I'm not being dramatic. Like I said, life has been complicated this year, and without giving too much away, hug your children every day and thank God for good health. It is a precious thing.

  5. If I knew nothing about the other parents other than their questionable movie choices, I would absolutely not let my child spend the night with them--at their house or at a hotel.


    Oh, I'm not letting her go. She is having a fit right now because I've told her no, in fact.


    I just have never heard of this even! We are not hermits, either. We have lived in all sorts of communities... rural, semi rural, metropolitan, wealthy, middle-class, on Base and off... I'm just completely... amazed about this.

  6. Long time no post... life has been -- difficult this year. But I do have an immediate need.


    So dd 8 1/2 yo was invited (TODAY...nothing like the last minute) to a birthday party for a girl in her class who is turning 9. The party is tomorrow, and it is a slumber party, which I have no problem with. What I do have difficulty with, is that it is at a HOTEL. Am I being unreasonable telling her she can't stay overnight? That she can go to the party part at the indoor go-kart/putt putt golf/video game place, but not to the hotel?


    We know NOTHING about these parents, and NOTHING about any of the other kids. We do know that the soon to be 9 yo is allowed to watch Vampire Diaries. I'm no Puritan, but dang...isn't that a wee bit spicy for a child???? (My kids have seen every epi of Doctor Who, all of the LOTR movies, plenty of gross stuff on Man vs. Wild, etc...They're watching Psych right now. But Vampire Diaries? Really parents?)


    I have never heard of a "hotel overnight" birthday party for a child so young. Am I just ignorant?

  7. Hi everyone, I have certainly missed you all. The past year has been...a challenge to say the least. Well, it actually really started with DH's infected ankle, even though that seems like a lifetime ago now. Last fall, I was cruising along HSing DD8 and I was hit with kidney stones, FIVE of them...


    Around Christmas, DD8 started showing some odd, and then frightening behaviors. Long story short, she has been diagnosed with serious mental illness. It became impossible to continue schooling, and her psychiatrist told us that we had to discontinue schooling and focus 100% of our attention on healing our girl.


    DH got PCS orders around the same time (of course) and we arrived in our new location just yesterday...right smack dab in the middle of the country. We hope to return to HSing at some point, but for this year, we will be putting her into a school that has a special needs program. I need a rest. I am exhausted...totally and completely mentally, physically and emotionally spent. I need to take time to recover, too. DD6 will be entering first grade, and will be attending public.


    So that is where I have been. I hope to hang around a bit more in the next months, if only for emotional support.

  8. So, any kind of series? There's a lot of options in there for an 8 yo. Has she read Ivy and Bean? Judy Moody (okay, yeah, Judy does have that weird already chewed gum collection, but that's about as gross as it gets)? Ramona? The Boxcar Children? Franny K Stein? Magic Treehouse? A to Z Mysteries? Secrets of Droon?


    I could keep going, but... mysteries? animals? contemporary? adventure? fantasy?


    She is actually VERY picky about what she reads for fun. She likes mysteries, but refuses to read Magic Treehouse, though she loves listening to MTH. :confused: Boxcar children, same thing. Ramona... now that's an idea. She read Ivy and Bean, but maybe I'll look into those some more.


    She loves animals. Doesn't love fairies (says they are "babyish"). I think she would like fantasy if she gave it a try, but she doesn't want to even give it a go. PPG can be a little bit... difficult sometimes. :/



  9. Got DD8 a Kindle for her birthday on Thursday. Trying to load it with a few things. She loves series books. Right now she is screaming through the Thea and Geronimo Stilton books. I don't have a huge problem with twaddle (not a steady diet, of course) but I'm not dead set against it. What I DON'T want her reading, though, are books with a ton of potty humor (which is in girls books now too! UGH), books that focus on "the cute boy" and books that make the parents the enemy.


    Any suggestions? Series or otherwise?



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